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Member since: Mon Nov 29, 2004, 10:18 PM
Number of posts: 9,463

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Herd of Goats Take Over Locked-Down Welsh Town

As residents of a small town in North Wales hunkered down to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus, a herd of mountain goats ventured into the empty streets to roam wherever they pleased. The goat invasion in Llandudno went viral on social media, with pictures and videos of the uninhibited herd strolling in the middle of streets, roaming deserted sidewalks and peering in empty shop windows. “There’s no one around at the moment, because of the lockdown, so they take their chances and go as far as they can. And they are going further and further into the town,” said Andrew Stuart, a video producer for the Manchester Evening News, who captured the wild goat adventure.

Biden on CNN : "Never question a person's motive but you can question his judgment."

MOVING from GD TO PRIMARIES - I keep forgetting the primaries aren't over yet.In my mind, what Biden is doing now is not about primaries.

BIden was just on CNN.
When asked if he thought Trump was deliberately misleading people RE coronavirus severity. He said, " I learned a long time ago to never question a person's motive but you can question his judgment."

Biden on CNN live now: "Never question a person's motive but you can question his judgment."

when asked if he thought Trump was deliberately misleading people RE coronavirus severity. He said, " I learned a long time ago to never question a person's motive but you can question his judgment."

On edit: MOVING TO PRIMARIES - I keep forgetting the primaries aren't over yet.

For bird lovers especially but for anyone who loves music and nature. Gorgeous & uplilfting.

A request to people posting

There have been a lot more posts lately with just a few words or a phrase that assumes that all of us know what you are referring to, and that we are either watching news and /or on the internet most of the day.

I respectfully request that you provide enough context that we know what your post refers to, and that if we want to know more, we at least have an idea of where to search.

We are all in this together. Please provide enough info in your post that those of us who just got online can share in what is going on. It is another way to stay connected when we are social distancing and for us all to feel a part of things.

Thank you.

#WeLoveYamiche Trends After Trump Accuses Reporter of Asking 'Threatening' Question


The hashtag #WeLoveYamiche was trending on social media Monday morning after President Donald Trump told the White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor not to be "threatening" during a coronavirus press conference.

(Very long snip here - description of the interaction between Yamiche and Trump)

Posting on social media after the press briefing, Alcindor said: "President Trump today at the White House said to me: 'Be nice. Don't be threatening.'

"I'm not the first human being, woman, black person or journalist to be told that while doing a job.

"My take: Be steady. Stay focused. Remember your purpose. And, always press forward."

The reporter then received a flood of support on Twitter as users took up the #WeLoveYamiche hashtag. At the time of writing, #WeLoveYamiche was forth in the U.S. Twitter trending rankings with more than 74,000 tweets using the hashtag.

"Very heartening to wake up and see #WeLoveYamiche as the top trend on Twitter," KETV meteorologist Matt Serwe tweeted. "She's one of the best."

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile said: "#WeLoveYamiche and every professional journalist on the job covering the #CoronavirusOutbreak. Thank you."

"I love Yamiche because she's not hysterical," podcaster Paula Poundstone tweeted. "She remains calm, and asks important, reasonable questions that need answers. She understands the importance of facts."

The REAL Superheroes (meme)

Seen on Facebook.

I would add some of our Dem governors and congress people who are also working tirelessly. You may think of others. So many who are reaching out selflessly to support others.

Social media world showers praise on KY Gov. Andy Beshear. Funny & touching memes here.

Social media world showers praise on Gov. Andy Beshear in new Facebook Group

"Many times, laughter is the best medicine. Through all of the fear, temporary closures, and social distancing, a social media group has brought light-hearted fun and appreciation for Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear to the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the Facebook group “Andy Beshear Memes for Social Distancing Teens”
people have begun sharing their favorite memes and thoughts
about the Kentucky governor.

Beshear, a Democrat who’s serving his first term after defeating Republican incumbent Matt Bevin in November, has received national attention for his swift and decisive stance on coronavirus in the state.

Much of the state has been temporarily shut down, and the governor has been diligent regarding announcements to the commonwealth, now dubbed “Andy at 5” for his daily address at 5pm.


“This is a pro-Andy meme group!” the group explained. “Governor Andy Beshear has been putting in the work to lead and reassure the people of KY during this unprecedented crisis. We are all experiencing uncertain times now. Let’s stay positive and enjoy some wholesomeness by making and sharing memes about Andy!”

As the social media group jests, other states are now willing to “trade” for Andy Beshear.

BarbiAnn Maynard wrote, “Tennessee is now offering Dolly Parton, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg for Andy Beshear”.

Rita Hancock said, “Hey Kentucky! Indiana will give you IU, Purdue, the Indy 500 and Mike Pence for Gov Andy!”

“Florida will offer you your very own space shuttle from Cape Canaveral,” Amanda Cox posted in the Facebook group “The entire Miami Heat franchise. Mickey Mouse himself. Your very own mansion in the Keys with an orchard of orange trees. The actual f—ing sun. And just for kickers, I’ll throw in my first born. I’m so, sacrifices must be made … Oh, and you can have Tom Brady for free.”

Check out the memes on the FB page. Some will make you laugh out loud.

He is doing an amazing job of bringing people together, informing and inspiring them. Another example of true leadership. HIs daily briefings are going viral (Pardon the pun) like Cuomo's. And he has the doctor do the medical part of his daily briefing!


I couldn't figure out how to post any of the memes. Anyone else know how?

CNN streaming live here for Biden town hall if you don't have TV. On now.


Knocking it out of the park, as usual.

Trevor Noah interview with Dr. Fauci yesterday on coronavirus (Good info)

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