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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 61,111

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How can we get rid of the filibuster with out the votes of Sinema and Manchin?

And Manchin will never be on board with that because he needs to block Joe B's infrastructure
plan because he works for the fossil fuel industry and much of Joe's infrastructure plan wants to
take America in a different direction as per our energy sources. And it looks like Sinema is bought
and paid for too. https://www.democraticunderground.com/10142802402

Governor T'aint Reeves of Mississippi was just on CNN w/Jake Tapper and when asked about MS' ....

... high death rate from C-19 (If MS was a country it would be 2nd highest in the world) he would
not answer the question but talked about Joe Biden's falling poll #s because of Afghanistan, something
about lagging indicators, talking to your Dr. about the vaccine, West Virginia's Democratic Governor,
getting your arm jabbed vs getting a paycheck, childhood vaccines that are required to go to school
in MS are different then corona virus vaccines because of something or other, and that President Biden
in using OHSA rules to require vaccinations in work places is just the start of his power grab over the
people of Mississippi and all of America and that he and the MS State Legislature were standing their
ground against masks and vaccines to protect people's free-DUMBS. However the Gov. never answered
Jake's repeated questions about what the State of MS was doing to contain and or stop the disease.

1st time I have listened to Governor T'aint for any length of time and I have come to the conclusion that
he along w/Abbott, DeSantis, Noem, and others are purposely trying to prevent containment of the disease
and in doing so they are purposely spreading the disease. To what end they're doing this I don't know but
I think it is very Machiavellian.

BTW T'aint did say that he and his family have all been vaccinated.

Never forget TFG fired Sec. of Defense Mark Esper on 11/8/20 and replaced him with Christopher ...

... Miller who gave a stand down orders to the D.C. National Guard on 1/4/21. Before those orders were given
the D.C. National Guard had the authority to operate so as to respond to threats and protect the Citizens
of D.C., Government Buildings, and Federal Government operations. I believe they were to protect the D.C. local
government too.

WASHINGTON — President Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper on Monday, upending the military’s leadership at a time when Mr. Trump’s refusal to concede the election has created a rocky and potentially precarious transition.

Mr. Trump announced the decision on Twitter, writing in an abrupt post that Mr. Esper had been “terminated.”


Now I agree with Gen. Milley, Speaker Pelosi, and CIA Director Gina Haspel that Trump was and still is bat shit crazy but he damn well knew what he was doing in trying to overthrow the United States Government by sending a mob of his violent goons to storm the U.S. Capitol to stop the certification of Joe Biden as President. It was a coup. End of story. And some members of Congress, Fox News, right wing militia groups, active and retired members of the military, police and firefighters, and shits like Roger Stone, Eric Prince, and others were in on this treason from day one. And this operation had been in the works from the time Trump lost the election.

Lock 'em up. It has been 9 months.

A little help please. Last night Rachel had a story about a secret server @ that was part of the ..

... Trump organization or the Trump campaign that was dedicated to exchanging data and or information with
Russia's Alfa Bank (aka Putin) and this server was reportedly active before the election of 2016 and during the
Trump's Presidency too.

Does anybody have a link to this story or a video R. Maddow's coverage of this story?


BTW I used to think that the some MAGA voters would dump their support of Trump if it is
shown that Trump & Company worked with Putin/Russia to rig our elections and undermine
our nation but now I'm convinced that they would be totally good with such crimes because
"it just hurt Hillary and the libs."

Fox is a domestic terrorist organization. They just had on a heart surgeon* saying we don't need...

.... vaccines because 10s of millions of Americans have natural immunity to the corona virus and by not
taking that into account the vaccine mandates violate a person's Constitutional rights. They also labeled
him as an immunologist too**. And the little shit doing "the interview" Brian Kilmeade is vaccinated and
to work @ Fox News' Building you have to vaccinated too. I guess all those ICUs across America that
now are overwhelmed with C-19 cases just happened to have people who don't have "natural immunity."

Fox News is a terrorist un-American organization. They are deliberately spreading misinformation in
order to keep the pandemic going.

* Hooman Noorchashm, MD, PhD Cardiothoracic Surgeon I hope any professional boards strip him
of his licenses and any college or university he teaches @ fires him.

** He is an immunologist

BTW I just saw Fox because I was channel surfing from 53 (MSNBC) up to 62 (weather channel) and
I hit 55 (Fox News). I could only watch 3 minutes or so.

A Good God in Butter is Jen Psaki Good Tribute Thread

I'm calling her GOAT now.

In many ways 9/11 and the C-19 Pandemic are similar

In both cases we had Republican Presidents who were warned about the upcoming problems and did nothing.

In many cases they blew off the warnings of the upcoming "problems" and or removed the people who
gave or could have given the administrations and the American people the needed warnings.

Thousands of Americans died because of the Trumps and w bush's lack of response to the warnings for
either C-19 or 9-11.

Trump response to the C-19 pandemic and w bush's response 9-11 cost 100s of thousands or even millions
of people their lives and made the problems much worse.

Trump tried to make money off of the pandemic (see Hydroxychloroquine and a different C-19 test kit) and
Dick Cheney made shit piles of money off of w's response to 9-11 (see Haliburton and KBR)

Both Trump and w bush lied their asses off about what they knew about C-19 and 9-11.

In both cases millions of brain dead Americans still voted either w bush or Trump despite their fuck ups.

In both cases it took Democratic Presidents to come in and try to clean up their messes.

But at the end of the day the only real question is what about Hillary's emails?

New 'mu' COVID-19 variant now found in 49 US states

Since being discovered in Colombia in January, the mu variant of COVID-19 has spread to nearly four dozen countries and has made its presence known in Hawaii and Alaska. It has so far been found in 49 states with Nebraska being the only state to not have a mu variant case detected.

Health officials believe mu is even more transmissible than the delta variant and has the potential to resist vaccines.


“This is what makes getting vaccinated and layering protections so important. These are actions that break the chain of transmission and limits COVID-19 proliferation that allows for the virus to mutate into something that could be more dangerous.”


Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that health officials were maintaining a “close eye” on the mu variant despite it being “not at all even close” to becoming the dominant COVID-19 strain in the U.S.

“Even though it has not in essence taken hold to any extent here we always pay attention to at all times variants,” Fauci said.


Thanx to all those mouth breathing anti vaccine idiots we still have 10s of millions of people walking around
who can be hosts to the virus and giving the virus and nice "home" where it can live and mutate in.

Today is the last day of the year where we will have a single digit in the #s for the day and month.

Time to get busy. Do something! Time is a wasting.

I suggest that everybody starting tomorrow should wake up and think, "What can I do
to make Botany happy today?"

Cash, gifts, meals, trips, and so on. I'll leave it up to you.

TX Freedumbs: 51,000 student COVID cases in the state so far since they started tracking on Aug. 13

There are more than 51,000 student COVID cases in the state so far since they started tracking on August 13. That number is way up from the 18,000 recorded just two weeks ago.

There are also more than 13,000 staff cases.


Sooner or later many public schools across America may have to shut down.

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