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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 52,234

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Do you remember when Barack Obama diverted US Military planes so that they could buy gas ...

... from his business at inflated prices and have the US government pay so that the military personal could stay
at a hotel he owned which was losing money? I don't.

Or when Bill Clinton spent 1/4 of his time at his golf courses instead of working and billing the US government
to rent the secret service golf carts and for room and board?

For God's sake enough is enough when are the republicans going to join in and throw this bum out?
He is a fucking crook.

Please K & R Adam Schiff's wise and kind words about Rep. Cummings thank you


Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, "I loved him deeply and will miss him dearly."

A little help please

Can somebody please post the picture of the look
of horror on the Italian translator's face today.

Important ? about the Trump snuff video. From Russia w/love?

Was it made in or for Russia/Ukraine because it sure looks like "they" are trying to stir up
divisions in America and whip up his deplorable base.

How sick is Trump? Going after Joe Biden's one ...

... remaining child? Joe lost 1 child, his first wife, had 2 other sons hurt at Xmas time in the same traffic accident, since then he has one of his other sons die of brain cancer he got serving in Iraq, and now Trump is going after his only surviving son?

This has nothing to do with the primaries... this hit me today as I was on the New River in W.V.. Trump is on sick mother fucker.

Btw sorry if I didn't get all the facts right because I am doing this from memory.

Driving down to West VA for white water and fishing...

.... this afternoon and my radio scanned to Sebastian Gorky.... do people really believe his shit? Does Sebastian even believe his shit? I had heard little bits of him before but Good God in Butter what utter nonsense.

Btw both Sebastian and his mother deny that the holocaust ever happened.

Trump: Biden 'understood how to kiss Barack Obama's ass'


So saith the man who has had his cabinet kiss his ass publicly before their meetings.

Trump's Cabinet showers boss with praise
The Lead

A surreal Cabinet meeting where officials went around the table, pumping up the President, at a time when clearly he's feeling cornered. Jake Tapper has more.Source: CNN


In my most twisted thoughts I never thought it would..

.... get this big. I have always thought that this was part of the largest criminal operation in America's history but I can't get my head around "all of this." I think the only person who understands all the moving parts is Vlad Putin.

Just how many Republicans were on the take, just how compromised is our voting, how big was the misinformation operations, how long has Russia been working "the long game," and how corrupt is Hannity and parts of Fox News?

Always remember Paul Ryan's "families keep secrets" and Mitch McConnell's blocking of Merrick Garland.

Sorry to
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