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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
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He needs removed now. End of story. / Trump, " ... a lot of good things are happening."

I don't know how but Trump has got to go now. Purposely sending defective medical
equipment to CA, short changing of some states of needed medical equipment,
paying no attention to the upcoming pandemic, trying to figure ways so that he
and or his family can make money off this crisis, his insane rants, and all the time
telling us and the governors that we should be grateful as this totally preventable
C-19 storm washes over the nation is just too much.

The House under Schiff can hold an impeachment hearing in the morning, vote in
the afternoon, and then send it to the senate for a vote to remove him the next day.
The man is an insane criminal and he will kill us all if given a chance.

We don't have until November and then January of 2021 to do something that piece of
shit needs gone now.


Trump, " ... a lot of good things are happening." https://www.nationalmemo.com/as-virus-toll-soars-trump-says-a-lot-of-good-things-are-happening/

Between 160 million and 214 million people in the United States could be infected over the course of the epidemic, according to a projection that encompasses the range of the four scenarios. That could last months or even over a year, with infections concentrated in shorter periods, staggered across time in different communities, experts said. As many as 200,000 to 1.7* million people could die.

And, the calculations based on the C.D.C.’s scenarios suggested, 2.4 million to 21 million people in the United States could require hospitalization, potentially crushing the nation’s medical system, which has only about 925,000 staffed hospital beds. Fewer than a tenth of those are for people who are critically ill.


* I figured it at 3,960,000 dead

Fox News will kill you

I saw about 5 minutes as I surfed up to the weather channel

Christ on cracker pure lies and bull shit

Trump stopped the C-19 virus by stopping people from China coming here

Some E.R. "fox dr." saying if you listen to me you will never get C-19

C-19 can't really be transmitted in the air

Vaccines are "just about ready"

Mike Pence, we are going to be opening the country back up even sooner

Pence, we are targeting "hot spots" in order to stop C-19

Some Hope: How blood from coronavirus survivors might save lives


How blood from coronavirus survivors might save lives

New York City researchers hope antibody-rich plasma can keep people out of intensive care.

Hospitals in New York City are gearing up to use the blood of people who have recovered from COVID-19 as a possible antidote for the disease. Researchers hope that the century-old approach of infusing patients with the antibody-laden blood of those who have survived an infection will help the metropolis — now the US epicentre of the outbreak — to avoid the fate of Italy, where intensive-care units (ICUs) are so crowded that doctors have turned away patients who need ventilators to breathe.

The efforts follow studies in China that attempted the measure with plasma — the fraction of blood that contains antibodies, but not red blood cells — from people who had recovered from COVID-19. But these studies have reported only preliminary results so far. The convalescent-plasma approach has also seen modest success during past severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Ebola outbreaks — but US researchers are hoping to increase the value of the treatment by selecting donor blood that is packed with antibodies and giving it to the patients who are most likely to benefit.

A key advantage to convalescent plasma is that it’s available immediately, whereas drugs and vaccines take months or years to develop. Infusing blood in this way seems to be relatively safe, provided that it is screened for viruses and other infectious agents. Scientists who have led the charge to use plasma want to deploy it now as a stopgap measure, to keep serious infections at bay and hospitals afloat as a tsunami of cases comes crashing their way.


Arturo Casadevall, an immunologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, has been fighting to use blood as a COVID-19 treatment since late January, as the disease spread to other countries and no surefire therapy was in sight. Scientists refer to this measure as ‘passive antibody therapy’ because a person receives external antibodies, rather than generating an immune response themselves, as they would following a vaccination.

Fuck you Mike Pence

"We are hearing ancedotally about some shortages of medical supplies."

Rude Pundit, Honestly, if I saw a grizzly bear raping Donald Trump, I'd give the bear Viagra.

Trump Doesn't Care About What You Have to Lose
It would have been so easy, so unbelievably easy, for Donald Trump to have been the hero when it came to coronavirus. He had his chance, his bullhorn on the wreckage, his "tear down this wall." And it would have been with absolutely minimal effort. With a wave of his hand, the signing of a couple of documents, and a speech to the nation, Trump could have so easily done what was needed to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 before it started its snowballing rampage. He could have quickly hired a pandemic team, as he said he could, then ramped up testing early, used the Defense Production Act to produce what's necessary if the pandemic got out of hand in the U.S., and instituted a national lockdown policy. If he had told his MAGA hordes to stay at home, they would have done it in a heartbeat and thanked him for his wisdom. Fox "news" would have extolled him for his powerful foresight. Much of the country would have looked at Italy and Spain and breathed an enormous sigh of relief that Trump had listened to the scientists and acted.

At so many points along the way to where we are now in this increasingly dire situation, Trump could have acted to mitigate the shit-twister that's about to engulf us. But he didn't. He didn't and now we're sitting here like people in the basement, hearing the horns and alarms, and watching all the idiots in our town run around and tell us it's all fine, come on out. And we're wondering when the shit-twister is gonna hit and knowing that even if it doesn't wipe out our house, it's gonna fuck up a lot of other places and leave it all covered in shit.

Instead of action, we get Trump's entire mobster ethos on steroids: threatening anyone who crosses him and lying about everything in order to make him look good. We know that Trump inflated his worth when it benefited him so he didn't seem like a broke loser to lenders. We know that Trump lied about how much his properties were worth when it came to real estate taxes. We know that Trump lied about his investment in properties that he hadn't invested in at all. We know that Trump lied about how many units were sold at developments. He lied about the quality of his fuckin' steaks. He's a fucking con man, always trying to get people to buy into the grift.


This gets us to the delusional idea that the country will be able to get back to normal on Easter. It's purely marketing. This week, Trump has been on a phone call with "religious leaders" and another with "conservative leaders." You know these fake Christian motherfuckers wanted to have a branding tool, like "America will be resurrected just like Jesus" (which means somehow they'll blame the virus on the Jews). And this also taps into Trump's usual con: his promising of something amazing - a wall built by Mexico, for instance, or an incredible health care plan to replace the Affordable Care Act - that will never happen, but it convinces the dumbasses who believe in him that he's magical and mighty.


Fuck, I hate this motherfucker.


Life Under Quarantine from Ben Gibbered (Death Cab for Cutie)

This was 100% preventable

Thanx Donny.

We did not need a global pandemic response team

We did not need that epidemiologist in China from the CDC watching out for potential global pandemics

We did not need scientists working on a coronavirus vaccine (SARs) that was defunded in 2018

We did not need those W.H.O.'s C-19 test kits

We did not need to know about the late Jan./early Feb. C-19 case in Seattle that was discovered by
Seattle's Dept. of Health and the University of Washington. (Trump's CDC told them not to talk about
their findings and to stop testing.)

We did not need to prepare for C-19 after our intel briefed Trump and company about the threat that
coronavirus was to America and the world.

Health officials confirm 7th coronavirus death in Ohio (Gallipolis, OH)

GALLIPOLIS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — Health officials in Gallia County reported its first coronavirus case and death Tuesday morning, bringing the statewide death total to at least seven.

The health department did not share any identifying information to protect the victim's family. Everyone who has been in contact with the deceased person has been contacted, the health department shared.

"This is a devastating situation and our thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted by this tragic passing." said Gallia County Health Department on Facebook. "We assure all of you that a thorough case investigation has been conducted and all relevant parties have been contacted. We thank you for your continued cooperation and support."



Gallipolis, OH is a little river town in S.E. OH on the Ohio ... if it is there then it is everywhere.



24,000 confirmed cases today of C-19 yesterday it was @ about 15,000

C-19 is exploding and I know that not testing asymptomatic has to be done but that will allow the
disease to sweep the nation because people are highly contagious for 2 to 3 weeks prior to starting
to show signs of the disease.

God Damn it none of this had to happen. Thanx Donny and Trump voters.
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