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MSNBC: The Federal Grand Jury hearing the case over the stolen documents is being called back in.

Prosecutors cited the Espionage Act

The federal grand jury that has been hearing evidence in the Justice Department’s investigation of former President Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents is expected to meet again this coming week in Washington, according to multiple people familiar with the investigation.

Prosecutors working for Special Counsel Jack Smith have been presenting the grand jury with evidence and witness testimony for months, but activity appeared to have slowed in recent weeks based on observations at the courthouse and sources.

It’s unclear whether prosecutors are prepared to seek an indictment at this point. The Justice Department would not comment on the status of the investigation.

Based on reporting from NBC News and other outlets, prosecutors face two central legal questions: 1) Did Trump wrongfully retain classified documents after he left the White House? 2) Did he later obstruct the government’s efforts to retrieve them?


Clues about what precise crime or crimes Smith has been investigating can be found in court filings, including the search warrant and an accompanying affidavit submitted by the DOJ. There are two basic categories: 1) crimes about the handling of classified documents, and 2) crimes about obstructing investigators from retrieving those materials.

Prosecutors cited the Espionage Act, which conjures up an image of someone acting as a spy for a foreign country. But the statute, enacted after World War I, is broader. It criminalizes anyone with "unauthorized possession" of "national defense" material who "willfully" retains it. A string of court decisions has concluded that even if a document isn’t technically "classified," someone can be charged under the law, so long as the information is "closely held" and the information would be useful to US adversaries.


Another warm evening in gun crazy America

I might be wrong but if you read about a shooting or
shootings in Columbus, OH don't be surprised. About
Columbus P.D. cars just passed me on Morse Rd with lights and sirens followed up by 2 or 3 "meat wagons."


Robbery or shooting or ? about 1/2 mile west @ a
BP kwick-mart

I woke up early and I can't go back to sleep because I just saw this news:

CNN is going to be hosting a Mike Pence Town Hall. Mr. Excitement himself for one solid hour.


Can somebody post a countdown clock from now until 6/7/23 @ 9 PM?

Does any Ohio DUers want to meet up and have a party and watch Pence?

So they have Trump on tape (recordings) admitting to:

* Having the stolen top secret documents, knowing that having them was illegal, and how he wanted to share those documents
with "others."

* Admitting to some of the 34 felony charges that D.A. Allen Bragg has already charged Trump with last April.

* Plotting some kind of military action against Iran.


When it is shown that Trump is a traitor to America and a fucking crook will any of his base "walk away"
from him?

Rep. Comer, How come the FBI will not turn over a document? (that most likely doesn't exsit?*)

House Oversight chair prepares to hold FBI director in contempt over document in Biden probe

* Botany =

House Oversight Chair James Comer, R-Ky., said Tuesday that the committee is moving forward with a vote to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in criminal contempt of Congress for failing to hand over a document in the panel's investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings.

Comer subpoenaed the FBI this month for a FD-1023 form that he and Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, claim "describes an alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions,” without providing further details. The FBI declined to provide the document, saying that it is bound by Justice Department policy, which “strictly limits when and how confidential human source information can be provided outside of the FBI.”

Comer last week threatened to hold Wray in contempt if the FBI didn't provide the information by Tuesday. In a statement Tuesday, the House Oversight chair said the FBI informed the committee that “it will not provide the unclassified documents subpoenaed” by the panel.


The acting assistant director of the FBI, Christopher Dunham, on Tuesday sent a letter to Comer, prior to his contempt threat. In the letter, obtained by NBC News, Dunham explains why the bureau can’t comply with the committee’s subpoena due to the need to protect human sources.


On this day I remember a childhood friend's older brother. He didn't even make 19.



Please DO NOT post this image on social media platforms


I trust Joe & a rant.

Governing in practice is about getting done what you can get done using the hand you were
dealt. End of story and Joe B knows and works with these parameters 24/7 and he is the
best President of my lifetime.*

With that being said boy does that manufactured "debt ceiling crisis" piss me off along with the
media's "let us look at both sides" coverage.

Trump and the republicans ran up our debt with their 3 trillion dollar tax cut for the rich and Trump's
know nothing understanding of government and economics along with his out and out grifting from
the American people's pockets. The mother fucker cost us how much for his golfing and his grifts went
so far as to having US military flights go out of their way so they could land in Scotland, buy fuel from
some company connected to Trump, and have their crew stay @ Trump's money loosing golf place in
N.E. Scotland but Kevin McCarthy still has the balls to talk about having to contain government spending?

Republicans don't give shit one about the debt unless there is a democrat in the White House by 1935 or
1936 FDR's "New Deal" programs had America almost out of the Great Depression but then the GOP started
screaming about the debt and some of the targeted spending by FDR were cut back and then the Great
Depression came right back.

We need to vote these un-American mother fuckers out of office, we need to bring back Howard Dean's 50
state strategy, and we need to push the reality that the Democratic Party is good for the American People.

* And he saved this too. Cooper River/Bristol Bay Alaska.

Who doesn't think that some of the stolen documents @ Merde a Logo wound up in Ivana's grave @ ....

... Trump's N.J./Bedminster golf club? I have seen "internet stories" that boxes of documents were moved
prior to the FBI's search of Merde a Logo and after Ivana's passing that boxes were transported from Trump's
Florida golf properties to his N.J. property @ Bedminster.

That is a lot of people to carry Ivana's ashes which I doubt weigh more than 5 to 10 pounds.

Newsweek: Mark Meadows Flipping on Donald Trump Is 'Game Over'--Legal Expert

(This is all speculation @ this point but Jack Smith flat out "has the goods" on Meadows.
Meadows has to be asking himself now if he wants to die in prison for Trump. Look @ the
time Elmer Rhodes just got and the time Trump Lawyer John Eastmen will most likely get.
See story @ the bottom of my post. Meadows was burning his papers right after a meeting
with a 2020 election outcome doubter Scott Perry and the FBI took Perry's phone.)

Donald Trump would be in serious legal trouble if speculation that his former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, is co-operating with Special Counsel Jack Smith's investigation turned out to be correct, a legal expert has said.

Former Defense Department special counsel Ryan Goodman was reacting to a CNN report on how Meadows is continuing to work his influence in Washington D.C., including by advising GOP lawmakers on the ongoing debt-ceiling negotiation.

The report adds that Meadows is no longer in communication with the former president, even though he is considered a key figure in Smith's criminal probe into Trump's attempt to overturn the 2020 election results.


Meadows was with Trump on January 6 as the insurrection was unfolding and he was said to be a key figure in the post-2020 election events.

Meadows was also said to have been in direct communication with organizers of "stop the steal" protest, which took place in D.C. on January 6 in 2021, prior to the riot.



Meadows burned papers after meeting with Scott Perry, Jan. 6 panel told

The unusual move came after a meeting between then-President Donald Trump’s then-chief of staff and the Pennsylvania Republican, according to recent testimony.

Then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows burned papers in his office after meeting with a House Republican who was working to challenge the 2020 election, according to testimony the Jan. 6 select committee has heard from one of his former aides.

Cassidy Hutchinson, who worked under Meadows when he was former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, told the panel investigating the Capitol attack that she saw Meadows incinerate documents after a meeting in his office with Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.). A person familiar with the testimony described it on condition of anonymity.

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