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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
Number of posts: 66,116

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From a polling place in Central Ohio ... Some Trumpers

... are assholes. Bearded old white guy was yelling @
a nice young man who was handing out Democratic sample ballots telling him that he had to "under the law"
Hand out GOP samples too.

Btw we are crushing it in turn out too.

Ohio does it again

so the day before the election day "they" loaded new software into the voting system (I don't know where) so all the voting machines are having problems, the lines are long, and everybody has to vote on paper... at least at the precinct where I am working..... but people are staying in line and voting.

I might be wrong but this was no glitch or error but planned problems. Look for Trump to site OH in trying to complain about the outcome.

Btw we are crushing it here in Ohio.

Update... the machines are working now.

Happiness is a Thing Called Joe

Can you say Buckeye Blue? 3.4 million mail in and in person early votes in OH


In 2016 Ohio had a total of about 5.3 million votes cast.

Off to do a long day of election protection work. If you are a Boogaloo Bois stop by
we are more than ready for you.

Just voted early in person in Columbus OH .... Blacks for Trump

Massive crowd for the last day .... line was about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours .... people running
to make the 2 PM cut off time ..... and my favorite was the Blacks for Trump guy wasn't black
but some White and or part Asian dude with black make up.

Long lines aren't all that bad it many cases it shows we will have lots of blue voters

BTW I made a bunch of anti abortion people get upset & leave ..... Hey! did you know that Donald Trump is being kept
alive using ground up dead babies?

Off to do election protection work tomorrow.

BTW I danced with some young Biden/Harris women type of people they laughed at and or with me ....

29% is the feel good stat for the day

Almost 29% of the total population of America has already voted. Not 29% of registered voters
but 29% of all us.

95,000 million early voters / 330,000,000 U.S. population = .2878

ATTN Donald Trump this is what is coming

It is now clear that we have to remove the right wing thugs from our law enforcement nationwide

North Carolina: police pepper spray lawful protesters including children and a women on a

Ft. Worth Texas: Police protect Boogaloo Bois trying to intimidate African Americans voting.

Texas: Police don't do jack shit when a pro-Trump pick up truck pack tried to run a Biden bus off the

I have always supported law enforcement and I have some good friends who are or were cops
but we can no longer abide these people in their current positions. It is almost like back in the
civil right movement days in the south when many of the police and sheriff departments had
active Klan members on their staffs.

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