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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
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OMG the Ukrainian Army is @ the Russian Border Thread

3 to 4 days ago in the Kharkiv region.

Thanx to DUer Irish Dem

BTW Donald Trump & the GOP supported Vlad Putin and his war on the Ukrainian people.

BTW part 2 Good God in Butter is Joe Biden and his team are doing a great job. Sec. Blinken is the

Dark Brandon "The future of the chip industry is going to be made in Ohio, made in America."


Biden gives speech in Ohio on boosting American manufacturing
Politics Updated on Sep 9, 2022 5:05 PM EDT — Published on Sep 9, 2022 11:18 AM EDT

President Joe Biden is putting the spotlight on a rare bipartisan down payment boosting U.S. manufacturing as he visits the political battleground state of Ohio, and the groundbreaking of a new Intel computer chip facility.

Biden went to suburban Columbus to take a victory lap after the passage of his CHIPS and Science Act in July.

Intel had delayed groundbreaking on the $20 billion plant until the legislation was passed by Congress.

Speaking at the construction site of the new plant, Biden declared, “It’s time to bury the label rust belt and call it … the Silicon heartland.”

Riding with Biden!

This what winning looks like. Slava Ukraini!

3 to 4 days ago in the Kharkiv region.

Thanx to DUer Irish Dem

So the secret service was helping Trump in moving top secret documents (my guess) from Merde a Logo

.... to his golf club in New Jersey in May after he had been subpoenaed to return those documents by
the DoJ? Just how big is the fascist right wing rot in the government? Time to search Bedminster,
fire and charge those S.S. agents, and why the fuck isn't he locked up by now?


And this happened around the time of the Saudi backed golf tournament @ Bedminster?

Dark Brandon is kicking ass righ now in OH

Best President in my lifetime.


Under Bill Clinton and previous Presidents N. Korea never built a nuclear weapon or an ICBM

The reasons:

1) We paid them off in food not to build a nuke.

2) We talked to them.

Under Clinton the N. Koreans liked to talk with Bill Richardson and he would meet them in some
place in the Philippines and after a few days of them talking about the American Devils and the
CIA he would ask, "OK how much food do you need?" And then the Dept. of Ag would see what
kind of surplus agricultural commodities we had such as rice, flour, wheat, corn, meat, poultry,
and so on and then we would ship some of those products to N. Korea and in turn N. Korea would
build nuclear weapons. It was a win win win because N. Korea didn't build nuclear weapons, God
only knows how many Koreans would not be starving, and American Farmers would get paid and the price
of their products were supported.

Then this "thing" happened.

But then in 2000 the SCOTUS installed w who quit speaking to K to the J w/ the I and L (Jim Ward's
hip hop name for Kim Jong Il) and the North Koreans even though they were begging to do so after 9/11
because they were part of "The Axis of Evil." So they started building nuclear weapons and advanced
ICBMs. BTW Trump's buddy Vlad helped Kim Jong Un's missile program by sending him advanced
ICBM parts and technology from the old Soviet Union.

I wonder if Joe B has Bill (he is a good man) Richardson's number?

Just 2 days ago QE 2 and the new P.M. Liz Truss .... Like her or not she has class

BTW the pooling of blood on her right hand is not a good sign.

QE 2 and friends


Fox News and the GOP's reaction to Trump selling our nation's top secrets including our most

.... highly classified information about our nuclear weapons and other nation's nuclear weapon programs. aka
Russia, China, and Israel's nuclear weapons programs ... just my my guesses.

Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

Trump having stolen "state secrets" which he was no doubt selling to our enemies was part of the ...

... biggest crime in America's history that started with Russia installing him* into the White House
was part of Putin's plan to weaken America from with in. God damn it DoJ, just find something and
lock his ass up now. I like using an obstruction charge because he was ordered to return the documents
to the National Archives and he didn't. End of story. He and his criminal supporters need to be stopped

* In 2016 there was 2,000 + contacts between Vlad Putin's Alfa Bank in Russia and a computer server
in the little town of Lititz, PA and that computer server worked for the Trump campaign.


BTW Fuck that Trump Judge.
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