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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
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Is it wrong that I (straight guy) have been wearing women's yoga pants?

My local grocery store had them on sale for $9.99 and they seemed kind of like
the work out/X-country ski pants type of thing that I have paid $80 to $120 for
from Patagonia, L.L. Bean, or Nike? I didn't get the flower pattern ones just a
basic black type.

I wear some shorts over the top of them to hide the woman doing her stretching

BTW I'm asking for a friend.

Trump to stage Alabama rally as state struggles with Covid surge aka "a super spreader event"

Donald Trump was due to stage a rally in Alabama on Saturday night, in a city that has declared a Covid emergency and in support of a congressman who both backed Trump’s attempt to overturn the election and this week sympathised with a man who threatened to blow up the US Capitol.

The former president will speak in Cullman, Alabama, in part in support of Mo Brooks’ bid for a US Senate seat.

Like other southern, Republican-run states, Alabama is struggling with a surge in cases of Covid-19 fueled by the contagious Delta variant. On Thursday, the city of Cullman declared a state of emergency.

In a statement on Saturday, Trump said he expected a “huge crowd and tremendous enthusiasm” as there was “much to discuss, mostly having to do with bringing our country back”. Local media reported that organisers expected about 40,000 to attend at York Farms. The former president was set to take the stage at 7pm local time.

Dr William Smith, chief medical officer for Cullman Regional, told CBS42: “We view this as a potential ‘super-spreader’ event, just like last week’s Rock the South that was [at the same location]. We’ve seen an increase in patients since that event last weekend and we’re concerned we could see the same impact.”


MyPillow store comes to Clintonville, but not all residents comfy with the idea (Columbus ,OH) ...

... my neighborhood.

Talk about being tone deaf. Clintonville is one of the most liberal neo leftest encampments in OH. Lots of progressive,
dog walking, educated, readers, who are radical socialists (we like parks, schools, and the environment), and we like to
have dinner parties with family, friends, neighbors, and GLBT folk. In my areas of Clintonville you can't through a dead
cat with out hitting a lesbian and trust me lesbians don't like getting hit with dead cats.

I predict a very warm welcome for the store and i hope Mr. Lindell shows up too.

We have some "different type of people" living here too.


Iceland is proof that C-19 vaccines work. The nation hasn't recorded a single virus death since May

Thanx to Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin for posting this yesterday.

Iceland is proof that COVID-19 vaccines work, a leading US expert said. Infections are at record
highs, but the nation hasn't recorded a single virus death since May.

The COVID-19 situation in Iceland is proof that vaccines work, a leading US infectious disease expert has said.

Iceland reported 2,847 new infections over the past month, mostly from the highly infectious Delta variant, and most in fully vaccinated people, according to official statistics. This is the highest number of new infections in a month since the start of the pandemic, but vaccines appear to be doing their job - the vast majority of new infections are mild at worst.

Of the 1,239 Icelanders that were recorded as having COVID-19 on Sunday, just 3% were in hospital, data showed.

The country hasn't recorded a single COVID-19 death since May 25, according to government statistics and Oxford University's Our World in Data.



This new wave of infections and deaths in America is not because of the delta variation but because
we have a % of mouth breathing dumb asses who refuse to get vaccinated.

Grown ups are back. President Biden makes me proud.

Nice to hear Joe Biden's clear and to the point talk about Afghanistan.

Grammar much Donny? And you can't unring that bell too.


President Biden's last week or 10 days.

Out of Afghanistan

Infrastructure bill

Raise in Food Stamps

He wore a tan suit.

Damn he is good.

How come the GOP, Fox and the like, and powerful interests want the C-19 pandemic to stick around?

Something is really creepy and I can't figure it out.

DeSantis is not stupid he has an undergrad degree from Yale and his J.D. is from Harvard Law.

Abbot is not stupid either both of them are well aware that their policies will sicken and or kill
people and continue the spread of the disease. And both of them have made the brutal political
calculus of keeping the disease going because that will give them and the GOP some kind of political
advantage. Can't give Joe Biden "a win?" Is this some kind of fascist plot that I can't put my finger
on but I feel it is there?

The state of Florida has had almost as many deaths from C-19 as the # of Londoners who died ....

... in the Nazi bombings in WW II. 40,000 dead in Florida from C-19 so far and 50,000 civilians died
during the German air raids aka "The Blitz." Sadly I think Florida will soon pass the 50,000 mark.
Everybody needs to remember that @ the CPAC meeting a little more than a month ago the audience
cheered when somebody said that President Biden had not hit his goal of 70% of Americans vaccinated
by July 4th.

People like Ron DeSantis and organizations such as Fox News need to be held accountable for this
preventable carnage.

Sorry to rant but I was just watching a documentary about WW II and I remember somebody had posted
a meme here on DU that people not getting vaccinated now would be like a person in London during the
Blitz who not follow the black out rules @ night.

President Biden & Vice President Harris enjoying their last day in office. As per Pillow Guy's 8/13

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