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Actually, in the afternoon session, Mueller opened up a lot, not only on Obstruction, but also

the real crime -- working, encouraging Russians. In his report, he pretty mush let trump and the campaign completely off the hook for conspiracy, collusion, cooperation, whatever you want to call it.

In afternoon, he either said, or answered, "Yes" to several questions about trump being unethical, immoral, unpatriotic, and pretty darn close to criminal.

As far as Obstruction, pretty much during both hearings, he was saying -- "Look, do I have to spell it out for you, Congress has to decide what to do with Obstruction."

He pretty much wimped out with his Report, but he was much less wimpy in the afternoon. Maybe he was just getting tired of the whole thing.

In any event, just happy I'm not hearing some ignorant media talking head using the term "Four Corners of the Report," over and over, trying to sound like an insider.
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