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Just read this story about him. I worked in a situation like this once and loved every minute.

Circa 2010, as Tesla was developing its first mass-market car, the Model S sedan, engineers on the project would occasionally hitch rides from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley on Musk’s private jet. On one such trip, an engineer recalled asking Musk his opinion on the sedan’s suspension – should it be sporty like a BMW, or more cushy like a Lexus?

I’m going to sell a f*** load of cars, so whatever suspension you need so I can sell a f*** load of cars – that’s the suspension I want,” Musk replied according to the engineer.

I'm with Democrats who believe fighting gerrymandering with gerrymandering

is wrong.

Others apparently think gerrymandering is bad only when it favors GOPers. I’d agree that if you gotta error, error on side of Democrats. But, even Democrats admit this was not an error.

This is good example of why stuff being "uncovered" recently will not lead to criminal charges.

Meadows wrote back, urging Hannity to tell his radio show listeners: "Stress every vote matters. Get out and vote."

There is absolutely nothing illegal about that. Hopefully every Democrat will be saying/urging the same as we approach mid-terms.

If this is the kind of stuff the Select Committee thinks will explode just before November, we are in serious trouble. I fear it's gonna explode in a huge backlash.

I believe they might get Roger Stone, the Proud Boyz, etc. They have actual evidence.

If they find hard evidence on trump and anyone else, present it to people.

Since a small percentage of Independents will likely decide next elections, this is what I worry about:


And, I'll bet it is even more skewed toward "partisan exercise to gain political points" 6 months later.

Unfortunately, won't change before midterms. And, it appears Biden got more dark money than trump

for 2020, like 6 times more.

"Liberal dark money groups overshadow conservatives
"Anonymous donors poured record amounts of money into groups backing President Joe Biden in the 2020 contest, leaving the public without a full accounting of who helped him win the White House.

"Biden’s presidential bid attracted around $174 million in support from anonymous donors, more than six times the $25.2 million in dark money contributions and spending boosting President Donald Trump’s unsuccessful re-election effort.. . . . . . "

"After years of dark money overwhelmingly boosting Republicans, this marks the first presidential election cycle where dark money benefited Democrats. That’s a continuation from the 2018 midterm elections when Democrats benefited from more dark money than their Republican counterparts at the federal level for the first time since Citizens United. . . . . . "



There are reasons Obama, Biden, and H Clinton chose not to rely on Reich. People prefer working for

big corporations, rightly or wrongly. And the majority of voters do work for big corporations.

Point is, I hope Biden rejects Reich this time too.

Is Big Business Really That Bad?

Large corporations are vilified in a way that obscures the innovation they spur and the steady jobs they produce.

"As for the treatment of workers, here too perception and reality part ways. The depredations of a few job cutters have earned Big Business a reputation for heartless streamlining, but employment at large businesses is in fact steadier than at small businesses. In 2015, small enterprises were four times more likely to lay off their workers than large ones. Workers employed by large firms also earned more—on average, 54 percent more than workers at small companies. Companies with more than 500 employees offer 2.5 times more paid leave and insurance benefits and 3.9 times more in retirement benefits than workers at firms with fewer than 100 employees. Large firms are also more likely to be unionized, and they employ a greater share of women and minorities than small firms do, making Big Business an unlikely enemy of progressives."

"Big companies also create more net jobs. This will surely come as a surprise to many Americans, who have been handed down the hoary legend that small business is the engine of job creation. The origins of this misimpression began with David Birch, an MIT researcher, who in the late 1970s purported to show that, from 1969 to 1976, companies with 100 or fewer employees created more than 80 percent of all new jobs. A few economists have found similar results, but many others have criticized Birch’s methods and conclusions. The economist Catherine Armington found that, from 1976 to 1982, small firms were responsible for just 56 percent of new jobs, much closer to their share of total jobs in the U.S. Even Birch himself has acknowledged that his results rely on a series of assumptions very much open for debate. For example, he failed to account for the much higher rates at which small businesses destroy jobs shortly after creating them."

"Big firms pay better, offer more paid leave, and employ a greater share of women and minorities than small firms do.


Now, if you want to talk about taxing big corporations more, I'm with you.

Broke, feeble, GOPer friends ignore him, Melanoma gone, and worse. That's what I want for trump.

Mueller got the blame? Ha, here is Mueller saying attendees at trump tower were too stupid

to break the law.

Trump Jr. Dodged Charges Because He Was ‘Too Dumb to Prosecute’
ALBERTO LUPERONApr 18th, 2019, 2:18 pm

Some wondered if the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., would be charged in the Mueller investigation after his admitted 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer to solicit dirt on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Well, that’s not the case. He and and other participants–then-campaign manager Paul Manafort and senior advisor Jared Kushner— aren’t being charged with violating campaign finance law because there wasn’t “admissible evidence” to show that they knew that what they were doing was illegal, according to the newly released and redacted Mueller Report.

“To prove that a defendant acted ‘knowledgeably and willfully,’ the government would have to show that the defendant had general knowledge his conduct was unlawful,” said the report.

Mueller’s team hypothesized that Trump Jr. could claim that he didn’t believe that his actions broke the law. They suggested the same is true of Kushner. Investigators pointed out that Manafort is experienced in political campaigns, but added that they didn’t have the evidence to show that he actually knew the law.


You really should read the Mueller Report, a true disservice to America.

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