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applegrove's Journal
applegrove's Journal
June 19, 2024

And putting the middle class into so much debt they

are powerless and angry and trade what little agency they have paying off a loan into MAGA loyalty and meaning by belonging to a bigger group.

June 15, 2024

Do the tik tok genration know that if Social Security

and Medicare get destroyed they will be supporting their parents financially at some point? It will also reduce the transfer of wealth this generation to the next, which was supposed to be big.I guess the right wing oligarchs want that transfer of wealth through private health care and tax cuts to follow when Trump wins.

June 15, 2024

I'm talking about the people behind the people who don't want reasonable gun regulation.

Look what they did with bumpstocks today. The Vegas shooter had bumpstocks. Experts say you can tell by the rapidfire sound of guns when victims recorded him shooting. If you want more Vegas... make bumpstocks legal. Another 75 person massacre will happen and people will some how accept death is always possible and it will not be mitigated against by government.

June 15, 2024

Gun deaths happen because the GOP and Movement

Conservatives want Americans to be more cold hearted. Nothing better than children dying a horrible death to accomplish passivity in the face of heinous crimes than fighting to increase the incidence of them.

June 14, 2024

That is it exactly. Trump is letting himself be used

because he wants to be the figurehead and use power for personal reasons: his ego. He cares nothing for policy or how people are affected by it.

June 13, 2024

Joe Biden Is Leading The Biggest US Small Business Boom In 25 Years

Joe Biden Is Leading The Biggest US Small Business Boom In 25 Years

The Small Business Administration (SBA) announced that 18.1 million new business applications have been filed since Biden took office, the biggest boom in 25 years.



Since the start of the Biden-Harris administration, 18.1 million new business applications have been filed, with an average of 443,000 filed each month—a rate over 90% faster than pre-pandemic averages. Having already achieved the first, second, and third strongest years of new business applications on record, President Biden’s economy remains on track for its fourth consecutive year of historic business filings. The U.S. economy has grown more under President Biden than at this point in any presidential administration in the last quarter century.

There Has Been Historic Growth In Minority-Owned Businesses
Director of the National Economic Council Lael Brainard told PoliticusUSA during a call with reporters:

Each of the past three years, small businesses have been at the heart of the President’s economic agenda since day one. The small business boom is powering economic comeback stories in towns and cities across America, creating new job opportunities and innovation, and breathing life back into main streets.

Since the President entered office, small businesses have added an average of 650,000 new jobs to our economy each quarter. We’ve also seen a near-historic uptick in business ownership rates for minority-owned business owners. Since 2019, black business ownership has more than doubled, and Latino business ownership has increased by about 40%. Black wealth is up 60% relative to pre-pandemic levels.



And are some of these people supporting Trump because of tax cuts? Someone should remind them of the fruit seller in Tunesia who lived in a corrupt place so he set himself on fire to protest how small business people are shaken down by the people one level up from them on the totem pole, in this case the police, so he could not make a living despite working hard. Started the Arab spring. What life is like in places with struggling democracies. Don't vote authoritarian. Don't vote Trump.

June 13, 2024

It is also the wide scope hypothesis of a dyslexic.

Dyslexics are explorers of the physical world they are in. Can't learn a human fiction like "democracy" or "nation states" or "policy" at any fast clip. Trump is exploring. In front of a crowd. Proud as a peacock. And wrong (hypothesis often are. You work through your hypothesis in private or in a forum where others are discovering. Not the Presidency). I mean has anyone else explored the racists and misogynists and radical christians and other deplorables to the same degree and what would make common cause amongst them other than Trump, Putin and of course the GOP?

Question is why do you want some hypothesis maker who can't learn policy or history and norms in the WH, because those things require knowledge not exploring? The government already hires people to explore. Once an explored hypothesis is proven right or very possible, it becomes knowledge. Once the knowledge is gained you can exploit that knowledge. That is what everyone, not dyslexic, does. The government has people who exploit that knowledge too. But Trump can't gain knowledge in any detail. So he exploits the little knowledge he does have.... like boats/sharks or Greenland or Rocket Man and explores it. He Mr. Magoos it. Then he steamrolls through norms to get the outcome he wants ignoring the accumulated knowledge because it takes up no space in his head..

Next he buys into what movement conservatives, or the heritage foundation, or 2025 are selling as policies go - like repealing Obamacare - and ignores the details of how it will affect people. He is letting some ****er write all his policies as we speak (letting someone make up the false knowledge so the real knowledge can be exploited by the rich oligarchs to their benefit and sold as false pablum to the MAGAs). Remember his only platform piece in 2016 was doing something to hamstring the defenses of Ukraine and that only benefitted Russia.

How he does it is he gets elected as a populist: someone who sees only the physical so they can tear down power structures that are based on knowledge, as Trump has. And uses his creativity to come up with big lies and attack the knowledge keepers. All good knowledge that doesn't benefit him is the enemy. He is a sociopath.

Oh and the narcissistic stuff too. I mean that is why he wants to be President while not really helping anyone. He just wants to preen. I don't think oligarchs being petty, and supporting Trump to the detriment of the Democracy that made them so rich, is going to make the oligarchs happy. Or save them from the money Trump will demand from them, or money other corrupt US oligarchs will demand, who canibalize people with less power in exchange for letting them play in the economy. Already the monopoly powers and hedge funds enjoy a crashed economy now and again so there will be good pickings of stressed out small and medium sized businesses to buy up.

Pay a bribe to trade. Pay a bribe if you are a small business. Pay graft to get government assistance. Pay graft to build, pay graft to go to a good school, pay graft to get into a nursing home. All the ladders are pulled up. After after destroying the democratic electoral system why do the oligarchs think it will stop at messing with the vote of little people? American as Apple pie? ..... more like American like Mumbai. I guess India and Italy and the Middle East were once great marketplaces with explorers and resulting knowledge exploited. They were full of ideas and people filled with hope. I guess it had to happen to the USA at some point. Biden knows what needs to be done to keep this from happening.

I could go on and on. I won't. * Most dyslexics are not narcissistic or sociopathic.

June 12, 2024

The best way to fight the aging Biden meme is

to have people accept that he is old and then move on from there. Now we talk about his experience and the coalitions he builds at home and abroad and the him being old GOP mantra..... has gotten old. It is less effective.

June 11, 2024

Musk to allow private "likes" on Twitter?


"Huge news for Ted Cruz, who can now resume his traditional way of honoring 9/11"


Will Musk have access to the private likes of people who have realized they are in a cult and are stuck until the privacy of the voting boot because they dare not oppose the MAGAs in their lives?? AI could tell them who the people are.
June 11, 2024

Poilievre says Tories will vote against capital gains tax hike, calls it a 'job killer'

Poilievre says Tories will vote against capital gains tax hike, calls it a 'job killer'

'We're stepping up for Canadians. They're stepping up for the rich,' Trudeau says of Conservatives

John Paul Tasker · CBC News · Posted: Jun 11, 2024 2:35 PM EDT | Last Updated: 33 minutes ago



Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre said Tuesday his party will oppose the government's proposed capital gains inclusion rate increase — a tax hike that is projected to pull in roughly $19 billion in new revenue.

Weeks after the budget was tabled, Poilievre finally made his position known when he stood in the House of Commons to blast the Liberals' plan and their so-called "high tax agenda."

Poilievre's team also released a 15-minute social media video narrated by the leader to explain why the party is taking a stand against a policy that disproportionately affects wealthy people and big corporations.

"Businesses, jobs, doctors and food production will leave Canada," Poilievre says in the video.



The stock markets are so overpriced that the rich are getting into all kinds of businesses through private equity and the like. They are desperate for stable places to invest and make a profit. I'm talking investors from around the world. I'm not worried jobs will be killed. And we actually need fewer rich people speculating in real estate right now.

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