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A Yale psychologist's simple thought experiment temporarily turned conservatives into liberals

Hilary Brueck at Business Insider



The researchers behind the psychology experiment told a group of participants to imagine that they'd been granted a superpower by a magic genie and were suddenly as invincible as Superman — bullets bounced off them, fire couldn't scorch their skin, and “a fall from a cliff wouldn’t hurt at all,” Bargh writes in his book. The study's control group was simply told to imagine they could fly.

Then the researchers asked the participants to weigh in on some political statements, including whether they "would be reluctant to make any large-scale changes to the social order," and whether "it’s okay if some groups have more of a chance in life than others."

Liberal participants' attitudes on social issues didn't shift at all. The conservative participants, on the other hand, started adopting more liberal views on social issues (though not economic ones.)

Participants who imagined themselves with the ability to fly had no change in their political views.


Isn't that corruption? You know rich students getting an education with no loans because they

are rich and poor students having to pay for all of it at bad schools and suffering their whole lives if they can't get a good job to pay off student loans? Kind of makes it impossible almost to get ahead if you don't start out with $$$$. That corruption allows the rich to keep their place in undemocratic countries.

Great move! Big, medium and small businesses will be apoplectic if Trump and the GOP start

dividing customers across the country. They will destroy Trump only then.

Victims of Las Vegas shooting were country music fans...people the GOP base can connect

with. The GOP had to do something to appear to be the adult in the room and connect to their base and make them feel safe. That is the only reason for their talk of gun regulations on bump stocks now. It is the politics.

Trump to pivot to deregulation

Christina Wilkie at CNBC



President Donald Trump will hold a "cut the red tape" event at the White House on Monday, highlighting the administration's efforts to eliminate what Trump sees as burdensome government regulation of private businesses.

The event will "highlight the president's broader initiatives on regulatory reform," a senior administration official told reporters on Friday, and show that "the regulatory burden is being lifted, that agencies are working hard at accomplishing the president's directives, and that this is making a difference both to the economy and to job creation."

Trump will not announce any new initiatives, merely emphasize what's already being done. Later in the day, 10 federal agencies will hold breakout sessions to discuss specific actions they're taking to roll back regulations.

Trump, like scores of Republicans before him, campaigned for president on a promise to reduce government regulation on businesses. Since taking office, Trump has largely followed through, either withdrawing or delaying more than 800 proposed regulations in just his first five months, according to the Associated Press.


The rich ceos always said that regulation costs always just get passed onto the consumer. I assume all the cost reductions of these deregulations will get passed onto the consumers too.

CEOs, hedge fund managers, and bankers are allowed to use $$$ and their voices in politics.

Why not football players. Isn't $$$ free speech?

Maher pointed out tonight that Republicans are more upset when Trump

is communicating to Americans and Democrats Chuck and Nancy than they are about the Trump team's relationship to Russians. I thought that said it all.

(Applegrove later)

Add to that how Republicans went after Obama's foreign policy all along, when opposition parties had always previously agreed that politics stops at the border, and you have the Republican Party of today. Their greatest enemy is the American people thinking and then voting. Or anyone who helps them think and vote.

I bumped into a liberal Canadian politician a few years ago and asked him what he thought of Conservatives. He said the problem isn't that Canadians didn't trust conservative PM Stephen Harper, the problem was that PM Stephen Harper did not trust Canadians. Then the liberals won the election.

It is exactly that in the USA. Notice how desperate the Republicans are to get something to replace the ACA with something that will kill off middle class and lower voters between the ages of 50 to 65, when people get more sick more often. No matter what repeal and replace bill they come up with it always includes that.

At some point it will gel with Trump and republican supporters that the Republicans don't want anything for them and that Trump knows nothing about them other than their racism. And that the Big GOP donors hate them. And that Republicans and Trump see most Americans as enemies.

Why is the GOP desperate to pass this terrible healthcare bill? The Koch brothers threatened them

By Jen Hayden at the Daily Kos



So why are Republicans so laser-focused on gutting health care and tackling “tax reform,” which is nothing more than cutting taxes for the wealthy? Because The Swamp ordered them to do it and Republicans are beholden to their swamp masters above all others. The Koch brothers went to a Republican retreat in June and ordered them to gut health care and cut taxes—or else:

At a weekend donor retreat attended by at least 18 elected officials, the Koch brothers warned that time is running out to push their agenda, most notably healthcare and tax reform, through Congress.

One Texas-based donor warned Republican lawmakers that his “Dallas piggy bank” was now closed, until he saw legislative progress.

“Get Obamacare repealed and replaced, get tax reform passed,” said Doug Deason. “Get it done and we’ll open it back up.”

Republicans are terrified the “Dallas piggy bank” won’t be ponying up to prop them up and buy elections like they’ve so reliably done in the past. The Koch brothers and their allies want these things, and they want them right now.


So prexisting conditions will mean a huge increase in healthcare costs

for the sick in the states that use the waiver and rich people will pay the increase for themselves if they get sick. Still cheaper for them than paying into a pool that covers preexisting conditions for everybody. This is a tax cut for the rich.

Single payer is only two thirds as expensive as the private insurance industry

that the US has now. All those rich people complaining about their tax dollars going to pay for healthcare for the less well off will have to pay 1/3 less than they do now for each person's health care their tax dollars cover now. They could cover more people. It would cost less in taxes on corporations than it costs corporations to cover their employees with health care. What is so bad about that?
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