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bobnicewander's Journal
bobnicewander's Journal
December 31, 2020

tRump's progressed chart for January 6 2021 with transits

Planet, midpoint, zenith, MC, and IC positions are shown in right ascension.

In addition, his inaugural chart progressed to the same date and time has it's Zenith (not MC) at 294°39'. The stellium of January 13, 2020 (Sun 294°42', Saturn 294°42' Pluto 294°45') that I thought would signal the end of his term will be on it.

December 29, 2020

Possible Covid Base Chart For U.S.

Volume 26, Number 6—June 2020

Research Letter

Indirect Virus Transmission in Cluster of COVID-19 Cases, Wenzhou, China, 2020


"On January 20, 2020, a 23-year-old man (patient E) sought care at a hospital after 11 days of fever and headache. On January 21, COVID-19 was confirmed for patient E and his co-worker, patient G."

Progressed Sibly chart and transits for January 20, 2020, located to the approximate geographic center of the 50 states. If a midnight chart (0 hours for January 20) is used the progressed chart angles are only 1/2 degree less as the progression rate I use (Q2, Mean Quotidian angles) progresses the angles at 1 degree per day [instead of 1 degree per year] and the planets at the standard rate.

SIBLY - Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian
Jolly Dump South Dakota 44°N35'37'' 103°W52'03''
Jan 20 2020, 12:00 pm, MST +7:00

Progressed Sibly MC was at 228°28'.

Transits Jan 20 2020, 12:00 pm, MST
Jolly Dump South Dakota 44°N35'37'' 103°W52'03''

Saturn rose when the MC was at 228°14'.
Pluto rose when the MC was at 228°39'.

December 27, 2020

Posts by 2 excellent astrologers on astrological 'prediction'.

Re: Can astrology be used to make firm predictions

« Reply #5 - on: 17.12.2020 at 04:03 [UT] »



Re: Can astrology be used to make firm predictions

« Reply #6 - on: 17.12.2020 at 04:44 [UT] »

December 27, 2020

How Bad Those Combos Can Be - Nashville and tRump

Aspects for the Nashville bomber.

Record Check Search Criteria: Warner, Anthony -- D.O.B.: 1/17/1957
Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee - Criminal Court Clerk
Date of Report: 12/27/2020 12:26:04 AM


Using a noon chart for that DOB yields natal Sun at 27°23' Capricorn - on the midpoint of transiting Saturn and Pluto (27°34' Capricorn) timed at 6:40 am, CST, on Dec 25 in Nashville.

Natal Mars at 23°28' Aries - transiting Mars at 24°40' was conjunct.

From my "tRump's Disgaceful Pardon's" post on Dec 22 - "Just found that his natal Mars was on his progressed chart's Nadir, melding his Mars, Saturn, and Pluto qualities together for this act. Nadir was at 149°06'. His natal Mars is at 149°26'."

How the mix of those aspects with those planets can work out - not favorable for them. Note that tRump's Saturn was the target while for warner it was his Sun and Mars.

December 24, 2020

tRump Will Be Receiving, not giving

When transiting Saturn opposes his natal Pluto in longitude on March 16 and 17 of next year (only the first of 9 times in the 9 months from March through December the opposition to either his natal or progressed Pluto in either longitude or right ascension will happen - no rest for the wicked) he will be on the receiving end of the combination's devastating connections.

tRump Troubles After The 2021 Inauguration


December 23, 2020

tRump's Disgaceful Pardon's

His secondary progressed IC in the White House today was at 131°38' measured in right ascension (true body positions in space - Q2, mean quotidian angles). His progressed natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint - showing the most disgraceful behavior he is capable of* - at 131°01 was on it.

Just found that his natal Mars was on his progressed chart's Nadir, melding his Mars, Saturn, and Pluto qualities together for this act. Nadir was at 149°06'. His natal Mars is at 149°26'.

*The interpretation of what the midpoint can be is mine.

When a person's natal or progressed points are activated by the progressing angles they show what the person brings forth. When the transiting or carrying chart's (if used) points are swept by the progressing angles they show what the universe brings to the person.

December 20, 2020

If tRump attends the inaugural

ceremony and behaves I think he will be allowed to remain until after the part on the West Front (where the ceremony takes place) is completed [he will no longer be pResident] in order to not create an incident but removed once the West front is cleared and attendees are out of sight of the public [and commercial cameras].

If, at any time, he begins to create a scene I think he will be removed immediately.

December 20, 2020

tRump vs Sibly

His Sun and Moon activate the Sibly chart Mars square Neptune (the terror combo).
His Mars (aggression) is opposite the Sibly chart Moon (the people).

Not shown - his Saturn (restriction) at 23°49' Cancer is conjunct the Sibly Mercury (commerce) at 24°12' Cancer. He would not be good for the economy (the majority of the population, not the wealthy few). The aspect applies to all of the people not just a segment.

tRump chart relocated to the White House.

December 20, 2020

tRump Shared Intelligence Secrets With Russians

Could the cyber security breach owe it's lack of detection to some connection between tRump and the Russians?



"Trump Shared Intelligence Secrets With Russians in Oval Office Meeting"

By Carol E. Lee and Shane Harris
Updated May 16, 2017 5:22 am ET

By this poster - On the day of that meeting tRump's demi-solar progressed anlunar had the Sibly chart's Sun on it's IC and Sibly chart's Saturn square it's MC.


"Trump and Putin Have Met Five Times. What Was Said Is a Mystery."

"What President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has told President Trump in their meetings remains largely unknown, even to American officials." Credit...Sergei Chirikov/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images"

December 19, 2020

The Crazy Don

From the General Discussion Forum:

Michael Cohen says tRump is headed for a full mental breakdown


With practicaly no time left to stop his removal from office the New Moon of January 12th and 13th may time such an event.

The New Moon is opposite tRump's natal Saturn and the New Moon Saturn is opposite his progressed natal Saturn.

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