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bobnicewander's Journal
bobnicewander's Journal
December 23, 2021

Sinema joins in on January 11

Her demisolar on January 11 with her progressed natal.

Her demisolar MC at the Capitol Building is at 188°40', her progressed Mars/Pluto midpoint is at 188°58'.

Her demisolar East Point is at 278°40'. Her demisolar Mars/Pluto midpoint is at 279°10'.

Demisolar Mars is conjunct the ASC and square demisolar Neptune (the panic combo).

December 23, 2021

Will Manchin and Garland be

in the same boat in January?

Garland's hard aspects soon to come. Remember the Pluto station on October 6 was on his natal Mars.

Merrick Garland - Natal Chart (Not recorded, Noon and location used) Nov 13 1952, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00 Supreme Court Building, District of Columbia

Dec 27 2021 Mer 21°Cp55' Sqr Sat 21°Li55' Tr-Na
Dec 27 2021 Mer 22°Cp31' Sqr Nep 22°Li31' Tr-Na
Dec 28 2021 Mer 23°Cp52' Cnj Mar 23°Cp52' Tr-Na

Jan 1 2022 Mar 13°Sg42' Cnj Mer 13°Sg42' Tr-Na
Jan 11 2022 Sun 21°Cp55' Sqr Sat 21°Li55' Tr-Na
Jan 12 2022 Sun 22°Cp31' Sqr Nep 22°Li31' Tr-Na
Jan 13 2022 Sun 23°Cp52' Cnj Mar 23°Cp52' Tr-Na

Garland's progressed Saturn at 206°05' of right ascension on January 11, 2022 will be square his natal Mars at 296°03' and will also be squared by the transiting Sun/Pluto midpoint at 296°11' which will also be on that natal Mars on January 11 highlighting 3 days of trouble.

December 20, 2021

REPOST FROM JUNE: 7 months from now for Manchin

Will Manchin complicity in tRump's efforts to harm or destroy our Democracy be discovered in tRump and/or Putin investigations or will Dem party leaders and rank and file members be in a position to oust him if they have Senate majority somehow?

Transiting Saturn's square to his progressed Sun and oppositions to his natal Saturn and natal and progressed Plutos along with that progressed Sun squaring them may be giving him nightmares in January 2022.

Natal Saturn position will be within 4 arc-minutes, natal Pluto within 2.

December 17, 2021

Jim Jorden goes away?

Jim Jordan (Republican Party) is a member of the U.S. House, representing Ohio's 4th Congressional District. He assumed office on January 4, 2007. His current term ends on January 3, 2023. (Ballotpedia)

Midterm transits to his progressions

Followed by his Saturn return:

Natal Chart Feb 17 1964, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00 Not recorded time. Noon positions used.
Capitol Building Dist of Columbia, 38°N53'24'', 077°W00'34''

Feb 01 2023 Saturn 25°Aq53' Conjunct Saturn Tr-Na
Feb 18 2023 Saturn 27°Aq56' Conjunct Mars Tr-Na
Feb 19 2023 Saturn 28°Aq04' Conjunct Sun Tr-Na

December 16, 2021

tRump troubles - the worst is still to come for him. Edit of earlier post

"Trump facing legal problems post-impeachment acquittal"

When transiting Saturn opposes his natal or progressed Pluto in either longitude or right ascension he will be on the receiving end of the combination's readings. Cyril Fagan in his solunars handbook said the following about the experience of the combination - "...unless his conduct is law-abiding when this transit "is on", the native may find himself serving terms of imprisonment or otherwise have his freedom drastically curtailed.". I think that can apply to past unlawful activities by him which may result in prosecutorial actions that could end in his confinement also.

tRump NY - Natal Relocated, Jun 14 1946, 10:54 am, EDT +4:00, New York NY, 40°N42'51'', 074°W00'23''

Saturn opposite natal and progressed Pluto in Longitude in 2021 and 2022

Tr-Na Dec 13 2021
Tr-Sp Jan 2 2022

Saturn opposite natal Pluto in right ascension in 2021

Dec 29

Saturn opposite progressed Pluto in right ascension in 2022

Jan 17
December 15, 2021

Thanks to poster "ME"

for the credit.

My post from June 14 -

"Among other things today may mark 6 months or 26 weeks or 182 days until a certain someone may experience their worst day of this year. There are many difficult days in December for them. I think the worst will be December 14. That could change depending on their location.

Demi-anlunar chart progressed to December 14 with progressed natal. This day was chosen because transiting Saturn opposed natal Pluto exactly in longitude the day before. Since my discovery of the progressed lunar return technique 45 years ago the angles of the progressed lunar return sweeping planets and/or midpoints have timed events better than exact transits of those points."

December 13, 2021

Nov 19 lunar eclipse connected to Dec 10 tornado in Mayfield, KY

November 19 lunar eclipse Sun and Moon positions measured in right ascension (true body positions in space) were on the Zenith and Nadir of the tornado's chart for the hit on the town.

December 6, 2021

Repost from May 12

Could Putin's hold over tRump, if there is one, be revealed in the first week of December? Or real proof of collusion between them.

As this is the last transiting Pluto aspect to these points could it be the time when what ever Putin holds against tRump is revealed? These aspects precede the Sibly chart's Pluto return in 2022.

October 25, 2021

President Biden

progressed demi-anlunar to possible vote on spending bill this coming Wednesday. Jupiter is happy, add Venus you get BUTTAH.This is a very good chart but uses the president's natal chart to make it. My strongest charts would use the positive significators from his secondary progressed natal chart to show the outcome.

Pelosi says Democrats plan to have 'agreement' on spending bill and vote on bipartisan infrastructure bill in the next week


"The goal among Democratic leaders is to have a vote Wednesday or Thursday on the infrastructure package and send it to Biden's desk, a source briefed on the plan says. The hope is to have a detailed agreement on the larger social safety net package agreed to before then to help convince progressives to vote for the bipartisan measure."

October 20, 2021

Why did Garland have

such hard aspects to his chart leading up to the select committee votes of today and tomorrow? As consistent as they are they must relate to something. The continuous daily activation is unusual.

Today's aspect timed to vote at 7:55 pm, EDT. Garland natal Neptune 201°26'; transiting Mars at 201°25'.

Could he be a secret tRump or GOP sympathizer? Does he fear exposure of something if he goes against tRump's wishes?


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