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It's been 9 days.


Thank you all for your support and kind words.

Sam and Sidney went peacefully, aided by our wonderful vet, at home, surrounded by love. They had a fun day in the yard. Well, as fun as it can be when you're tired and sick and in pain. They smiled at us the whole time and I sat between them on the ground, snuggling with them way past the end. We made it a point not to let them see us cry. As far as they knew, there was nothing to be sad about... although there were plenty of tears afterwards.

Things didn't go quite as planned, as the lady from the crematory arrived before the vet did. The dogs were very interested in her and her little blue stretcher, and they loved on her and let her rub them all over. She didn't know at the time that they were the dogs she came for, and she cried right along with the rest of us once she did realize it. She sent a very sweet note back with the ashes, saying what an honor it was to have been part of it.

All my worries about whether the vet would balk or say that if it was so urgent, we should have taken them to the office, etc., were in vain. He said if he'd known they were this bad, he would have come out sooner. (Lesson learned: Ask for the vet to call back in such a situation because the office staff is trained to run interference, stick to the schedule, etc.) But he also said it's better for the pets and parents to do it at home, and it's what he prefers, so no scolding that we didn't take them in.

We've ordered a memorial stone and have had their outdoor pen cleaned. It's going to be a little park for sitting and remembering. We'll bury the ashes in the middle of their sandbox, hang a wind chime, and maybe put a big potted plant in Sam's sunbathing corner. I miss them terribly and it all feels surreal. I still expect them to bark at the mower or eat the leftover cat food, stuff like that. I'm looking at their 2015 picture across the room and feeling their presence. They will live forever in my heart.

Anyway, thanks again to you all.

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