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Mme. Defarge

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Member since: Tue Oct 18, 2005, 01:05 AM
Number of posts: 7,399

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I just received this text message:

[ALERT] Your profile shows you voted Republican in 2016.

Who did you vote for in 2016?
CLINTON… (removed link)
TRUMP… (removed link)

Please correct your record in the next 23 minutes. Failure to respond will interfere with our 2022 voter turnout strategy.

Stop Republicans

Reply Stop to end

For the record, the last time I voted Republican was for Gerald Ford, which I deeply regret.

Here is a balm for the soul.

As cynical as it sounds, what about quantifying gun

violence’s total economic cost? Or the total economic/productivity cost of ignoring public safety measures during a pandemic. Oh, never mind.

Let us prey!

Is that what those Baptist preachers have been saying all along. Is it really just a matter of semantics?


Have a listen…

IRS Question

In early April I received IRS Letter 5071C which instructed me to verify my identity in order to receive my 2021 federal tax refund. On irs.gov I was routed to a link for ID.me, which I could not get to work. A few days later I read an article in the Washington Post about a congressional investigation looking into the ID.me face-scan company. Then, a day or so later, my federal tax refund was deposited into my checking account.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this situation or have advice on whether or not I should still try to verify my I.D. with the IRS?

A law must be reasonable and enforceable.

A concept that has stayed with me since my one and only college law course. Is that no longer the standard?
Posted by Mme. Defarge | Mon May 9, 2022, 07:02 PM (4 replies)

The symbolic "pantsing" of Putin!

Hacking Hacking Russia was off-limits. The Ukraine war made it a free-for-all.

Experts anticipated a Moscow-led cyber-assault; instead, unprecedented attacks by hacktivists and criminals have wreaked havoc in Russia

By Joseph Menn
 May 1, 2022

Yet the third month of war finds Russia, not the United States, struggling under an unprecedented hacking wave that entwines government activity, political voluntarism and criminal action.

Digital assailants have plundered the country’s personal financial data, defaced websites and handed decades of government emails to anti-secrecy activists abroad. One recent survey showed more passwords and other sensitive data from Russia were dumped onto the open Web in March than information from any other country.

The broadcasting cache and some of the other notable spoils were obtained by a small hacktivist group formed as the war began looking inevitable, called Network Battalion 65.

“Federation government: your lack of honor and blatant war crimes have earned you a special prize,” read one note left on a victim’s network. “This bank is hacked, ransomed and soon to have sensitive data dumped on the Internet.

But perhaps the most important victim of the wave of attacks has been the myth of Russian cyber-superiority, which for decades helped scare hackers in other countries — as well as criminals within its borders — away from targeting a nation with such a formidable operation.

“The sense that Russia is off-limits has somewhat expired, and hacktivism is one of the most accessible forms of striking at an unjust regime or its supporting infrastructure,” said Emma Best, co-founder of Distributed Denial of Secrets, which validated and published the regulator and broadcast troves among others.

While many of the hackers want to inform the public about Russia’s role in areas including propaganda and energy production, Best said a secondary motivation post-invasion is “the symbolic ‘pantsing’” of Putin and some of the oligarchs.
Posted by Mme. Defarge | Sun May 1, 2022, 01:01 PM (0 replies)


Took me four damn tries!!!

A symbolic horse head in every citizen's bed

When a friend asked me to defend my assertion that Governor Abbot’s actions amounted to extortion and were deeply corrupt, I replied that, “It’s clearly meant to destroy the Biden presidency and punish the entire country for the fact that a Democrat was elected to that office. A symbolic horse head in every citizen’s bed. It serves as a future warning , i.e., elect a Democrat and everyone will suffer.”

White House, truckers blast Texas as inspections snarl Mexico traffic

Huge, multi-mile traffic jams at numerous U.S. border crossings in Mexico worsened Wednesday as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) largely kept in place his new restrictions that require secondary inspections of commercial trucks and other vehicles.

The new policy, announced last week, has led some truckers to remain snarled in traffic for more than 30 hours, prompting desperate pleas from fruit and vegetable importers, the auto industry and other executives who said their products are being caught up in a political standoff.

In an afternoon news conference, Abbott said he would relax inspections only on trucks entering Texas from Nuevo León, Mexico, because that region’s governor had agreed to tighter security measures. But he was keeping the restrictions up in other entry points until other governors would follow suit.

“Clogged bridges can end only through the type of collaboration that we are demonstrating today between Texas and Nuevo León,” Abbott said.

Businesses on both sides of the border were not mollified by the governor’s Wednesday announcement, and they said the economic consequences were piling up.


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