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About Stereotypes...

Bear Saves Drowning Crow

The bear doesn't try to eat it or kill it. Then the crow stares at the bear, like "WTF, I can't believe this!"


Ebola Outbreak: 30,000 In Nigeria Believed Exposed To Virus, And No One Knows Who They Are

Ebola Outbreak: 30,000 In Nigeria Believed Exposed To Virus, And No One Knows Who They Are

The catastrophic Ebola outbreak in West Africa may be spreading faster than health experts previously believed. Yesterday, officials in Nigeria said that they were looking for up to 59 people who may have been exposed to the lethal virus by flying on a plane with Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer, who died soon after getting off a flight in Lagos.

On Wednesday, the health authorities there said that they have expanded their search from 59 people to 30,000.

And those 30,000 people could be anywhere, with most of them not even realizing they have been exposed to Ebola.

Everyone At Airports Visited by Sawyer Believed To Be At Risk

The staggering figure of 30,000 possible Ebola virus carriers was arrived at because officials now say that not only the people who flew on the same plane as Sawyer could have been exposed, but anyone in any of the four airports where the 40-year-old dad of three stopped on his journey from Monrovia, Liberia, to Lagos is believed to be at risk.

The number also includes anyone who came into contact with Sawyer when he got off of his ASKY Airlines flight in the 21-million-population city of Lagos, the most populous city on the African continent and a major international trade and travel hub...

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1383702/ebola-outbreak-30000/#1UQi0owOBURrFG4Z.99

UPDATE: July 31 The World Health Organization announced today that the death toll from the Ebola outbreak now stands at 729. The WHO, according to a CBS News report, confirmed 57 more Ebola deaths, including 27 in Liberia, 20 in Guinea and nine in Sierra Leone, in addition to the single death so far in Nigeria.

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