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Saying goodbye

a little over 12 years ago my family brought home from the SPCA in Annapolis, MD a little ball of wrinkles named Torpedo. It had been several years since our last dog, Snoopy had passed away, and my sister was ready for another dog but I was not sure if I was. He fell in love with the backyard immediately. <3 He has given so much love and so many memories.

9 p.m. is walk time, no matter what! He will lift his head and look at my dad, and if he does not get up, Torpedo will walk over to him and stare. Don't you know what time it is, Dad? And if still he does not get up, he will go over to the couch and sit next to my mother. And inch closer....and stand over her, looking at my dad. Torpedo is a big boy, over 80lbs and he knows not to sit on people but he is not afraid to do so if it gets my dad moving... He also know if he shows he has a rock in his mouth he will get a treat. He has us trained well....

My sister passed away almost two years ago and part of me is relieved she does not have to endure this. She got to see him the day before she passed and that brings some small peace.

Now he is at the vet, laying in the grass outside. Soon he will be sleeping and no longer in pain, unable to breathe well and be the active puppy he always has been. Going home for the holidays will be hard this year for many reasons. He won't be there to greet me at the door and lean against me for pets. His curly tail won't be twitching in excitement, and there won't be any kisses with that big tongue.

I was able to visit in July knowing he did not have much time. I am grateful for every moment with him.

Posted by deepthought42 | Wed Sep 16, 2020, 11:59 AM (20 replies)
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