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live love laugh

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Member since: Wed Feb 7, 2007, 11:48 PM
Number of posts: 10,922

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CBS "report" just now that candidates are skipping debates

Then they showed about 12 pics of smiling faces without names — or more importantly— party affiliation while newz guy says “these candidates refused to debate.”

Then a map saying it is a growing national trend.

But they don’t say who the candidates are and more importantly which party they’re from.

How many Democrats do you think are skipping debates? My answer: ZERO. But they don’t make that clear.

It’s both sideism without even saying that specifically.

Posted by live love laugh | Tue Nov 1, 2022, 11:18 PM (19 replies)

Walker has had an unwavering 2-point lead 49-47* for MONTHS

Based on whose poll? What questions were asked?

Data is not stagnant.

I no longer believe the poll at all.

From what I have seen people are appalled at Walker — they are voting BECAUSE he’s literally an insult to their intelligence.

As a result, I’m convinced not only is Walker’s poll bogus but many of the other stagnant polls are as well.

*Typo I initially wrote 42
Posted by live love laugh | Sat Oct 29, 2022, 06:05 PM (11 replies)

When is voting going to be federally codified and protected?

How can it only be half heartedly covered in the amendments when our entire democracy is based on it?

Where’s the legislation for spelling out voting rights and addressing violations like gerrymandering; intimidation; false or misleading information about voting; delay tactics—from inadequate voting locations to shoddy equipment to slowing the mail down and even destroying mail ballots as was done recently; tampering, electronic interference, transparency and accountability/validation measures?

We should not have to worry every election whether the dirty tricksters will brazenly steal because there’s no reprisal if they do.

“We The People” is just a trite phrase without the ability to ensure every vote is securely submitted.

Posted by live love laugh | Sat Oct 29, 2022, 05:52 PM (14 replies)

Pelosi did TOO good of a job

Pelosi has masterfully tapped into and harnessed the power of the “lowly” (or so they thought) House. And she has the nerve to be a WOMAN. The attack resulted from their inability to accept this fact.

After seeing her skirt McCarthy’s attempts to block a bipartisan 1/6 committee; and leading two impeachments — Republicans want the House back EVEN MORE THAN THE SENATE imho.

I think Walker and others are somewhat expendable red herrings because they really want to emulate Pelosi, and waste taxpayer $$ to exact revenge and continue doing nothing for the people.

In comparison to The House, the Senate has been relatively dormant — especially with SineMan. With a Republican House and Democrat-led Senate which I think will happen — the Senate will see very little legislation and lots of baseless investigations.

I hope something is done to at least communicate the costs and “benefits” or lack thereof — of their predictable efforts.

Your thoughts?
Posted by live love laugh | Fri Oct 28, 2022, 09:52 PM (7 replies)

How do you know which judges to vote for?

There were so many on the ballot that I had to set some parameters. First, they were D’s (damn autocorrect 😂‼️) ; second, they were already seated as D’s and up for re-election; and third, if new I Googled them as I voted early enough that I had the luxury of time to do so at the booth since no one was waiting.

With Google, Ballotpedia was the overwhelming result—which made me distrustful of the source.

How do you make your selections?
Posted by live love laugh | Wed Oct 26, 2022, 05:23 PM (10 replies)

Chicago newz featuring Oz

I’m watching article waiting on my car to be serviced.

Basically the piece was about the approaching midterm election but the pictures that flashed while the newzreader talked were of Oz with a few of Fetterman in between.

Just more predictable Republican Owned Media bullshit.

That is all.

Edit to add: PA must be VERY important to them. More $$ needs to go to Fetterman. Make them pay.

Second edit: Because initially it was CBS but as I have seen later, it’s on multiple CHICAGO newz channels confirming to me that PA is extremely important in this election.
Posted by live love laugh | Wed Oct 26, 2022, 05:14 PM (5 replies)

Anybody voting yet? Amendment to allow unionization

I hadn’t familiarized myself before going in to vote today. After reading it I voted “yes”. Seems pretty straight forward—I was a little apprehensive because the last election the tax increase for the rich ballot language was very convoluted.
Posted by live love laugh | Mon Oct 24, 2022, 05:08 PM (12 replies)

Republicans don't ID their party in campaign ads

They hide behind false claims and hollow promises often sounding like Democrats and confusing voters including me.

I wish Democratic candidates would explicitly identify themselves by party to make it pellucidly clear—we’re the ones who are really working on behalf of the people. Also by identifying it would leave no doubt who the nonidentifiers are.
Posted by live love laugh | Thu Oct 20, 2022, 12:40 PM (14 replies)

Tim Ryan excoriates J D Vance in debate

Posted by live love laugh | Tue Oct 18, 2022, 11:21 PM (2 replies)

Subpoena choices: Ignore * Testify * Contest * 5th

*Ignore and he gets indicted.
*Testify and bask in the spotlight.
*Contest and delay.
*Take the 5th with possible forfeiture of protection from the clause if he talks at all.

I think he’s going to contest it. What do you think?
Posted by live love laugh | Thu Oct 13, 2022, 03:46 PM (16 replies)
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