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Honeycombe8's Journal
Honeycombe8's Journal
October 30, 2018

Paul Ryan: Trump can't end birthright citizenship

Paul Ryan said today that Trump can't end birthright citizenship.

It speaks! Who knew?

October 28, 2018

The recent violence - because they see the writing on the wall?

Could the recent violence and attempted murders be because they see that the Democrats are likely to do well in the mid-terms? And then the Mueller report may be bad news?

They don't seem connected at first, but I can't help but think that if it looked like the Republicans were going to sweep, these violent men would hold off for a while. ???

October 28, 2018

The Campbell Soup VP who tweeted that Soros assisted the caravan has been ousted.

The Campbell Soup lobbyist who said George Soros' foundation was assisting a caravan of migrants bound for the United States is no longer with the company.

Kelly Johnston, formerly Campbell's vice president of government affairs, tweeted on Monday that the Open Society Foundations arranged for "troop carriers" and "rail cars" to support the caravan, which formed earlier this month in Central America. Johnston has since deleted his Twitter account.

Campbell and Johnston had discussed his leaving over the summer, the company said on Saturday. Johnston was scheduled to leave in November, but the tweet sped up his exit.


October 28, 2018

The country has gone to hell in a hand basket, since Trump took office.

The Trumpers will go to their graves never admitting it. But it's obvious even to idiots like Trumpers, I'm sure.

Now the stock market, Trump's pride and joy, has crashed, partly as a result of his ill conceived tariffs, and his fed. guy raising rates too fast.

Now there are MAGAbombers, and more mass shootings. Is anyone surprised that the violence is directed at Jews and Democrats, what with the white supremacists and neo-Nazis supporting Trump?

This is truly a horror show, now. For everyone. Everyone except maybe the wealthy and corporations, who are enjoying even more money being racked up from the tax cuts.

Social Security and Medicare are now being targeted, to pay for those tax cuts for the wealthy.

Murder and mayhem. Trump-style.

October 23, 2018

I voted today in dark red TrumpLand!

Yeah, my vote for the candidates was probably wasted, but one thing is for sure: we definitely can't win, if we don't vote!

We also had other laws to vote on, where my vote probably had more effect.

I voted in a small library in an outlying area. The last two times I voted, I was the only one there. This time, there were about 9 people there (a crowd!). I had about a 3 minute wait. People are very interested.

Everyone looked to be 50+ (incl. me), but that's not unusual for a work day.

October 23, 2018

Advice for being stalked on FB


Thanks to everyone who responded with advice and thoughts! It was so helpful.

BUT IT HAS BEEN RESOLVED! It was a while, but the admin finally messaged me that he has spoken with the stalker guy (who he has known for several years, he said...I think only online). He sort of took up for the stalker in a way, by saying that the guy really believed I was a faker and up to no good (oh, really? I have some swamp land to sell you.), but he talked to the guy and assured him I'm real and live in the area, and that he had to quit asking me to "meet" him. Then the admin made a joke and said he wouldn't want to meet up with the guy, either.

I pointed out the guy most certainly knows who I am, that I told him I'm a homeowner & listed on the appraisal district site, and I've been participating for months...giving to charities, asking for handymen references & such. I also pointed out that...why in the heck would anyone want to "fake" being someone for the purpose of posting in a small community local forum? (I'm thinking these guys have delusions of grandeur). But I thanked him for taking care of the problem.

So thank you all for your responses!


We have a community forum, which I participate in. It's about things related to the community, obviously, but will involve taxes, like tax renewals, candidates for office, etc. I tried to respond to those things sparingly, and objectively, since I live in TrumperLand. Otherwise, I read for references for handymen, landscapers, upcoming events, etc.

A man started trolling me a few months ago. Trolling or stalking, whatever you call it. I think it's because he's a Trumper, and he has gathered from my posts that I'm one of the few liberals in the area...and in fact, one of the few people with a brain here. My posts have real facts, real histories of taxes and debt, etc.

He started posting responses to me not related to the thread, but saying things like, "This person does not exist. Don't pay attention to her. Honeycomb, I don't think you're real. Will you agree to meet me for coffee?"

At first, I responded, telling him I do exist, he can look me up on the internet to verify my home ownership, etc., just like I looked him up and saw where his home is. This was before I realized what he was up to.

For months, now, he follows me around, saying similar things "This person, he or she, doesn't exist. I've offered to meet with this person 5 times, but never accepts. Obviously a troll." Things like that. A couple of times, some other trumper man also responds to the stalker's post, saying, "Oh, really? A troll?"

The admin will do nothing. There's no way to report with a click his post (can only do that on an original post), so I have emailed the admin three times directing him to the stalking post. He doesn't respond. (Well, the 2nd time he responded by saying "read the rules," which I assume he means the way to report someone is to "click report" a post...which you can't do.)

The man is in his forties with a family, no less. Obviously has a mental problem. He may be upset I won't "meet" with him, or he may be trying to push me out of the group.

Anyone have any experience with how to deal with this sort of thing? Except for the initial response a time or two in the beginning, I ignore him. But it is interfering with my participation in the group, and since I'm newish to the area (well, I grew up here, but moved back last year after living out of state for 30 years), I think others may in fact think I don't exist. Today, when I didn't receive a response from the admin again, and I got yet another stalking post from him ("See? She/he doesn't respond. And still won't meet with me. This isn't a real person."

If I feed the stalker, it'll just get into a battle of words, I think. I could leave the group, but I shouldn't have to. Or I could continue ignoring him, and just take the insults. Anyone have any words of wisdom? (Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have on the matter.)

October 16, 2018

Why doesn't the Democratic Party demonize Republican leaders?

The Republicans have done it for years, and successfully, it seems. Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi! Feinstein Feinstein Feinstein! Hillary Hillary Hillary! Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas!

They seem to zero in on women leaders. Tweety on Hardball had a segment on this.

So WHY doesn't the Democratic Party do the same thing? McConnell McConnell McConnell! Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan! And so on.

Would it not work for us?

October 9, 2018

The Republicans have all turned into mini-me Trumps.

In 2016, many of the Republicans were horrified by Trump's behavior.

As I was watching Lindsey Graham and McConnell and Paul Ryan on tv tonight, speaking in ways I haven't heard them speak before (about the Democrats), I realized they were using Trump's style and Trump's words. I realized that the whole frickin' Republican Party member have become mini-me Trumps. All the main characters are mimicking him...words and style. Extreme aggression, disrespect, hateful tone, no mention of government performing for all the people...the whole drill.

Then I realized that the Republican Party has totally, and probably permanently, changed. At least for the foreseeable future.

This is really bizarre and scary. They have seen that extreme aggression "wins" with their base, so their oaths of office, their duties, any hint of decency, have all gone out the window. They are running with the ball solely for the touchdown, even if they have to run over people to do it. I've never seen anything like this since I've been watching politics for over 40 years.

This is really a war, looks like. How do you win against people like that? I guess the Democrats have to become the same way, in order to win? This is not the way a democratic government is supposed to work.

October 8, 2018

Henri the Cat. Politique.

Oh, mon amis. La politique, she is hard to persist.

October 7, 2018

Keep your eyes open...

for whatever Susan Collins was offered for her vote.

A plumb spot on a committee, or a spot on a plumb committee? Support for a pet project or a bill she plans to sponsor. Extra money for her re-election? Something good, besides a thank you call from former President Bush.

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