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madamesilverspurs's Journal
madamesilverspurs's Journal
October 30, 2016

Before the Trump rally in Greeley CO

This is posted on facebook from outside the west entrance of Michener Library on the campus of the University of Northern Colorado. The Trump event is scheduled to take place in two hours, it looks like that will happen in the gymnasium that is south of the library.

At the end of the video, the camera does a brief pan of the line of people waiting to get into the rally; although that segment is brief, I'm happy that I didn't see anyone I know. Conversely, I do know several of those interviewed at the protest. And those interviewed have now left to continue their canvassing for Hillary.


October 29, 2016

Much ado

about diddly squat...


October 29, 2016

Nasty! And happy.

I started doing these just after the last debate. Totally ran out of supplies within a couple of days. New supply of parts arrived this morning, and I just delivered a couple hundred more buttons to our local campaign office, where I was told that people have seen them and have come in looking for them. And it turns out that our office volunteers are VERY good at persuading those button-seekers to help with canvassing and phone-banking. Who'da thunk that little buttons could become campaign currency! So now I don't feel so bad about not being able to canvass any more. But I'm giving my arm the night off, methinks it will be another busy weekend at the button machine.

October 28, 2016

E-mail Wars

A while back, during a bout of insomnia, some channel surfing took me to a marathon of something called “Storage Wars” in which the contents of storage units are auctioned off. In several episodes the buyer would discover a container of some kind, and just as they breathlessly opened it the show would go to commercial; after the break, there would be disappointment as the anticipated diamonds turned out to be broken glass.

Funny how the gleeful Republican response to Comey’s letter reminded me of that.


October 27, 2016

Preparation for H

October 25, 2016

Pre-election special?

A friend snapped this photo in Salida, CO. She's not at all sure what message is being conveyed, a 2nd Amendment issue or just a merchant cashing in on the paranoia. Either way, ick.


October 24, 2016

Dining dilemma

My republican brother is coming to town tomorrow, and they want us to meet up for dinner. There are several nice restaurants in proximity to their hotel, ranging from ethnic to seafood to steak; and they want me to make the reservations. So, which would you suggest: Tums? Rolaids? Mylanta?


October 21, 2016

A happy nasty surprise . . .

I'd been grumpy about a little medical issue that's requiring me to stay home and miss canvassing and phone banks. So I made about 50 of these last night, and this morning dropped them off with a group that had gathered to walk voted ballots to the drop boxes, a small march to commemorate the anniversary of the 19th Amendment. To my surprise and delight, our state legislator grabbed one and pinned it to his lapel, and within moments everyone was wearing them. The woman who'd taken delivery of the buttons was planning to hand them out at a candidate event this afternoon, but half of them were gone before we got to the parking lot. Now I've been asked to make some for our campaign offices.

Looks like I'm going to have a busy weekend after all!


October 21, 2016

That was quite a trick, Donald.

Don't think anyone expected to see him throw himself under the bus.


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