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madamesilverspurs's Journal
madamesilverspurs's Journal
July 20, 2024

I want this shirt.

seen on facebook

July 19, 2024

A damned unwelcome deja vu

We were all rightly horrified when Trump made his assertion about shooting someone on Fifth Avenue and not losing any voters. In essence, he was saying that his voters were stupid and would do what they were told.

Well, we ain’t on Fifth Avenue, but some of our “leaders” are taking aim at the President that WE voted for. Apparently they think that we’re stupid and will follow their example. Has it not occurred to them that we also voted THEM into office?


July 18, 2024

Ad lib, kinda sorta

Needed a break from the convention lunacy, so I switched over to HGTV for a while. During a commercial I switched to MSNBC to find that they, too, were in a commercial break, but in order to maintain visual continuity they were running a split screen: on the right, there was Don Jr holding forth from the podium, on the left was an ad for treating toenail fungus complete with groty pic. I confess that I giggled. Sometimes we just have to take perfection where we find it, yes?


July 16, 2024


Back in '08, after McCain chose Palin as his running mate, I made a few dozen buttons and took them to our local Obama campaign office. They were gone in a few minutes, and I was pleased that they asked for more. A couple of the youngest workers asked what the picture was about, and our answer was "Have a seat, let's talk."

July 16, 2024

Well, you just never know...part 2

part 1 here: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100219163700

Surprised to find this in my mailbox just now (and, yes, it's Sticker Mule):

Hi there,

Thanks for your email. We've unsubscribed you from our mailing list.

If there's anything else I can do to help, please feel free to let me know.

As if.


July 16, 2024

Well, you just never know until you know, y'know?

Got an email from a company I've done business with for a few years; they do bumper stickers, pins, T shirts, etc. Given the season I was expecting a promotional for campaign gear. Instead, it was a letter asking everyone to please tamp down the rhetoric. So far, so good. Then he asked that we at least stop the hate toward Trump and his supporters; he went on to explain that even though he supports Trump many of his employees support Biden, so it's possible to get along. Then he asked me to consider buying a Trump shirt to demonstrate a commitment to amity.

It took a few minutes for me to calm down enough to respond. Here's what he's finding in his inbox:


July 13, 2024

Biden is making it perfectly clear

that he's never had to pay people to attend his speeches.


July 13, 2024

Yes, I do find it a bit reassuring

to see live coverage of Biden's Detroit speech instead of an endless shot of an empty podium. Thanks MSNBC.


July 12, 2024

For those Democratic lawmakers who want Biden to step aside --

He should meet with them and say something like this:

I have spent my life in this party, on the Hill and in the White House, in service to this country. I have worked with good people who, like me, love this country; the list of accomplishments is long, and you and your constituents have benefited greatly. You’re fucking welcome.

Then he should walk out and shut the door.


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