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madamesilverspurs's Journal
madamesilverspurs's Journal
October 30, 2023

What the whatever

Two apartments ago some weird stuff started happening. Mostly, it was pictures sliding off the wall, one at a time on different days, leaving the picture hangers in place. The landlord shrugged it off, saying that sometimes rodents in the walls could nudge things; made no sense to me. Then, one night I came home in time to see the hallway light cover (the kind that looks like a bowl) drop from the ceiling, slowly descending in a graceful ark to the carpet. Hmmm.

Next apartment, I woke up one night to hear a conversation coming from the living room. I turned on the lights and went into a living room devoid of people, but there was definitely talking going on. Turns out the voices were coming from the TV, big old box style, which wasn’t on. When I clicked the remote it came on to a show I’d been watching earlier, and it was definitely not the source of the conversation. Whatever. I turned it off, silence; so I went back to bed. Some days later I came home to find the TV on, or so I thought. The picture was like a still photo, two little kids on a swingset. Again, I clicked the remote and the TV came on to no children on a swing. Turned the TV off and on, the photo never came back. As the holidays approached, I affixed a couple of wicker star-shaped trays to the wall. One night shortly thereafter one of those trays slid straight down the wall, and the other one shot straight out about a foot before dropping to the floor. No damage other than that done to my peace of mind.

In my present apartment, the only weirdness has been two or three incidents of flying flatware; nothing dangerous, just the spoon I keep on top of my coffee maker flipping noisily to the floor. Startling, but not terribly upsetting. That was a couple of years ago, it stopped and nothing else happened. Until today, that is. I was coming down the hall toward the living room when I was surprised to see my clock travelling at eye level toward the dining area to land on the floor just inches from the table. The wall where the clock hangs holds many pictures, gallery style, and none of those pictures had budged. So, I picked up the clock (still ticking, mind you) and put it back on the hanger which was still firmly affixed to the wall.

At the moment I’m kicked back watching zoo programs. The clock is a flick of the eye to the side of the television, just like always. No point in wondering about my suddenly mobile clock, fleeting thoughts of time flying notwithstanding. But I readily admit that if such things were to stop happening, I wouldn’t mind at all.

October 28, 2023

Just sayin' . . .

October 27, 2023

Keeping up with keeping up

Paying attention is something I try to do, but dang it's getting trickier. So many important things happening simultaneously, it's hard to keep track. The Israel/Gaza war coverage is prime at the moment (as it should be). Trump's various legal issues have heavy bearing on our future as a republic, same for the ongoing GOP machinations on the hill and across the country. The latest massacre compels our attention to the gun issue again/always/aggravating, women's health is under constant assault, immigrants are suffering...

Back before local newspapers were effectively erased by the internet, reading the front page was immediately followed by flipping to the last page to find those stories with real importance but buried in diminished coverage, depending on the publisher's interests. Nowadays, it seems to be an unrelenting case of NADD (News Attention Deficit Disorder), with attention to one story taking time away from at least three others. It's all rather headache inducing.

Years ago I was advised to "be where your hands are" -- do what I can where I am. I'm working on that. But OMG it ain't easy.



October 26, 2023

Whatsa matter Donnie?

October 25, 2023

God hears a who

October 20, 2023

A note to the media, from an aggravated reader/listener/viewer

Dear media ~
About your increasing elevation of Congressman Ken Buck (R CO):

Back in the day a Colorado congresswoman, Marilyn Musgrave, brought charges against a constituent for leaving dog poo outside her office door; the constituent had been pleading with Musgrave to stop cluttering her mailbox with campaign flyers, one of which was used as wrapping for the dried poo. You might remember that the episode was featured on one of Olbermann’s “Worst Person” segments. Anyway, the case was prosecuted by DA Ken Buck who was, coincidentally, a campaign chair for Musgrave. The court action cost the county taxpayers more than $100K, and even in deep red Weld County the jury took about eleven seconds to reach a verdict that did not favor the congresswoman. Subsequently, there were considerable rumblings, even amongst his own party, about Buck’s ethics.

That wasn’t the first time for such rumblings about him. Prior to his DA stint he had been discharged from the state DOJ, booted out the door for egregious ethics violations. He managed to fail upwards, gaining the office of DA. In addition to the dog poo fiasco he was part of the team that put together the raid on the local meat plant scant weeks before Christmas, wherein the number of arrests far exceeded the warrant; the arrestees were to remain in local custody, but were bussed to Denver whence many were summarily deported, many leaving children in homes where one or both parents were now gone. More recently, while serving as chair of the Colorado GOP, he got busted for suborning perjury from a precinct captain.

He got himself spanked by the state supreme court for his raid on a tax-prep office that catered to Spanish-speakers. He helped himself to their files, rifling through them in search of illegalities, managing somehow to miss the very salient point that these people were, unlike some of his donors, actually paying taxes. His losing appeal cost the county taxpayers another $150K. Shortly after arriving in DC he posted that he’d lost his lunch appetite upon seeing Obama walking with a group of brown-skinned young people, apparently deeming that the president was coddling those here illegally; turns out those young people were from an indigenous tribe’s reservation.

Taking a break from hunting “illegals” he made news by refusing to prosecute a confessed rapist, stating that he considered to victim to be merely suffering a case of “buyer’s remorse.” Then he opined, on national television, that being gay was the same as being alcoholic, just a matter of choice. Disgustingly, but not surprising, he voted against renewing the Violence Against Women Act. He startled quite a few people when he chose to decorate his DC office with his flag-decorated rifle, inviting his colleagues (including Boebert) to join him in fondling the thing; there are pictures.

There’s more, so very much more. And it’s all readily available. Please learn about him before you keep showcasing him as some kind of heroic alternative to his party’s shenanigans, something he most certainly is not. Truth does matter, as should your credibility.

October 19, 2023

Ummm is right

October 18, 2023

Nuff sed

October 17, 2023

Jordan can count on their votes.

How many J6 co-conspirators in the House are voting for Jordan in hopes that he will be a prophylactic against any eventual exercise of accountability?


October 17, 2023

Gym simmers


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