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backwoodsbob's Journal
backwoodsbob's Journal
August 26, 2012

axl managed to put together a halfway decent band

August 25, 2012

since i'm now a deep southernor

how about the best southern rock band that ever walked

August 20, 2012

Chinese taipei vs Japan

best little league pitching duel I have ever seen at that level

August 19, 2012

so I am officially a someone in my company

I had to travel back to Virginia this week to line out an injection molding machine the guys couldn't get running.They had made a grand total of 67 bolts in 4 weeks......I ran 7,200 bolts in 2 and a half days

This is a hot job and I'm now the rock star of my company.

Here's the thing.They are setting up a second machine running these bolts in Penn at the corporate headquarter plant and I will be going there to set it up.This is a BIG BIG BIG product for my company...many millions hang on this and I am the man who can make it work...I'm the ONLY one in the company who can make this work.The entire product line rides on me and I can deliver the goods.I'm not good at this..I'm real good at this.There only choice is me or go outside the company and hire someone at a big salary.

How hard should I push the *I'm the man* angle while at corporate? This could be a cushy office job with much money for life if I do this right

August 18, 2012

my next door neighbor just bought a Lambo

I think I'm in over my head in this neighborhood

August 17, 2012

the best singers ever at there best

August 17, 2012

hoyt..I have a challenge for you

you claim you can spot carriers at 100 yards...and you claim all these ninja like powers to disarm people.

I have two tests.

FIRST test:spend an afternoon with me in Summerville in the historic district...we will eat at the Eclectric...do some shops...and while we do it I will have friends go by us within 75 yards carrying my ruger.If you can pick 8 out of my ten carriers you get my antique porsche...if not i get $1,000.These porsches go for 8k to 10k on ebay.

Second test isarm my friend John with a can of beans or a staff or a bicycle wheel..Again...Porsche vs $1,000

On edit:This isn't a joke.If you can do either test I will hand you the title and keys to my porsche.you claim you can do it...back it

August 12, 2012

umm..RMoney/Ryan on 60 minutes

they are hitting a home run.Ryan sounds good...he is scary good.

This is going to be a tough fight.

Lets get out there and fight guys..Ryan isn't a joke.We are going to have to fight now.

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