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Profile Information

Name: Annette Bacchus
Gender: Female
Hometown: British Columbia
Home country: Canada
Current location: New Westminster
Member since: Fri Sep 7, 2007, 02:15 AM
Number of posts: 5,545

Journal Archives

I feel trump is going to lose in the GE and is fabricating all kinds of crap to make

himself look good. No way trump is going to win, Keeping my fingers crossed.

Just wanted to edit my post, I dislike trump with a vengeance but I cannot vote in your elections. I have never come across a repubican candidate who is so despicable and imagine this, he has followers who think like him!

Wow, the DNC brought it with Corey Booker, Mrs. Obama, Senator Warren and Mr. Sanders!

You guys have to be proud of the people who spoke tonight. I was really touched with the sentiments expressed towards Mrs. Clinton. It is Clear that she will win but do not take this for granted, you all have to get the vote out!

Good luck Mrs. Clinton!

I have to give credit to fellow DUers who had the stomach to watch

the Republican convention and let us know how terrible the hate fest was. Kudos to you all.

I tried watching last night and tonight and could not stand the hate fest. Those folks do not like Americans, it is all about power!

I do not know how some of you feel about Mrs. Clinton being the Democratic nominee but

to me, she is excessively better than a Donald Trump Presidency. Not voting for her is a lesser of two evils but this time the lesser of two evils is not Mrs. Clinton.

Do not let the conservatives win again, America is progressive and change is necessary. Even if you have to hold your nose and vote for Mrs. Clinton, that would be a good vote. Just my opinion!

Watching Mrs. Clinton and Elizabeth Warren on the campaign trail was beautiful, the supreme

court overturning that bogus law in Texas was heart warming. We need a hat trick you all, mine is Iceland won England in Soccer, I love soccer and then cricket!

Kudos to the Supreme Court! That's all!

Something is wrong with the Jury system. This is the second time I got asked

for jury duty and I accepted and nothing happens! Anyone else encounter that?

Happy Memorial Day to all of you. I hope you reached your destination safely

inspite of some hazardous conditions in some states. Sorry to hear about the flooding in Texas and the tragic death of some people. Be well and celebrate with your family and friends.

Best regards always

If the system is fair in the US, I am very sure that Mr. Sanders will win the nomination.

Just hoping! He is a much better candidate for America, working class and the middle class.

Your electoral system is so long! How come the Super Delegates endorsed

Mrs. Clinton so soon? To me, they should have waited to see who else was running and see who is a more viable candidate! I am really confused how elections work in America. Just asking!

This is just a conjecture. Suppose Cruz got the nomination at the RNC as they really do

not want Trump to be the nominee and for argument sake, Mrs. Clinton gets some kind of sanction for the emails. What could be the scenario! Everything is so much in the air right now! One never knows what is going to happen especially if Cruz is a Canadian. Gosh, I hope he isn't but his buddies live in Calgary, I kid you not, same kind of mentality!

The Supreme Court has elected a President before, is it possible again?
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