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Profile Information

Name: Annette Bacchus
Gender: Female
Hometown: British Columbia
Home country: Canada
Current location: New Westminster
Member since: Fri Sep 7, 2007, 02:15 AM
Number of posts: 5,529

Journal Archives

Fellow DUers, Just checking in to see how you all are coping with this

new President. It will be a rough four years but I hope we can all get through it. Sick to my stomach that this buffoon got elected. What a disgrace to Americans and people who never saw this coming.

DUers, am at a loss about your voting system in the US.

Voters are encouraged to vote, yet Mrs. Clinton got the popular vote but lost, how does every vote count when the candidate got the most votes. Something is wrong with the system. You all have to fight this voting injustice in order to ensure asshole trump is only a one term president. This guy is going to undermine America and all the values President Obama fought for.
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