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Stuart G

Stuart G's Journal
Stuart G's Journal
December 30, 2020

Sears is Dieing a Grim Invisible Death: CNN Business


New York (CNN Business) — Sears has made it through another holiday shopping season. Just barely.

Once the nation's leading retailer up through the 1980s, the company that now owns the Sears and Kmart chains emerged from bankruptcy less than two years ago. It avoided another trip to bankruptcy court this year as the Covid-19 pandemic sent department store chains such as JCPenney and Neiman Marcus through their own bankruptcies, while others such as Lord & Taylor and Century 21 announced they would go out of business.

But the fact that Sears isn't in bankruptcy is not a sign of health, according to experts. The company has made little effort to reinvigorate stores, grow sales or turn its failing business around. It's possible Sears would have gone out of business already this year, except the commercial real estate business has gone belly-up, and Sears would probably find few -- if any -- suitable offers for its assets.

"Everything is up for grabs. But of course, there is no market for department stores," said Mark Cohen, the director of retail studies at Columbia University, a former Sears executive himself. "They are, for all intent and purposes, done."

With no viable exit-strategy, both Sears and Kmart are slowly, quietly dying. They're closing stores where possible and listing virtually all of other locations with commercial real estate brokers

(rest of article at link above)
December 30, 2020

Why Senator Josh Hawley is the one objecting to Biden's election? Here is the simple reason:

......Hawley was elected in 2018. He won't be up for reelection until 2024. By then, this vicious move by Hawley will be totally forgotten. That is four years away & he was chosen to make this move because by then, this will not be any kind of issue. Trump will be long gone, and this will not be remembered. And very likely, Hawley will get away with it. He is even being mentioned as a candidate for President in 2024. The Republican Party will go as low as anyone can imagine. That is who Republicans are and will always be.

December 30, 2020

I have had pneumonia a few times..While staying at home all the time ...sucks.. BIG TIME, but....

Fucking ...Pneumonia....SUCKS MORE THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY KNOW!!!!!

........................................stay at home and be safe...


December 28, 2020

Trump's final actions will seal his fate as worst president ever..

...I don't think any president has ever acted this way about losing an election. It wasn't close in the Electoral College or the popular vote.

...He could have accepted the loss and totally cooperated with Biden. If Trump had totally cooperated with Biden, he would have left office with some respect. Trump has done the exact opposite. All this screaming and tweeting about nothing. Trump lost and others have lost

What this proves beyond doubt (we all knew this, but others will now know too) is that Trump cares
only about himself and not the U.S.A or even the Republican Party. He care nothing about
our government, or those who work for the government. He doesn't care about his family name or his family. He has no view on how this will affect his family after he has left the government. He really doesn't care about anyone but himself. That is who Donald Trump is and will always be.

December 28, 2020

A different view of the Nashville Bomber.

It looks like the Nashville Bomber ..blew himself up...He is dead..

He warned people of event to come....It seems he wanted to kill himself...(who knows why?)
....over and over he warned ...


Oklahoma Bombers...Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols...no warning...many killed...
165 deaths...800 injuries....

No matter how this is played in the media....or how much coverage it gets...Nashville Bombing
is not the same as other awful events..


Nashville could have been worse, much worse....And we have seen much worse.

December 27, 2020

A Wonderful Movie Everyone Can Enjoy.."The Iron Giant" 1 hour :26 minutes ..1999, Animated.

One of my top favorite movies of all time, You can watch it again and again.. Yet, the ending is great as is the entire film. Easy to follow and enjoy, this animated film is a classic. It is not a Disney film, and it is unknown to many people, you cannot go wrong watching this. I remember seeing this in the theaters when it was released, and I went back 3 times to watch it again. Well written and fascinating in viewing, this film is about an Iron Giant Robot that comes to earth and eventually helps the earth to survive. During this holiday season, this is a family event. Hit the link below and read the other reviews. I am not the only one who thinks this is a great film.
.. If you hit the link, also look for "see more awards".....
"The Iron Giant" is lots of fun, and is impossible to forget..


December 25, 2020

Statistical Proof on How Trump Divided the U.S.A...Senate Elections 2020

Hit link and see results of November's Senate Elections. In terms of numbers, the closest race was Alaska........45,000 was as close as it got in terms of numbers......

In terms of percent...North Carolina was the closest in terms of percent: 48.7 to 46.9...
.Yes that was close, in terms of percent, but the difference in the outcome was close to a million votes...

Usually, we have at least one or two senate seats with a 10,000 vote difference and a recount is needed. Not this time, because, in my opinion the U.S.A. has become far more divided than in the past.
This is NOT good because that division is the exact opposite of bringing the nation together to
solve any of our problems. Cooperation is a key to solutions, and division is what that link proves.

And we all know who fostered and encouraged this division, Donald Trump.
That division is a very bad result of his presidency.
It is the exact opposite of what a President of the U.S.A. is supposed to do. As said before,
a president is supposed to bring us together, not divide us. Final Note: I looked at all the states at the link, and found no close elections. (Alaska was the closest that I found.) If there was one closer, I missed it. Sorry for any errors.

Hit this link to see election results that prove there were no close senate elections last month..:


December 25, 2020

Trump is the worst President Ever, and will always be so. Some ideas to convine others.

Trump called the Covid Virus ..."a hoax.."

Trump could have, within an hours time, talked to European Leaders who previously dealt with the Virus, but he did not.

In comparing Trump to those presidents before the Civil War, those presidents had no idea what a
Civil War in the U.S.A. would be like...Lincoln knew, but it was too late because by the time He got
in.., the South had succeeded. All Trump had to do was talk to European Leaders who were/are
our allies, and would have helped us to get a true idea of what was coming (Although the Woodward
Interview show he knew, and hid the idea)

Trump cares about no one but himself. He could care less if a thousand died or one hundred thousand die.

Now, if Trump did not like talking to ..European Leaders..., He could have called on his phone to the
finest medical schools in the world...(yes we have them in the U.S.A.) and talked to doctors who work in
"Spread of Infectious Diseases." Yes we have those doctors too...(I actually knew such a
person who became a doctor of "Infectious Diseases" when we were high school students together in the same class. He was a friend and was the valedictorian of the class..Nice fellow who would have been glad to help.
Then after many discussions with those doctors Trump could have told the U.S.A. what was going to happen. He could have warned us what was coming, but he didn't. He could NOT have cared less.

After consulting and talking to experts, an emergency meeting of Congress could have been called, where all the results of these meetings could have been discussed and everyone would know the truth. If he could not figure this out himself, then a bright fellow would have been glad to help save the U.S.A.

..A man who was the previous president right before Trump. Mr. Obama would have helped. We all know that Obama would have worked as hard as he could to save lives.

But Trump wasn't going to ask for help from anyone, because Trump thinks he is smart.


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