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Member since: Thu Feb 14, 2008, 10:58 AM
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CIA: Our K-9s "salute" the heroic efforts of their @DeptofDefense colleague wounded in action...

Dog bless the dogs!

DOG UPDATE: The dog who aided the ISIS raid has an invitation to the White House...

DOG UPDATE: The dog who aided the ISIS raid has an invitation to the White House “whenever he can get over here,” per senior official. The president wants to meet him.


Nooooo (also, if she does go, I hope she bites him in the arse)!

@RichardEngel reports that Kurdish fighters had informant inside ISIS leader's inner circle, ...

On @MSNBC just now with @KatyTurNBC, @RichardEngel reports that Kurdish fighters had informant inside ISIS leader's inner circle, with face-to-face access to Baghdadi, passing info to CIA


And look what we did to them.

Nate Silver has a sad:

It really amazing how many Libs can't even permit Trump to have *one good day* (nobody will remember this stuff by Tuesday) after US forces kill perhaps the world's most wanted terrorist.


Today's AF1 meal, photo by pooler extraordinaire @agearan

A stunning view: Sebastian Steudtner, a German pro surfer, rode a wave over 115 feet tall at Nazare,


Michigan auto shop's display of Trump with Obama's head on rope draws outrage

FOWLERVILLE — A Livingston County auto shop’s Halloween decorations that depicted President Donald Trump holding former President Barack Obama’s head by a rope has drawn outrage from dozens of people who turned to social media to denounce the display as racist.

Quality Coatings owner Dave Huff has since altered the Trump scarecrow that stands outside his business on Carr Street in Fowlerville, about 10 miles west of Howell. Huff hadn't expected backlash to the decorations because he said he's not racist and "no race ever went into this thing."

"It was a Halloween decoration that I guess went too far," he told the Detroit Free Press on Sunday.

The original display, which he put up three weeks ago, showed a Trump scarecrow holding a black rope with an Obama mask attached to it. Some who criticized the display have said that the rope looked like a noose. Huff said it was meant to represent a spine and a move from the game Mortal Kombat.

It also depicted the Trump scarecrow with his foot on Hillary Clinton's head.

Huff changed the scarecrow Friday, removing the rope and the Obama mask and adding yellow tape that reads, "PC-POLICE."


Last night fans at the World Series won the World Series.


Healthy Halloween

You knew this pic was coming:

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