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demmiblue's Journal
demmiblue's Journal
July 18, 2024

Melania Trump is set to appear at the Republican Nation Convention on Thursday, as Donald Trump delivers his acceptance

Melania Trump is set to appear at the Republican Nation Convention on Thursday, as Donald Trump delivers his acceptance speech. In a break from tradition, she is not expected to speak.

July 18, 2024

1,400 Black women sign letter of support for Biden, condemn lack of Democratic unity

Source: The Hill

More than 1,400 Black women and allies have indicated their support for President Biden and Vice President Harris in a letter released Thursday.

Highlighting the fact that millions of Americans cast ballots for Biden and Harris in the primary, the women said attempts to change the ticket “disregard” and “circumvent the will of millions of voters who participated in a democratic process.”

“The suggestion that any candidate who won their primary should simply step aside because victory appears difficult at the moment is disrespectful to the voters, unjust and undemocratic,” the women wrote.

The letter is signed by Black powerhouses like Carol Moseley Braun, the first African American woman elected to the senate; Keisha Lance Bottoms, former senior adviser to Biden and former mayor of Atlanta; and Melanie Campbell, president and CEO of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and convener of the Black Women’s Roundtable.

Read more: https://thehill.com/homenews/race-politics/4780486-black-women-biden-harris-letter/

July 18, 2024

Trump Requests $844,600 for Fundraiser Seat at Bitcoin Conference

Source: Time

Donald Trump is inviting supporters in the cryptocurrency industry to a private fund-raising effort in Nashville on July 27, including an asking price of $844,600 for a seat at a round table.

Donors have also been offered an opportunity to snap a photo with the presidential candidate for $60,000 per person — slightly less than the current price of one Bitcoin — or $100,000 per couple, according to an invitation to the event. The fundraiser will be hosted amid the Bitcoin Conference 2024, an annual event organized by BTC Media LLC for fans of the original cryptocurrency. Trump is set to speak on the main stage of the conference the same day.

The asking price of $844,600 for the round-table seat represents the maximum combined campaign contribution to the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee that’s allowed under campaign finance laws.

Special guests in Nashville will include Trump’s vice presidential pick JD Vance, a senator from Ohio, as well as the former president’s Republican primary opponent Vivek Ramaswamy, Tennessee Senator Bill Hagerty and former Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard will be at the reception, according to an email describing the event obtained by Bloomberg from an invitee, who asked not to be identified since the event is private. Attendance will be limited to 100 to 150 donors, who “will enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres while mingling with influential guests,” according to the email. Following the reception, guests will get front-row seats to watch Trump deliver a speech on Bitcoin, the message added.

Read more: https://time.com/7000222/trump-fundraiser-seat-bitcoin-conference/

July 18, 2024

BREAKING: Lou Dobbs... has died.

BREAKING: Lou Dobbs, who was fired by Fox after pushing election fraud conspiracies that led to the Dominion lawsuit and ended his career as a host on Mike Lindell TV, has died.

July 18, 2024

Mueller, She Wrote: Here's what I think is happening:

Here's what I think is happening:

1. The media, with low ratings, saw blood in the water after the debate and ran with sensational and inaccurate headlines to generate profit. They have admitted this.

2. That, in turn, influenced big money dem donors who then threatened to pull their big money because the MEDIA was tanking some polls.

3. That, in turn, worried party leaders who need that big money to win because shitheads like Musk can donate $45M per month to trump thanks to Citizens United, and those dem leaders expressed their concern about losing that money.

4. That, in turn, caused the media - again with garbage ratings bleeding cash - to report that party leaders want Biden to step aside (not because they don't think he can do the job, but because other rich people were extorting them)

5. And that greed has led to the snowball effect we are seeing. It's all about money. Not democracy. The media and big donors are selling out democracy and the will of the voters over money.

Corporate media has failed us.


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