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Member since: Thu Feb 14, 2008, 11:58 AM
Number of posts: 33,503

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Breaking Big on PBS while be highlighting Carmen Yulin Cruz (San Juan mayor)

As #PuertoRico approaches the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria, track @CarmenYulinCruz’ route from San Juan mayor to leader of post-hurricane Puerto Rico and its people on #BreakingBigPBS. Check your local listings.

Looks good!

Gather 'round little ladies while a Republican man tells you what you want. (HINT: It's a man)

MDP Statement on John James’ Comments on Women’s Capacity to Lead

During men-only gathering, GOP Senate candidate claimed “women want men who have been tested” and that men have a “charge to lead.”

LANSING — The Michigan Democratic Party issued the following statement today, on behalf of Party Chair Brandon Dillon, regarding comments made by GOP U.S. Senate candidate John James on women’s capacity to lead:

“John James is wrong to assume he knows what Michigan women want. He clearly did not ask the powerful Democratic women running across Michigan who have ‘been tested’ and are ‘charged to lead’ our state.”


Trump and Breitbart Fall in Love Again


After a long period of ignoring the site, Trump now publicly loves Breitbart again.

A West Wing official told The Daily Beast that Trump has recently been demanding print-outs of Breitbart clips, and will sometimes ask where Breitbart “stands” on a given issue of the day.

His Twitter account has reflected his renewed focus on, and affinity for, the site. On Tuesday afternoon, the president tweeted, “Small Business Optimism Soars to Highest Level Ever,” tagging “@BreitbartNews,” and linking to a story by the site’s economics editor John Carney.

It marked the third time this month that Trump had tweeted a Breitbart story, another time posting, “No Deal! Trade Talks with Canada Conclude for the Week with No Agreement | Breitbart,” and another time writing, “Jim Mattis Calls Woodward Book ‘Fiction’: ‘Product of Someone’s Rich Imagination.’” Late last month, the president promoted the Breitbart piece “Watch: Kanye West Says Trump Wants to Be the ‘Greatest President’ for Black Americans.” And in early April, he tweeted the website’s write-up of a Rasmussen poll.


Jane Doe at center of 'The Predator' sex offender case speaks out

One week after the Los Angeles Times reported that 20th Century Fox had deleted a scene featuring Steven Wilder Striegel from "The Predator" after learning that he is a registered sex offender, the 14-year-old girl involved in the case is speaking out.

Paige Carnes, now 24, contacted The Times on Wednesday, identifying herself as the girl referred to in court documents relating to Striegel's case. (She provided legal documents proving her identity.) In 2010, Striegel pleaded guilty to two felonies — risk of injury to a child and enticing a minor by computer — for which he served six months in jail.

Last month, actress Olivia Munn, who acted in a scene with Striegel in "The Predator," learned of the actor's background and alerted Fox. The studio said it was not aware of Striegel's criminal history when he was hired, but director Shane Black — who has been friends with Striegel for 14 years — said he knew about the charges and "personally chose to help a friend." (A day after The Times’ story was published, Black issued a public apology to those he'd let down by having Striegel around "without giving them a voice in the decision." )

Because of her age at the time of the crime, the young woman in Striegel’s case was referred to as Jane Doe. In a statement, Carnes said she wanted to come forward publicly to reclaim her identity.


The Great Sphinx of Giza


Clay Cane & April Ryan aren't having any of that (Omarosa)


Hey @davidhogg111, look at what I just saw in Dallas!


Michael Flynn To Appear At Far-Right Conference With Pizzagaters, Racist YouTube Stars

Source: The Daily Beast

While he awaits sentencing for lying to the FBI, former national security advisor Michael Flynn will take his awards where he can get them—even if that means appearing alongside Pizzagate pushers and racist YouTubers.

Flynn, a former lieutenant general who resigned as Trump’s national security advisor after he was revealed to have lied about his contacts with Russia’s ambassador, could spend up to six months in prison for lying to the FBI. That hasn’t stopped the Gateway Pundit, a far-right, conspiracy-mongering news outlet, from presenting Flynn with a “Award for Service to America” at its upcoming conference this weekend. The conference features Pizzagate conspiracy theorists, an alt-right YouTuber accused of leading a “cult,” and members of far-right European parties.

Flynn is scheduled to appear Friday night, following a series of speeches on why “President Trump Is #Winning.” Flynn, whose contacts with Russian and Turkish officials have brought scrutiny on the Trump administration, is arguably not the best spokesperson for #Winning.

Read more: https://www.thedailybeast.com/michael-flynn-to-appear-at-far-right-conference-with-pizzagaters-racist-youtube-stars?source=twitter&via=desktop

WSJ: One of the donors who paid $100,000 for a private audience with Trump yesterday was the...

WSJ: One of the donors who paid $100,000 for a private audience with Trump yesterday was the president of the Ambassador Bridge company that has run Fox and Friends ads urging him to rescind Obama’s approvals for a new Detroit-Windsor bridge. https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-plans-to-rebrand-nafta-1536857171


Latest desparate email from the @MIGOP attempts to freak people out about @gretchenwhitmer by...

Chris Savage
‏ @Eclectablog

Latest desparate email from the @MIGOP attempts to freak people out about @gretchenwhitmer by tying her to a scary black woman. Their desperation is truly palpable at this point.

7:08 PM - 12 Sep 2018

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