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I know NRaleighLiberal doesn't post here anymore, but...

I saw his book at Menard's the other day!

Trash Cat - Simon's Cat (plus commentary from the animator regarding Ragdolls)

Film, Television and Video History of NASA

Puppy realizes he's at dog park, goes absolutely bonkers

World’s first ciliary microrobots could change the way we take medicine

Source: New Atlas

Science fiction is fast becoming reality, with scientists in South Korea developing an astonishingly fast-moving remote-controlled microrobot designed to travel through the human bloodstream to deliver treatment directly to the organs that need it.

Developed by the Department of Robotics Engineering at the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST), the new microrobot is highly maneuverable and moves a least eight times faster than its most recent predecessor, using a propulsion system inspired by the commonly studied ciliated organism, the paramecium.

The race has been on for some time now to develop ways to deliver treatment directly to the body part where it's needed – such as a clogged artery or tumor. This is because conventionally administered drugs must travel through the entire system, which carries a risk of overdose and often causes side effects such as nausea and weakening of the immune system.

A major challenge in creating a microrobot that can travel directly to an affected organ is the way fluids in a microscopic environment work.

Microorganisms such as bacteria and protozoa propel themselves the way they do for a reason – they can't move efficiently through fluids in a macro environment using the kinds of movements that larger animals use. This is especially the case in a fluid that is thicker than water, such as human blood, where even the types of propulsion systems used by boats and submarines aren't efficient.

Read more: http://newatlas.com/paramecium-inspired-microrobots/45391/

Little Girl Blows Up the Death Star (Trench Run)

Can you spot all the characters in this Netflix version of a 'Where's Waldo' comic?

In this grown-up version of a Where's Waldo-style illustration, all your favourite Netflix characters are out to play in a lush park.

We won't give it all away, but look out for characters from Stranger Things, Bojack Horseman, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Orange is the New Black.


Shelter animals receiving donated beds will melt your heart!

Here's Why Donald Trump's New DC Hotel May Be a Financial Flop

Source: Mother Jones

On Monday, Donald Trump's newest hotel, located in the iconic Old Post Office Pavilion a few blocks from the White House, will open for business. But there already are signs that the $200 million project could face trouble achieving financial success—and that Trump family claims about the project were not accurate.

In 2011, when Trump submitted the winning bid to lease and renovate the historic building, which is owned by the federal government, at least one rival bidder expressed surprise regarding the terms of Trump's offer. Trump proposed a lavish rehab estimated to cost at least $60 million more than other bidders. He also offered the government generous financial terms, under which the Trump Organization would pay annual rent of $3 million, plus a cut of any profits. In a protest filed with the General Services Administration, the government agency overseeing the project, lawyers for a competing development team noted that in order to make the hotel financially viable, Trump would have to charge some of the highest room rates in the city.

"A properly conducted price reasonableness analysis would have resulted in the conclusion that the minimum base lease proposed by Trump would require Trump to obtain hotel room revenues which are simply not obtainable in this location based on the concepts for the redevelopment," the lawyers asserted.

After the project was awarded to Trump, a Washington Post columnist calculated that Trump's new hotel might have to charge average rates of as much as $750 per night. At the time, Ivanka Trump responded angrily that "his numbers are pure speculation and, simply put, wrong."

Yet it was Ivanka who was wrong. On weeknights this fall, the hotel's least expensive rooms will go for between $735 and $995 a night. On many days, the hotel is as expensive or more so than the Four Seasons. (Ivanka Trump had said that Trump Organization originally aimed to have lower rates than this high-end hotel.) And it's not at all clear whether Trump's hotel can command such steep rates in a market already crowded with luxury hotels—especially because Trump's hotel will lack some of the amenities initially promised.

Read more: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/09/donald-trumps-old-post-office-hotel-financial-flop

Sounds like the project is pretty much guaranteed to fail.

This tiny house could be a game changer for the low-income population in Detroit

Source: Detroit Curbed


It’s the first of many that will be built on these two blocks between the Lodge and Woodrow Wilson Street. Right now, there are plans to finish seven by October, with the goal of building 25 altogether as the funding comes in. The application process starts soon and the first residents should move in next month.

The houses will range in size from 250-400 square feet. Each house will look different, but will have similar amenities. This model house, seen above, is 300 square feet, and they’ll be building a deck on the back of it for additional living space.

Ford has contributed $400,000 to this project. A 300-square-foot home would cost about $48,000 to build, but that figure could decrease as more are built.

Residents will need an income to qualify for the project. A 300-square-foot home will cost $300 in rent each month, plus heating, which should only be about $32 per month in the winter. They’re using a rent-to-own model, with tenants graduating from a rental lease to a land contract, with potential full ownership rights of the home after seven years.

Read/view more: http://detroit.curbed.com/2016/9/9/12860756/tiny-house-detroit-neighborhood-low-income

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