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Member since: Thu Feb 14, 2008, 11:58 AM
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Big Lots!: Proud to be Union-Free

Kamala Harris: The Antidote to Trump

Solid ad.

Bloomberg: Xi Jinping "is not a dictator." I disagree.


Trump's Intervention in SEALs Case Tests Pentagon's Tolerance

He was limp and dusty from an explosion, conscious but barely. A far cry from the fierce, masked Islamic State fighters who once seized vast swaths of Iraq and Syria, the captive was a scraggly teenager in a tank top with limbs so thin that his watch slid easily off his wrist.

Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher and other Navy SEALs gave the young captive medical aid that day in Iraq in 2017, sedating him and cutting an airway in his throat to help him breathe. Then, without warning, according to colleagues, Chief Gallagher pulled a small hunting knife from a sheath and stabbed the sedated captive in the neck.

The same Chief Gallagher who later posed for a photograph holding the dead captive up by the hair has now been celebrated on the campaign trail by President Trump, who upended the military code of justice to protect him from the punishment resulting from the episode. Prodded by Fox News, Mr. Trump has made Chief Gallagher a cause célèbre, trumpeting him as an argument for his re-election.

The violent encounter in a faraway land opened a two-year affair that would pit a Pentagon hierarchy wedded to longstanding rules of combat and discipline against a commander in chief with no experience in uniform but a finely honed sense of grievance against authority. The highest ranks in the Navy insisted Chief Gallagher be held accountable. Mr. Trump overruled the chain of command and the secretary of the Navy was fired.


When the captive was killed, other SEALs were shocked. A medic inches from Chief Gallagher testified that he froze, unsure what to do. Some SEALs said in interviews that the stabbing immediately struck them as wrong, but because it was Chief Gallagher, the most experienced commando in the group, no one knew how to react. When senior platoon members confronted Chief Gallagher, they said, he told them, “Stop worrying about it; they do a lot worse to us.”

The officer in charge, Lt. Jacob Portier, who was in his first command, gathered everyone for trophy photos, then held a re-enlistment ceremony for Chief Gallagher over the corpse, several SEALs testified.

A week later, Chief Gallagher sent a friend in California a text with a photo of himself with a knife in one hand, holding the captive up by the hair with the other. “Good story behind this, got him with my hunting knife,” he wrote.


Jesus, Gallagher is a psychopath. I also wonder why the medic changed his story.

Michigan Secretary of State @JocelynBenson and Ohio Secretary of State @FrankLaRose made a bet...

Go Blue!

Acts of heroism emerge after London terror attack

London (CNN)Bystanders took a stand against the London Bridge terror suspect Usman Khan, tackling him to the ground while wielding a fire extinguisher and an apparent narwhal tusk, as stories emerged of individual acts of bravery.

Dramatic videos of the attack show the heroic actions despite Khan -- who is suspected of killing two people in the terrorist attack -- wearing a fake bomb strapped to him.

In the standoff on the north side of London Bridge, the convicted terrorist was sprayed with liquid from the extinguisher, while the man wielding the long tusk prodded it in the direction of the attacker.



Exclusive: Soon after Jeffrey Epstein died, a mysterious man came forward. He said he had CCTV...


Exclusive: Soon after Jeffrey Epstein died, a mysterious man came forward. He said he had CCTV footage from Epstein's homes. He said it showed powerful men having sex and that Epstein used it for blackmail.

The man went by a pseudonym, Patrick Kessler. He showed us what he said were video stills of men — including Alan Dershowitz and Ehud Barak — having sex in Epstein’s properties. He said he wanted justice for their victims.

Images deliberately blurred.

That might have been the end, but Kessler also went to two lawyers, David Boies and Stan Pottinger. They told @nytimes they hoped to use his supposed videos to win settlements from men who appeared on them.

A lawyer drew up a list of possible targets: "I call it our hot list.”

The idea was that any money from those settlements would flow to a foundation — and to lawyers, according to text messages obtained by @nytimes

The deals probably would have kept the videos — some supposedly showed men raping children — secret.

Was this ethical?

David Boies told us he would only seek settlements on behalf of clients with valid claims. Not extortion.

Stan Pottinger, who wrote the text messages we obtained, said he had been lying to Kessler and never intended to do what he said he would.

This saga is the subject of a special hourlong episode of @TheWeekly, airing on @FXNetworks on Sunday night at 10pm. It will stream on @hulu starting Monday.

You can see the lawyers and Kessler explaining what happened in their own words.

In just two months Auschwitz Survivors and world leaders will come to the Memorial to commemorate...

In just two months Auschwitz Survivors and world leaders will come to the Memorial to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation.

Our symbolic goal is to reach 750,000 followers of @AuschwitzMuseum for #Auschwitz75

80,000 still left. We kindly ask for your support.


Black Friday deals for cord cutters who have Amazon Prime (also, a Hulu deal):

Amazon is bringing big savings to cord cutters this holiday season, including deals on premium content. Right now, you can save 50% on select Amazon Channels for 3 months if you’re already an Amazon Prime member.

Here are the channels you can get for half off.

CBS All Access Commercial Free $4.99 down from $9.99
Epix $2.99 Down From $5.99
Britbox $3.49 down from $6.99
BET+ $4.99 down from $9.99
Nickhits $3.99 down from $7.99
MTV HIts $2.99 down from $5.99
PBS Masterpiece $2.99 down from $5.99
PBS Kids $2.49 down from $4.99
Noggin $3.99 down from $7.99
Boomerang $2.49 down from $5.99
Shudder $2.49 down from $5.99
Up Faith and Family $2.49 down from $4.99
Sundance Now $3.49 down from $6.99
Comedy Central Now $1.99 down from $3.99
Motortrend $2.49 down from $5.99
Smithsonian Channel Plus $2.49 down from $5.99
PBS Living $1.49 down from $2.99

You can find all these deals on Amazon HERE.


So I got a missed call from Giuliani at 2 am this morning...

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