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Member since: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 09:11 PM
Number of posts: 45,851

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Chrome won't let Gmail attach a file to an email, where in Explorer 8 attachment works fine..

Click on "attach file" and nothing happens in Chrome..

Just started doing this today I think..

"White Trash" or "Redneck", which do you prefer?

Luckovich knocks another one out of the park...

One pedestrian death caused by a bicyclist's negligence and DU explodes with anti bicycle venom..

Calls for registering and insuring bicycles and licensing riders, calls for mandatory bicycle helmets for adult bicyclists.. Because ZOMG! SIX HUNDRED PEOPLE A YEAR DIE ON BICYCLES!!!!

Some of the most outrageous venom I've ever heard spouted against bicyclists I've read right here on DU.

And yet the gun owners have a huge cow if someone gets upset when we have our regularly scheduled deliberate gun massacre with a dozen dead and more dozens in the hospital.

I love DU; post after post of calm and reasoned rhetoric and I get..

Get a little ticked off and rant a bit and ...


Some things just never change..

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas..

My OP title is also the title of a speculative fiction story by Ursula K LeGuin..

The story concerns a beautiful city whose inhabitants enjoy an enriched and extremely pleasant lifestyle, the fly in the ointment is that in order for the city to exist as it does requires that one child must be kept completely alone in absolute squalor and misery. Each citizen of Omelas learns on their age of majority what the requirement is for their continued existence in a city of unparalleled luxury for all but one.

Those who accept the bargain, a life of unrelenting misery for one unimportant small child in return for a life of luxury of their own, they stay in Omelas. On the other hand those who find this bargain utterly repugnant walk away from Omelas into the countryside about which they know nothing at all..

Veronica Moser was six years old but she doesn't get to live a life of luxury, or a life of squalor and misery either for that matter. Veronica was murdered in cold blood at a movie premier while her mother fights for life in an ICU due to the same attack. I suspect Veronica's mother Ashley will wish that she too didn't survive when someone finally tells her that her beloved daughter is dead.. I know I would rather die than learn that my own child had been brutally murdered.

It becomes more obvious by the day which Americans would choose to walk away from Omelas and which ones wouldn't.


Twitter just too deep for you? You might be a Romney supporter...


There is probably a simple explanation for the fact that Mitt’s twitter minion list grew almost 10% since yesterday. I tend to think that it is because his Mittku (Lemon. Wet. Good.) has a certain appeal to a populace who increasingly find reading the whole 140 character thing to be both time-consuming and burdensome.

Good and effective security is a boutique, hand crafted product and is therefore expensive..

Competent security has to be tailored to a given place and time, no one system fits all situations, it takes professionals working in an atmosphere where they are given the authority to act as they see fit to get the job done properly. You can't get competent security from minimum wage part time help hired from the labor pool.

Those who are clamoring for stepped up security in group situations are ignoring the fact that such a stepped up security presence has a hefty price tag attached, a price tag that will be competing for funds with all the other things we need to do as a society, things like improved access to health care, including care for mental problems.

If it comes down to security versus mental health care anyone care to hazard a guess on which way our politicians will vote?

Kid's birthday party, I'm having a quiet conversation with another guy that ends up a bit political.

We pretty much agree and are winding up this portion of our conversation when wingnut mama comes over and loudly interjects her opposing opinion. I turn to wingnut mama and in a reasonable tone ask her why she holds the opinion she does at which point the family "Miss Anne" comes over and tells me I'm being argumentative and to just STFU..


It's a kid's birthday party, I'm not going to be the the one to turn it into WWIII over some stupid wingnut talking point but there are times I just want to go verbal Billy Jack on these people..

Somewhere, Newt Gingrich is sitting by a phone, bouncing a tennis ball against the wall… waiting.

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