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Member since: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 10:11 PM
Number of posts: 45,851

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Belling the cat

My last OP got me looking at my Discussionist Journal and got me thinking, how many of you have belled the cat, taking on conservatives/Republicans on neutral or even their own turf?

I was doing it quite a bit a decade ago and got bored with it, if I didn't get kicked off I could get to the point I could say almost anything and not get any replies except maybe other liberals.

When Discussionist launched I went over there and tried out my old conservative taunting chops for a while until I got bored again.


The Democratic party *should* marginalize and ignore liberals

Let's face it, liberals are going to vote Democratic because the Republicans are so horrible, liberals are a totally owned vote by the Democratic party.

To the Democratic party every conservative vote they can pull away from the Republicans is as good as two liberal votes, they would be fools not to pander to disaffected Republican voters and ignore liberals because paying attention to liberals means driving away those double plus valuable conservative votes. Nobody likes someone who is right about things and points out that they are right, it's a huge turnoff. The amiable fool is far easier to get along with than the prickly egghead who is always talking about how they got so many things right, look at how popular Ronald Reagan is and was.

So get with the program fellow liberals, if you want the Democrats to win big then shut the hell up about all this pinko lefty crud, all you are doing is helping the Republicans and hurting the Democrats.

Ten applicants for one job, when you hire one applicant does that mean the rest are being punished?

This is in response to the claim that not wanting Hillary to be the Democratic nominee because of her vote for the IWR is "punishing" her.

I don't see it that way but clearly some folks disagree.

What do you think, is the employer "punishing" the other nine applicants if they don't get the job?

Leonard Susskind - Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Life and Mind?

If they could only see us now dept: Goldwater, McGovern on divisive politics (1988)

I watched this joint interview live on the News Hour back in the day and it has stuck with me ever since while politics has become ever meaner and more divisive.

McGovern: The American people like liberal policies and programs.

Hillary Shows Elizabeth Warren New Campaign Motto

I remember how sick and hurt, bitter and ashamed I felt in 2003 watching the invasion gather

Knowing it was based on lies and ultimately destined to be a failure, the lies were obvious to anyone paying attention at the time and the outcome was also obvious to anyone with a modicum of understanding of the history of the region.

The final vote to give Bush his war to show he was a bigger man than his father is something that still raises bile in my throat if I dwell on it much, particularly knowing the truly disgusting, inhuman and dishonorable things done in the pursuit of that war.

Any face associated with that war still brings those feelings back when I see them, I can't help but think of the blood spilled and the human sacrifices made in the pursuit of that horrific and ultimately counterproductive mistake whenever I see someone I associate with that war.

I sat absolutely shocked for a long time after the Senate vote for the IWR, anyone paying attention knew Bush was going to invade, he was practically drooling on himself in quivering anticipation. I felt lost, abandoned, nauseated and most of all ashamed, ashamed that I could not do more to stop the senseless slaughter we all knew was coming.

And this song was running through my head.

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why don't they go out to fight
They leave that all to the poor

Noun Verb Number wants you talking about him.. He doesn't care what you say he wants the attention

As long as he has people who will defend him he gets the positive attention he craves and he doesn't care one bit about the negative attention.

After all is said and done Joe Biden's description of NVN is one of the most deadly accurate I've ever heard.

The harder those who despise him attack the stronger the defenders will defend and the more NVN will bask in their adulation, that's all he wants, pure naked ego.

This might clear up some misconceptions regarding categories

Then on the other hand I suspect it might start a lovely argument.

The Walking Dead have nothing on this bunch.. (Jeb!)

Notice the two names in the very middle...

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