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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 11:23 AM
Number of posts: 4,379

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Trump voters are so stupid they don't even know they are being insulted.

Trump and the republicans in congress know their voters are stupid. They count on it. They run on it. They can say anything, tell any lie and their braindead voters will believe it.

When Trump said," I can shoot somebody on 5th ave and my voters won't care." That was not a compliment. He was saying I own you idiots.

Every fucking day Trump voters are insulted and they don't know it. What comes after stupid?

I am a veteran, most soldiers do not like parades.

When I was in the army our captain paraded us past base headquarters to make himself look good. It almost turned into a dam mutiny. Soldiers know when they are being used.

Soldiers will know this parade is about Trump, not them.

Keep your $1000 bonus and pay for your employees healthcare you greedy bastards.

For many years the working people of America have handed over trillions of dollars of wealth to the rich and they demand nothing in return. They just bitch about how bad things are.

With the tax cuts Trump just gave them they should pay for our healthcare.They can afford it.

Create a debt crisis and blame it on SS and Medicare.

Its clear this is the goal of the Republican party. We know its a goal of Paul Ryan. Privatize.

The champions of ignorance (Trump voters) think they are winning. No surprise, these idiots can't figure out when someone says, "I could shoot somebody on 5th Ave and my voters would't care," that it's not a compliment. Thats someone saying you're an idiot and I own you.

Do you hear that giant cracking sound?

That is the entire foundation of our country breaking apart. The day Trump was elected I began to prepare for a major disaster. I knew this would turn out to be one of the biggest blunders in our history.

As we all watch this freak show Trump has attacked everything that makes America what it is. Here are a few examples of what he has done in his first year.

He has attacked our immigration policies. That will hurt us.

He has attacked trade policies. That will hurt us. Why would other countries want to make new trade deals with Trump?

He has attacked countries around the world, including our allies. This will hurt our foreign policies.

He has attacked and weakened our government institutions, The justice Dept, FBI, CIA, State Dept, etc.

He has attacked and weakened our government agencies , EPA, CDC,(yikes),etc.

He has attacked government employees.

He has attacked our rule of law.

He is deregulating everything. This will lead to corruption.

He has raised the national debt, which will lead him to cut more money from the government programs we all rely on.

He has put crooked people in place to lead our government agencies.

These are just a few examples of what is happening while we watch this complete fraud of a president.

I find it very hard to believe this will not lead to a horrible ending.

People, we have a math problem.

I am not an expert on economics but I do know how to add and subtract.

I know Trickle Down Economics does not work long term. They just cut taxes a lot. This will add to the national debt. One of the tools we use to fight off an economic downturn is tax cuts. If we have a downturn how can they cut taxes? What will they do instead? Decrease spending on government programs we depend on? Attack SS, medicare, medicaid?

When you subtract regulations, you add corruption.

When you add to the wealth divide, you subtract from the working people.

Tick, Tick, Tick.

The movie 13 Minutes; A warning from history.

This is the story of Johann Georg Elser, A german carpenter who tried to kill Hitler in 1939. Hitler left early from a yearly speech he gave at a beer hall. The bomb went off 13 minutes later.

Elser watched the German people slowly descend into madness. He knew war would destroy them so he decided to take action. After he was captured he was tortured. They believed he had help. He did not. During one scene he asked a question of the people torturing him.

Can't you see what is happening? Thats what we should all be asking the Trump voters.

Sometimes I feel like the American people are descending into madness just like the German people did. Many of the German people knew something wrong. Instead of doing something about it, they either ignored it or they joined up with the madness.

Fair question; When Trump goes down will he take all of us down with him.

We all know Trump is extremely vengeful. He believes he is never wrong. He always blames someone for his failures. He has some things in common with Hitler. Hitler turned on his people. He blamed them. He took them down with him. I am not saying Trump is Hitler, I am saying he is fucking nuts in some of the same ways Hitler was.

Will Trump start a war trying to protect himself, power grab when he knows he is about to be removed from office? How far will Trump go to protect himself?

Republicans believe people are bias because they believe Trump is a threat?

Now thats fucking warped. One day reality is going to catch up to the republicans, including their voters. Reality is a bitch.

Keep on digging Trump, you're almost at the six foot mark.

Trump should start wearing one of his stupid looking hats that says, "I'm Guilty".

There is a reason Trump spent his whole life learning to be a showman, a liar. To cover up the fact he is one dumb mother fucker.

Trump brought his children and people like Hope Hicks to run the country. He filled positions with completely unqualified loyalists. These are arrogant stupid people. They don't stand a chance against Mueller. Many of them will go prison.

Trump is guilty as hell. He keeps on giving Mueller more evidence every time he opens his mouth. Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice, conspiracy and Mueller will prove it. Mueller will prove Trump is subject to blackmail. There will be no doubt. We will have to wait and see what Mueller has when it comes to money laundering.

If Trump tries to fire Mueller that will be more evidence of obstruction. That will be the end of his presidency.

Trump is going down and many of the very stupid people that work for him will go to prison. Trump has made many powerful enemies. They will take him down. Does anyone actually believe the american people will let Trump turn America into a Trump dictatorship? Not going to happen.

Remember, there are a lot more patriots in this country then braindead Trump supporters. The patriots will win. Its just a matter of time.
When that day comes I am going to have a party. I will celebrate that day.
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