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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 11:23 AM
Number of posts: 4,379

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Trump lying at the FBI academy.

If I was there I would walk out. He just told them I will be the most loyal person ever for you. Trump is the biggest asshole I have ever seen in my life. Hurry Mueller, I can't take much more of this bullshit.

I met and talked to Gillibrand when she was my house representative.

I was impressed with her knowledge of issues. She seemed to really care. She knows how to play politics. What is going on now with sexually harassment is it has become politics. Franken is a victim of politics. The democrats see this as a big winning issue. Bigger than Franken. I liked Franken alot.

Could you have ever imagined we would have a president who is subject to blackmail?

A president working with our enemy to help win an election. Working with our enemy to enrich himself. Tens of millions of americans who are supporting all of it. It makes me numb and very angry. Time for a drink.

Will Mueller wait till after next years election to bring forth charges against Trump?

We know more people will be indicted next year, trials will start. The investigation should continue well into next year. If his investigation ends say a couple of months before the election will Mueller wait until the election is over? 2018 is going to be scary as hell.

I have been selected to serve on a DU jury?

Does anybody know what that means?

I hope the next person indicted is Trumps son in law.

That will get things rolling. That will put the investigation right into the Trump family. He was getting his loans from the same place as Trump. He lied on his security clearance. He probably lied to the FBI. I want Damien to go down. Its time for Mueller to increase the pressure. Go after the family.

Trump is an Unnatural virus that infects the mind.

Many are driven to madness as the virus takes total control of their minds. Others are driven to depression as they frantically search for a cure.

The virus has one goal, Absolute control of its victims. The virus does not directly destroy its victims, it drives its victims to destroy themselves and others.

This same virus infected Germany in the 1930s. It spread throughout the entire population. Most of the German people were driven to madness. Some Germans tried to kill the virus. They were unsuccessful.

Only after Germany was laid to ruin, Millions of German deaths, millions of German women raped, the original host killed did the virus finally lose its grip on the German people. It ran out of hosts.

Trump is the original host of the virus. He has spread the virus throughout America. No one can predict how much farther this virus will spread or how much damage it will cause. I believe we will find out by this time next year. 2018 may be a year the American people will never forget. Will we destroy the virus or will we fail like the German people?

For those worried the republicans will not impeach Trump, no matter what.

When Mueller charges the Trump Whitehouse with obstruction of justice and conspiracy against America the Republicans will be forced to impeach for these reasons.

If they did not impeach that would mean the end of the rule of law. This country would explode. You would see the largest protests in American history. Violence would break out. Republicans in congress would need full time security. There lives would be in danger.

It would amount to a coup. The Republicans would be telling us they no longer believe in the rule of law. Only what they believe and say counts.

Think about, if charges are brought and nothing happened how would you respond? At least 60% of the American people hate Trump. They would revolt.

Legal question. What is the penalty for breaking your oath of office? Is it just useless words that

mean nothing? What would have happened if FDR said the attack on pearl harbor may have not been done by Japan. Fake news.

This is exactly what Trump has done with the Russia attack on our democracy. It's fucking madness. Do republicans only believe an attack can happen if bombs are dropped? What the fuck is wrong with these people.

Trump has broken his oath of office. He denies the attack. He has not asked for an investigation. He is not defending America, the constitution and our democracy. Yet , he pays no price from the people who voted for him. It doesn't get more dangerous than that.

The future of our democracy depends on one man, Mueller. He must bring conspiracy charges against the entire Whitehouse. All of them must go down. Hopefully I will not go insane before that happens.
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