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Member since: Fri Oct 10, 2008, 11:34 AM
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Brilliant Move Democrats! Starve the Media Attention Away From Trump

The Democratic party was brilliant today. Notice how they have totally dominated the narrative? We have the sit in the House led by Rep. John Lewis (talk about an American hero). Then we just had Hillary's speech with a lot of talk about her campaigning with Elizabeth Warren next week.

Notice how Trump's speech is getting third billing?

Not only is the Democratic party being shown in action but they are starving the media attention away from Trump.

So proud of my community - Bloomington, In Vigil for Orlando

I've been in Bloomington since '86. It's always had a very strong and vibrant LGBTQ community. I've been an ally here all that time. I know the full spectrum of the rainbow when it comes to the community. I know it was rocked hard by the events in Orlando.

It's why I'm so touched 1,000 plus people turned out for the vigil that was held last night! All members of the Bloomington community were represented. It was organized by our local Pride organization.

This was a beautiful event.


Can we please just stop it?

With all that's gone on this this week...please can we just stop?

Look, I voted for Bernie in the primaries. I'm thrilled at what he's done and I want him to continue his influence at the Convention. I want that energy. I want his input. I want the issues he believes in upfront.

However, I'm voting for Hillary. I don't think she's the devil incarnate. Is she flawed, yes. Is she better than Trump? IMHO, Hell yes!

As far as who fellow Bernie supporter should vote for...that's for their conscience to decide. Can't vote for Hillary, then don't. Vote for Jill. Vote another party. I would pray you don't vote, Trump but again that's for you to decide.

I hope though that whatever you do, you vote. Even if all you do is vote for local offices because that's where real change happens. That's a real revolution. You want to change the system? You want to change thing? Show up EVERY election, get involved in the process and vote a progressive from school board member to dog catcher to local party chairman.

Also, can we stop sniping at each other? Can we stop falling into the trap of "us" vs "them"..here? If nothing else, stop all this trying to prove how "corrupt" or "evil" or "bad" so and so is. For every article and spin someone throws out about Hillary someone's got a counter. For every article and spin someone throws out about Bernie...someone's got a counter. If this was all *healthy* debate I would be cheering. However, it just seems anymore it's about how nasty can it get.

Politics is passionate. It's just please, can we remember that many of us here want many of the same things; maybe not always exactly...but in general we have common interests.

I'm looking toward November...and it's not Bernie I'm worried about. It's the GOP. It's Trump. I thought the lowest this country could go was George W. Bush. I can't even conceive of the nightmare of a Pres. Trump. So, that's where my energy will be focused, defeating the GOP. The way I'm going to do it, is support Hillary. Doesn't mean I'm going to demonize Bernie, because why would I? He represents so much good that needs to be done. We need that balance, that counter weight to keep pulling us to the left.

I hope those who move forward who can't support Hillary will at least turn their energy towards the GOP.

Overall though, I hope we can stop going at each other.


Hoosier Here- Voted Bernie but ready to Vote Hillary

So where I'm at there are a LOT of Bernie signs. I'm in a rare "blue" part of the state. Anyway the turnout looks good from what I saw at the polls today when I went to vote as well as from my FB feed. Most of the people I know are leaning Bernie so will see what happens. I also know many of them also vow to vote for Hillary if she gets the nom.

Meanwhile in my home town which is in one of the reddest of the red parts of the states it sounds like my cousins are resigning themselves to supporting Trump. Don't get it. They don't like him. Additionally, I can tell from the few people on my FB feed from HS that Trump is their candidate. I'm surmising then Trump must be the candidate then in that area.

So glad my Dad and my step-mom are sane people so family visit won't be awkward.

Still, not looking forward to visiting the area for the rest of the election cycle.


Powerful Moment- Men's chorus singing Impossible Dream outside SC

Source: watching MSNBC

Network broke away to broadcast chorus singing.

Read more: Link to source

MSNBC broke away from their talking head coverage of the SCOTUS ruling to a men's chorus singing "The Impossible Dream" outside the Supreme Courthouse. It was amazing! Did anyone else see it? Does anyone know if there's a video of it out there some where on the intertubes? Would love to find it and share it on social media! Thought it summed up beautifully this historic moment!

Mental Illness Can Be Terminal

Like many I was stunned to hear about the unexpected death of Robin Williams. I grew up watching him and being entertained by his humor. I remember his first appearance on Happy Days and his roles in Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire, etc...

However, I didn't think about his career when I heard about his death. As soon as I heard the statement from his publicist and how Mr. Williams had been suffering with depression, all I could think of that we lost this great comedian because his mental illness was terminal.

I do not say that lightly. I say that as someone who has a mental illness. I say that as someone who has been deeply depressed and suicidal and least two times in my life. I may not even be here today except for a friend who drove two and half hours in the middle of the night to come stay with me to make sure I wasn't alone.

Odds are you know or related to someone with a mental illness. Some maybe open about their diagnosis. Some may not be. There is still so much stigma and misinformation about mental illness many do not share their diagnosis.


If someone you know has a mental illness, be there for them. Understand that it is an illness. It can be managed. They can have a 'normal' life but like a diabetic they live with that illness everyday. They have to manage it everyday. Some days are better than others.

If you have a mental illness and this is one of those bad days, please, remember you are NOT alone. Please reach out for help.


Happy Day! Judge Struck Down Gay Marriage Ban...in INDIANA

Yep! Pretty happy right now here in the Hoosier state


"A federal judge has struck down Indiana's ban on gay marriage, calling it unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge Richard Young ruled Wednesday that the state's ban violates the U.S. Constitution's equal-protection clause in a mixed ruling involving lawsuits from several gay couples.

The Indiana Attorney General's Office says it's analyzing the rulings and will communicate with county clerks on proper marriage license procedures in order to avoid chaos during the appeal. Attorney General Greg Zoeller has previously said he would file an appeal in the event of such a ruling, and will quickly ask for a stay of today's ruling pending appeal.

Marion County Clerk Beth White says her office is ready, and the first couple to be married were Jake Miller and Craig Bowen."



"Dead Girl" jokes in Stubensville Incident and Dead Girl movie

Forgive me if someone has already commented about this before...but as soon as I heard the "dead girl" jokes on that infamous video I couldn't help but wonder if those involved in this horrible crime had seen the movie "Dead Girl." Obviously they missed the point about it's commentary on rape culture...but it did strike a chord with me.

If you haven't seen it or heard of it..it's a very provocative film about two high school boys who find a chained up naked "zombie" girl and realize they can do whatever they want to her without consequences.

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