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Profile Information

Name: Bob
Gender: Male
Hometown: Atlanta
Home country: United States
Member since: Sat Oct 25, 2008, 05:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,533

Journal Archives

McBath email re: impeachment

Don't fall for the hype:

"Hey Bob --

There is a lot of noise in Washington right now about impeachment -- and I wanted you to hear from me directly.

As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, I voted to formally begin the impeachment inquiry on September 12th -- almost two weeks ago. And Republicans (including our opponent Karen Handel) began to attack me at that point for "supporting impeachment." Today, they're attacking me for "not supporting impeachment." Huh?

And in just the last 24 hours, Republicans have begun the name calling again... labeling me as:

Lyin' Lucy (an old standby)
A coward
Let there be no doubt -- Republicans will continue to use impeachment as a talking point to attack me because President Trump won our district in 2016.

So, I need this grassroots team to stand behind me as I continue to do what is right in Washington.

Our president is not above the law, and House Democrats and I will continue the impeachment inquiry we voted to start almost two weeks ago. The American people deserve to know the truth and we will work in Congress to keep uncovering all of the facts.

Thanks for reading,

-- Lucy"

Time to strike

I'm calling for a general nation-wide strike. Close all businesses, conduct no transactions, until the racists are out.

Make this viral. I say August 14. Stop the madness now!

Where are the mass marches?

I'm willing to go, but no one is really doing anything. We need to be in the streets, not on the computers ... although they help a lot, staring down several million people is much harder to ignore.

65 million voted for Hillary. Why aren't we all out in the streets, demanding this crap stops?

Something to lighten the mood

Once in a Lifetime


"Our task was to set Americans against their own government"

Informative article in Business Insider today:

'"It’s not just writing ‘Obama is a monkey’ and ‘Putin is great.’ They’ll even fine you for that kind of [primitive] stuff," he told Dozhd. In fact, those who worked for the foreign desk were restricted from spreading pro-Russia propaganda. Rather, Max said, their job was more qualitative and was geared toward understanding the "nuances" of American politics to "rock the boat" on divisive issues like gun control and LGBT rights.

"Our goal wasn’t to turn the Americans toward Russia," he added. "Our task was to set Americans against their own government: to provoke unrest and discontent, and to lower Obama’s support ratings."'

No surprise, really, but more specific ... and turns out Americans (most of the right as well as many on the left) as a whole were dumb enough to fall for it.


Be the Change you want to see in this world

It's time for us all to be positive, and bring our Light into this dark world. Now, Shine!!

Trump and Russia - four fronts opened today

I know others are posting it too. This stuff needs to go viral





Russia First?

Russia first? After her initial teeing up of Russia during the last debate, the HRC campaign has now started the swing. They are going for the fences on the 19th. Forget pussy jokes, this is the real shit...

Trump fired off the last of his major weapons with Bill Clinton last week, with almost no effect. Hillary played the rope-a-dope perfectly, piss him off in the first debate, let him exhaust himself in the second, and now comes hammer time. Starting with the video above, I expect a major release of hard data of some sort Mon or Tues, so that the news cycle is squarely focused on the issue, then go on national TV and go for the knockout. May be saving some more stuff for the last week, but the last debate is where she'll get the largest audience. Muhammed Ali would be proud


Battleship Trump about to capsize

Trump unloaded all of his heavy artillery against Hillary last night and it bounced right off and/or stuck to him.

She ignored the Bill Clinton stuff entirely and it's been either forgotten by today or is just used as another example of how classless he is. And the lock her up shit, while it will play to his base, is freaking people out and backfiring badly.

He now has no more weapons, his ship is on fire and listing, the rats are jumping on lifeboats.

She didn't unload her main guns on him, to keep the ship afloat long enough that she can blast the hell out of him at and before the last debate and take out a big chunk of the GOP fleet.

The next four weeks are going to get very ugly. I expect we'll hear much worse language that will even make sailors blush. Be prepared to see Trump's image pushed from sex offender to KKK/Nazi racist, with more recordings of his plans for non-whites and his enemies (who among us think his imprisonments would end with Hillary). He's stoked up fear, but now the fear is of him, not ISIS, not wall-jumpers, not liberals

Trump cannot be replaced at this point.

A - The Constitution does not provide for political parties, the elections are about individuals. There isn't even a requirement to have both candidates from the same party or be related in any way whatsoever, and there have been instances where the President and VP were from different parties. The States have rules about who gets on ballots and how long ahead of time they have to apply, they can't just put someone else on the ballot without following those procedures. To do anything else would result in endless lawsuits, especially if the name Donald J Trump wins. This isn't a matter whether the ballots can be reprinted, etc. All deadlines have passed. If States allowed that, then anyone could go to court and say they have a claim to be able to run for President at the last minute. Hell, even the Green Party/Jill Stein didn't make the requirements in many states.

B - Donald Trump's ego seems unlikely to allow him to quit, even if the rules allowed it. If the GOP denounces him and says someone else is running, and he stays in the race, then if "Donald J Trump" wins, regardless of party affiliation or denouncement, who is the actual winner? Donald J Trump.

C - Who would be stupid enough to try to run? It would only make them look really bad, unprepared and damage them personally. 31 days isn't enough time to even start to get a campaign staff together, much less create something resembling a winning team. The last debate would be Hillary arguing against an empty chair, even if it was occupied by some clown.

D - Changes now only make the GOP look worse than it already does, and would result in across the board losses as more people realized that the GOP can't even run a race, much less a country. It would be chaos.

E - Trump won the primary election by a large margin. How does the GOP leadership tell those voters to go away? Many of them are quite rabid and support Trump even after all this. Those supporters either stay home (meaning millions of voters don't vote in down-ballot races) or they start a civil war/conflict that can be blamed entirely on the GOP, not "Hillary cheated and won" BS excuses.

F - Voting has started in many, if not most, states. How would they recall ballots or otherwise amend those votes. Can't and won't happen.

At best the GOP could ask for a write-in candidate rather than Trump, but many states don't even allow write-ins, or have restrictions on how those can be applied.

Folks, all this talk is nice talk, maybe makes the GOP feel good about themselves, even though none of this should be a surprise to them. But it is irrelevant. The die is cast, the deed is done. Get out the vote and let's turn this defeat into a complete and utter rout.

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