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Gender: Male
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Home country: Canada
Current location: Toronto, Ontario
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 04:34 PM
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The type of ignorance we're still struggling against

Here's a man, a pastor, preaching to his church, that women must be subservient to men. That men are naturally leaders, and that women are naturally servile and just WANT to be dominated by men.

From Patheos: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2016/08/04/christian-pastor-men-rule-over-women-at-home-and-ill-arm-wrestle-any-woman-here-who-disagrees/

In a recent sermon, Pastor Steven Anderson proclaimed that “the husband’s the head of the wife,” then laughed off criticism that he was misogynistic because, he continued, “it’s like a new word” and he wasn’t interested in jumping on some “trendy” bandwagon.

I get an email every day calling me “misogynistic.” What a stupid word. This is, like, a new word. I never heard that when I was a kid. I didn’t hear that. Did you hear that growing up?…

See, I don’t go with all your little trendy words and all your little trendy concepts. You know, people have been doing it my way for the last 6,000 years — in all cultures, pretty much, in all nations of the world, and it’s worked out great for a lot of people.
Anderson doesn’t get the problem with misogyny because things have “worked out great for a lot of people.” Which is true. Men are doing just fine.

And “misogynistic” isn’t a new word. (It’s actually from the mid-17th century.) Saying you never heard it growing up, as if that’s an argument for why this isn’t a big deal, is like saying there’s no sexual harassment taking place at Fox News Channel because Roger Ailes has always been nice to you. Just because you’re not the victim of it, and people don’t always talk about it in public, doesn’t mean it may not be happening.

Anderson continued:

But all of a sudden, we’re supposed to get on this trendy little faggoty type of a relationship where, you know, my wife and I are supposed to dress the same, act the same, look the same, talk the same, live the same lifestyle, have the same authority.

I want to tell Anderson to get a dictionary and look up the word “misogyny” so he doesn’t keep misinterpreting it, but I’m pretty sure he has a rule against opening up a second book.

Here is where the fight is, folks. Hearts and minds. These people are looking up to this man as an authority and he's telling them with holy authority that women are weaker than men, and inherently want to be dominated.

His followers will vote for Trump before they vote for Hillary. They will believe that Hillary is subverting the natural holy order of life by trying to become president. Not all of them, obviously, but I grew up religious and I know lots of religious people and many of them believe everything told to them in a homily or sermon, because "that holy man up there wouldn't lie to us, would they?"

From the article:
There are no doubt women who accept and appreciate their traditional gender roles. But you know what would make that argument even stronger? Giving them the option of working outside the house, being a boss, leading a church, etc. and seeing what they do. For many women raised in fundamentalist Christianity, they’re taught from a young age that they must accept certain roles. Of course many would seem happy. It’s not like they’ve given any thought to the alternatives.

Even the feminist women, deep down, they’re like, “Please rule over me! Please be my leader!”

Citation needed.

This is how toxic Christian masculinity works. Might is right, and the Bible must always be interpreted to give men the upper hand. Strong women? Women who want to be in positions of leadership and are fully capable of it? They’re cast aside as heretics. Just ask Hillary Clinton and the pastors who refuse to vote for her because of her gender.


Looking forward to another 8 years of the right wing lunatic fringe claiming that the president is illegitimate because (in this case) she stole the election through... voting machines? I guess? Despite the fact that Diebold is in the pocket of the GOP?

Holy shit, I can't even follow any more. They're starting early, priming their rabid followers to go bananas as soon as things look like they might not be going the way they want. Dog whistles are done. Hinting, implying, all that subtle stuff, it's all done now. Now it's just out-in-the-open calls for violence from white nationalist men who feel like their country is being taken over by the blacks, the wimmins, the queers, the mooslems, the Mexicans...

What the hell is going on? Why is the media not talking about any of this? Just now (15:30EST 02Aug16) I went to cnn.com and the top story is "DNC CEO to resign." You have to go to the political cartoons to see depictions of angry white nationalists being absurd (thanks to n2doc for all the comics every day, BTW!).

So, for the past 8 years, the far right has been able to justify their treatment of Obama because his presidency was "illegitimate" because he's Kenyan (also Muslim, shhhhhh!) and they're already setting up the excuse for the next 8 years. But they have no problem with SCOTUS selecting GWB in Florida.

I just don't have anything left to figure this out.


I have tremendous answers to these questions, okay? You believe it, I've got the best answers. And you know, there are real problems here, some of these questions are real problems, here and we're just going to keep looking at this until we figure out what's going on. I have so many friends of mine, and they just call me and say "Thank you, thank you so much for figuring out this problem." and I have-, listen... We're under attack, okay? And there's a tremendous problem, and all of these questions, I'm the only one who's asking about these questions and who's got answers to these questions, they're just the best answers. You better believe it!

Donald, the question was "What rhymes with cheek?"

A reminder from Cenk to GOTV

We haven't won all the hearts and minds, yet.

[blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"][p lang="en" dir="ltr"]Almost never met working class person who had nice thing to say about Hillary Clinton. DC bubble is not getting how disliked she is. Uh oh.

— Cenk Uygur (@cenkuygur) [a href="https://twitter.com/cenkuygur/status/758315284340015106"]July 27, 2016[/a]
[script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"][/script]


It's no secret that Cenk was a huge Bernie booster through the primary, but his analysis is usually spot on.

Remember that Trump is still speaking straight to the pocketbook of a lot of working class non-unionized people. He's lying through his teeth, of course, but the vast majority don't understand that.

The race is not yet won, and it's still vital to GOTV and counter the vicious lies spewing from the dumpster fire of the GOP.

Trump is an anthropomorphic internet comments section

With his latest attack on Warren:

“You don’t have to go with Pocahontas,” said Trump, who has questioned Warren’s statements about her Native American heritage. “She is the worst senator in the U.S. Senate.

“She’s got a fresh mouth,” he said. “Other than that, she’s got nothing going.”

He's got nothing by negating and superlatives. With insults and comebacks straight from the minds of our greatest 14-year-old trolls.

He truly is the biggest thing the GOP has ever created. Republicans have for years been building the dialogue that Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Unionists, Immigrants, Foreigners, the UN, POC, LGBT, Feminists are all terrible people. They're filled with hate for YOU, the AVERAGE PERSON. Of course, for them the average person is a middle-aged or older straight white dude who has PAID HIS DUES, DAMMIT!

Except, as Jon Stewart said in his rant on Colbert's show, "There is no real America!" and the GOP doesn't own it. What they do have to own, though, is they created Donald Trump all by themselves. They built the narrative that politicians are bad, that government should be run like a business, that Democrats are taking your money to give to people who don't work. They've been building this narrative since Reagan, and Trump is the angry little hateball that is the direct result of the seeds they've sown.

Ted Cruz hates Trump? Well, own him, buddy boy, you built him! You, and Mitch McConnell, and Karl Rove, and Dick Cheney, and Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity, and Tucker Carlson, and Glenn Beck, and Marco Rubio, and and and and and and the list goes on. The narrative you've built around the idea that corporations really would work far better if that gosh darned government just wouldn't ask what they're doing so much! You're bought and sold, you know it, and anyone can see, though not everyone will or wants to.

The GOP has moved into the insane asylum and now they have to come to grips with the monster they have built and all he's doing is spewing schoolyard insults and generalized hate.

GOTV, everyone. It's a battle for the soul of America. Time to show Trump the door.

It is possible to unhappy with the DNC and scared of Putin's potential involvement

It is possible to be unhappy with how the DNC has behaved during the primaries and also be extremely upset that there may be massive foreign influence on this hacking scandal.

DWS backed payday loans companies against Elizabeth Warren, and the DNC rejected requests several times on Bernie's part for more debates. It was pointed out very early on that DWS had been Hillary's campaign manager previously, and that there might be a conflict of interest there in an organization that is supposed to remain neutral across its potential candidates.

By the same token, Wikileaks has turned into a really gross organization, and if they're being backed by Putin-funded Russian hackers who are trying to prop up Trump, that's massively troubling, too.

I'm glad to see DWS step down. If there are even the hints of skeletons in the DNC's closet, they need to clean that shit out because Trump is going to BEAT US OVER THE HEAD with them. I'm terrified because this election is too close right now. To everyone who says "Trump will never be elected!" I hope most fervently that you are right, but it is so vital to GOTV and not assume that he's going to have some kind of meltdown between now and November.

Bernie's stepping up to the plate despite what happened during the primary, and is supporting Hillary while still working to further liberal planks within the Democratic platform. He's not taking the bait on this email thing and bad-mouthing Hillary or DWS, and he's got his sight set squarely on Trump, which is what all of us need to do.

Clean the closets, boost the candidate, and defeat the worst Republican presidential nominee seen in living memory.

From Reddit: A final response to "Tell me why Trump is a Fascist."

So, here's a post on Reddit:

With an incredibly long and detailed list of answers to people trying to get you to show somehow that Trump is a fascist. I won't excerpt any of them, because there are SO MANY it's hard to even pick a few really good ones from among the crazy long list of articles, stories, and blogs.

There's also a pretty good discussion afterwards.

Anyway, this gives all of us plenty of ammo for anyone who feels like they might stay home this election, or alt-righters who think that Trump's just being strong. He's absolutely not, he's a straight up fascist. If the hatefest in Cleveland and some of the links on this list don't encourage people to GOTV, then I'm not sure what else to say.


When so much of our food is provided by an increasingly small and centralized group of companies, instead of many smaller independent food producers, this is the result.


The U.S. agricultural sector suffers from abnormally high levels of concentration. Most economic sectors have concentration ratios around 40%, meaning that the top four firms in the industry control 40% of the market. If the concentration ratio is above 40%, experts believe competition can be threatened and market abuses are more likely to occur: the higher the number, the bigger the threat.

The concentration ratios in the agricultural sector are shocking.

-Four companies own 83.5% of the beef market.
-The top four firms own 66% of the hog industry.
-The top four firms control 58.5% of the broiler chicken industry.

It's possibly the best example of how control of a basic need in the hands of few giant corporations can be a bad or dangerous thing. The linked article talks mostly about the economic troubles that it causes, but this recall is another problem that we face. If a single giant centralized processing plant has a listeria outbreak, or an e-coli contamination, or staph or salmonella, it's not just an economic problem; people die.

My husband runs a restaurant, and his whole philosophy is locally sourced, prepared in-house, and sustainable. No orders of boil-in-bag meats from Sysco, no hollandaise made from a powder, no imported-from-China produce.

A bit on his philosophy: https://t.co/Bo5as4euXs

Plagiarism may be the least horrible thing that happened on that stage

Egregious as it is, Melania's speech-stealing is not the most newsworthy thing that happened on that stage last night.

Let's look at the big picture, here.

Melania stole a couple of platitudes from Michelle Obama's speech from years back, yes. But also last night a congressman (Steven King R-IA) said on TV that whites have done more for civilization than non-whites. A soap opera actor called the president a muslim. Two different speakers railed against "illegals." The opening prayer referred to Clinton and and Democrats as "the enemy."

The coverage of the speech is sensational, watch-the-birdie kind of stuff for the news cycle, and what we really need to call out is the amazingly overt racism, sexism, homophobia on display last night. That needs to be the real call to arms. Forget the fluff, forget the distractions. The -real things- the people are saying up on that stage are disastrous. They are emboldening racists and fascists throughout the USA, and it's unconscionable that the media is letting them get away with it.

A tweet from someone on my twitter feed today:


I agree she should be called on the carpet for copying so blatantly, but this is a sensational story that the media can plug into the headlines to keep from having an uncomfortable conversation and losing access to the RNC by making their headline "RNC is an openly racist, sexist, and homophobic organization, now." I'll bet when the fact checkers discovered the plagiarism, they all breathed a sigh of relief that they didn't have to report on any of the disgusting things the other speakers spewed constantly all night.

This post has been shamelessly cribbed from some of my other posts on the subject.

Egregious as it is

The plagiarism of Michelle's speech was the headline today? Not a Congressman (Steven King R-IA) saying that whites have done more for civilization than non-whites? Not a speaker at the RNC calling the president a muslim? Not two separate speakers talking about the danger of "illegals?"

I agree she should be called on the carpet for copying so blatantly, but this is a sensational story that the media can plug into the headlines to keep from having an uncomfortable conversation and losing access to the RNC by making their headline "RNC is an openly racist, sexist, and homophobic organization, now." I'll bet when the fact checkers discovered the plagiarism, they all breathed a sigh of relief that they didn't have to report on any of the disgusting things the other speakers spewed constantly all night.

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