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Gender: Male
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Home country: Canada
Current location: Toronto, Ontario
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 04:34 PM
Number of posts: 3,013

Journal Archives

Cool Kids vs. Organizers - Infographic

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, and I think it's amazing. I'm way too much of a cool kid, but I want to try to be a better organizer:

Some More News: If You Don't Want To Be Called A Fascist, Stop Supporting A Fascist

Doug Ford to slash Toronto city council to 25 councillors from 47

From the Toronto Star (full article here):

Premier Doug Ford is slashing the size of Toronto city council almost in half before the October election, the Star has learned.

In a stunning development, Ford is also cancelling planned regional chair elections in Peel and York, thwarting the ambitions of his political foe Patrick Brown, the former Progressive Conservative leader, as well as those of former Liberal cabinet minister Steven Del Duca.

The surprise moves, which were never broached during last month’s provincial election campaign, come as the deadline for candidates entering the Oct. 22 municipal election looms at 2 p.m. on Friday.

“This is something the premier wanted to do even when he was on council,” said a senior government official, referring to the one term Ford spent at Toronto city hall between 2010 and 2014.

The overhaul of wards will wipe out a 2016 decision by Toronto council to redraw the city’s boundaries, which increased the number of wards to 47 from 44 for the 2018 election. That was the result of a four-year review that determined the increase was essential for effective representation.

My Twitter feed immediately lit up at this one.


Sure, seems totally reasonable and not at all spiteful. Also this change during an election period is illegal, and I'll donate to help people with court costs.
(Submissions welcome for updated graph tomorrow.)

And this great thread:

1. Eight years ago I produced a graph showing how Toronto's post-amalgamation population size, in comparison to the number of City Council wards, leaves us with a crisis of under-representation:

2. This is the commentary that accompanied the graph:

3. Now our Premier wants to cut that representation in half, turning a crisis into a nightmare.

4. This is what the chart will look like, if Doug Ford implements his proposal to bludgeon our Council:

5. Some are comparing our local council to provincial or federal govt, saying "If they can manage with 25 seats, why can't Council?". The answer is simple: Queen's Park and Ottawa are partisan legislatures, where elected members have almost zero influence. Every vote is whipped.

6. City Council is the opposite: Every vote is a free vote and Councillors are expected to represent their constituents each and every time. Municipal government is designed explicitly to be closer to the people, with two-way feedback happening in-between elections.

7. Doug Ford was rejected by 66% of Toronto's voters when he ran for mayor in 2014. Then, just a few weeks ago, his party was rejected by 60% of Ontario voters. Yet he's now is a position of power allowing him to dominate both the legislature and council, with an iron fist.

8. Our democracy is on life-support. A leader who claims to be "for the people", yet was actually rejected by a majority of those people, is moving ahead like a bulldozer to erode democratic representation even further. We need to fix our broken system. We deserve so much better.

There is a demonstration this evening at Queen's Park that I'll be attending. If anyone wants a link to the event, please DM me.

*** The rally has been moved to City Hall/Nathan Phillips Square.

Super simple sesame-crusted salmon

A quick and easy one this week. They had some lovely salmon (aside from the little mar in the skin you can see in the video) at the local fish store, so we thought we'd do this simple sesame crusted salmon for a video! People are frequently a little wary of dealing with fish, and it can be a tricky ingredient, but if you treat it simply and you're careful with your heat, it's actually very easy to deal with!

We made a couple of errors in this video, which you can see. 1) the knife hadn't been recently sharpened, so it wasn't QUITE sharp enough to effectively score the skin (which is why we ended up with that one very deep cut). 2) We overcooked it a little because our camera had a minor failure just as we were getting ready to take it out of the pan! Ah, the joys of trying to film time-sensitive food. Anyway, it was just a hair overdone, and came out delicious anyway. You can also do this with a salmon steak, and crust both sides. It also takes longer to cook (depending on the thickness) so you have a little more time leeway.

We are already well on the path to fascism. Please listen to this:

So, I started listening to this podcast by Robert Evans after I heard him appear on Cody Johnston (from Some More News and formerly of Cracked) and Katy Stoll's (also from Cracked) podcast Even More News. They had brought him on to talk about the situation in the Middle East, Turkey, and Syria as someone who had done some journalism there, had friends there, and was a bit of an obsessive geek about the situation, so had read a lot about the different groups and their interrelations.

So, Robert Evans has his OWN podcast called Behind the Bastards, which is a look at the (sometimes extremely funny) stories behind some of the worst people in history. So far he's done people like Stalin, Leopold II of Belgium, Bill Cosby, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Karl May (the author that Hitler was somewhat obsessed with), Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Cosby (among others). He also talks a lot about how many bastards there are behind the scenes for the big bastards to really get firmly situated. You can find the website for his podcast here:


This week, however, he had a whole enormous group of bastards to talk about on his podcast. He was talking about all of the non-nazis that led to Hitler's rise. Keep in mind, these were people who said they were not nazis, or even people who disliked and hated the nazis, but enabled and allowed the nazis to rise.

This podcast should be required listening. While you're listening, you may notice a couple of things. 1) There are some chilling parallels to what is going on RIGHT NOW in the USA and elsewhere. And 2) they are really restraining themselves from making obvious and terrifying comparisons to our current situation. The second point is intentional, and they wanted to make sure that this podcast would be accessible to as many people as possible. They didn't want people to tune out as soon as they felt called out, so they saved all of the comparisons to the very end, so you can pass this on to conservative friends and family.

I urge you to give this a listen, because it is chilling. Robert Evans is an obsessive researcher and has put together a really important look at how the very people who say they stand against fascists can enable and lead directly to fascists. I know it's a bit of atime investment at an hour long, but it is absolutely worth it.

Here is a link to the podcast from their website:

Here is a link to the tweet that links to the iTunes version:

Here is a link to the Google Play version:

So. Fascism.

So. Fascism. I know the news sucks and everyone's exhausted and tired or the avalanche of bullshit and horror that's been raining down for the past while, but I just wanted to put a few things in the same place, all together.

First of all, Cody Johnston (@drmistercody in Twitter) has been doing really good work putting a bunch of pieces of things together to build a continuing narrative about the fascism that is building:

He used to do videos for Cracked, but now does this YouTube show, where he pieces everything together very effectively in the persona of a frustrated news anchor just trying not to lose his shit.

He also has a less funny podcast with former Cracked colleague Katy Stoll (@katystoll on Twitter) that is still very informative. It's them just talking about current events, mostly with deep frustration.


And speaking of podcasts, I also listen to Behind The Bastards (@bastardspod on Twitter): Everything you didn't know about the absolute worst people in history. This week's deals with the non-nazis that led directly or indirectly to the rise of nazis in Germany:


And that one's a serious time investment, but I highly recommend it, if only to see how the people who didn't actually like the nazis, swore up and down that they weren't nazis, and eventually suffered under nazi rule, enabled the nazis to actually come to power. And it's a familiar playbook. Fascists gonna fash.

Anyway, I just wanted to put this all in one place, because there are patterns that make more sense with more context.

Asparapeas!! Pan Sauteed Asparagus Peas Recipe

It's one of those mysterious alchemies of food that asparagus and peas go together so well. This recipe is only possible for a very short time during the growing season when you can get fresh peas and fresh asparagus at the same time (some years the seasons don't even overlap!). I was lucky this year, and the farmers market near where I work had both asparagus and peas at the same time, so we took the opportunity.

It's a super simple and delicious recipe. There's not a lot to it. Just a rough chop on your chervil (or tarragon if that's what you've got on hand), and a dash of some flavourful liquid at the end. We prefer lemon juice, but dry vermouth, white wine, or even a bit of rice wine vinegar will work in its place. The dish is a great side for grilled meat or fish, and should be served as soon as it's done.

Dill Cream Cheese Smoked Salmon Canape recipe

So, a bit of a simple one this week. This is a really easy and delicious canapé to make for a nice summer party. Takes no time, is bright and light in flavour, and is visually impressive, too. For a little added flair, you can pipe the cream cheese onto the cucumber segments with a little star tip, if you like. We like the simplicity of the quenelles.

You can switch things up in this. We feel like dill is really an important flavour component to this, but if you just really don't like dill, you can replace with something like tarragon, savoury, or thyme. Normally with cream cheese and smoked salmon you'd also expect capers, but we found that the pickled flavour sort of dragged down the freshness of the rest of the ingredients together. You're welcome to try them on here, but we prefer it without. Also, a little bit of fresh cracked black pepper is nice in the cream cheese mix.

Also, just passed 600 subscribers on YouTube! Thanks again to everyone who has watched, subscribed, and shared our videos!!

Trump Isn't Hitler (but he is a fascist) - Some More News:

Cody Johnston once again putting all of the pieces together better and faster than any major news organization. Not a very funny one this week, since it's about creeping American fascism (with a few creeps we already know about at the head), but definitely worth the watch.

Refreshing Gazpacho Soup

So, it's still stupidly hot here, so we wanted to make a couple of cool recipes that wouldn't require us to turn the oven on! This week we did a nice cool and refreshing gazpacho soup! This is a vegetable soup with a tomato base that is typically served cold. This recipe is also vegan if you omit the Worcestershire sauce.

Now, ours came out very spicy because we finely chopped a whole habanero in there. You can control the heat and flavour profile very easily just with a personalized mix of veggies, different kinds of peppers, or omitting the hot pepper entirely. You might also use red or yellow bell pepper in this, but I find that I don't like that flavour combination as much! There are also some recipes that call for a little (or a lot!) of vinegar, which you can use in place of the lemon juice, but we prefer the freshness and zing of the fresh squeezed lemon juice in this.

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