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Member since: Thu Jan 22, 2009, 04:35 PM
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Why does the press allow this?

Trump today made a fool of himself further on the Charlottesville failures of himself and his administration, but the REAL story is the nonsense he spouts and NEVER gets challenged on from the press...

Josh Rogin

Trump on Robert E. Lee: "Whether you like it or not, he was one of the great generals." Then claims active duty generals told him Lee was their "favorite general."

8:44 AM - Apr 26, 2019

OK, so first off EVERYONE knows is a favorite trope of Trump's sick mind...right up there with literally everything he touches, talks about or is involved with being the "greatest/biggest of all-time, maybe perhaps in forever".

That is bad enough, but it is more of a verbal tic than an affront to the truth any more...we KNOW he is a pathological liar and narcissist, but the bolded part above is what bugs me more...

WHO are these "active duty generals"?
Will they confirm that they met with you to discuss Civil War generals and monuments?
Where are they stationed?
Do these "active generals" frequently converse with the President regarding non-military mission topics?
Did they offer this up to you or were you asking them leading questions?
Under what conversation did the President of the United States engage the generals of the people's army in spit-balling about Robert E. Lee, the Civil War and ranking of US generals in history?
Did any of them seem to be on the verge of secessionist reverence for the criminal Lee?
Who was their second favorite general - Stonewall Jackson, Benedict Arnold (ok...NOT a general, but you understand the question, right?)?
What was their position on Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan leadership and generals? (somewhat more contemporaneous concerns of note for an active duty to discuss and opine on for his Commander in Chief, no?

Challenge that bucket of pus to NAME NAMES when he lies like that, make him stammer, make him retreat, make him angry, make him look like the fool he is...STOP letting him say patently untrue things to your faces and then act like it was not a lie. 10,000+ lies in 2+ years and ZERO guts from the assembled "media". These people are lucky I am not their editor or boss, they'd be out on their asses and unemployable in the industry for being such hacks.

Yeah, biased media? What a load of shit...

ActBlue link for donations to Pete's campaign...

It is simple to get it online for now.
Donate here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/duforpete

Well, this is refreshing...a place to come and NOT see silliness so soon in the cycle!

I have been nothing but impressed by Mayor Buttigieg in every appearance and interview I have seen to date, but the toxic infighting and craziness is starting to get me down lately.

Pete is the literal anti-Trump, we could not get a more stark contrast of qualification, quality, intelligence or empathy to present to the electorate than by nominating Pete for 2020.

I am really looking forward to the debates getting started and seeing this campaign develop over time!

How we MUST begin talking about Trump...a frustrated call to arms

Trump is evil incarnate. He has no center, no morals, no core beliefs. He cares not a whit for anyone not named Donald J. or Ivanka Trump (including his sons, other daughter, wives and pretty much every other life form on this planet).

He must be beaten over the head with a brutal and honest reflection of what he is...a raging narcissistic boil on the ass of humanity.

When Trump lies, it is not enough to say "President Trump says x,y,z." and leave it at that...when he lies, the proper response is "President Trump again lied in his response. This marks the x,xxxth lie of his administration and the y,yyyth lie of this current month. The number of lies from this President are following the chart you see on screen now, and this hews closely to the number of days until the election."

Literally nothing the man says in his pep rallies is true, nothing of any substance anyway.

You don't beat the bully by avoiding conflict. You beat the bully by standing your ground, taking their best shot and then dropping them with a counter-punch. Trump fancies himself a "great counter-puncher" when the reality is people he attacks - from the GOP primary field, to the current mess of Congress, to the press and more - ALL cower and allow him to suck the oxygen out of the discourse.

He lies. These are not factual inaccuracies or confusion...they are flat out lies. When he barks at the press in his rallies as "enemies of the people" and does his little hand (literally AND figuratively) gesture towards the press pool, they should en masse flip him the bird and refuse to ask ANY further questions until Trump truthfully answers JUST ONE QUESTION without bloviating about himself and lying in his initial response.

Our press is weak and mealy-mouthed and unworthy of the mantle of Murrow, Cronkite, and the giants of the 20th century. We need to replace 90% of them as they are nothing more than physically attractive empty suits and skirts. They lack the fiber to stand up to a classic bully and cultish liar. Our Democratic candidates must also be trained in the art of how to talk about Trump...disparaging him and being outraged is not enough. Wrapping him in his own lies over and over and over again is a better start, but he needs to be hit back on hard and the party is not rising to this challenge as a whole.

We need an immediate bulldog - someone articulate, popular and unlikely to attempt a 2020 run. We need a lightning rod to get under Trump's skin and to shake him and keep him swinging at pitches in the dirt. We need someone to clear the air and allow our message and our eventual candidate to get clear of the gaslighting and bullshit vapors that emanate from Trump's fetid swamp of an administration.

I would LOVE to see Joe Kennedy III adopt this role. He has the pedigree, the story of his own work to help others, and the chops to be the stone in Trump's shoe. He is unlikely to run for President (though if he did, he would have my life dedicated to drumming up votes for him). He is an icon by birth, but a real person as well. He is the one that could take down Trump as a campaign surrogate unlike any other...

We are losing time by the second when we do not have a clear front-runner for the 2020 race...Trump has already been running for 2 years and won't stop for the next 2....it is literally the only thing he does that gains him any support (even if it is contrived and paid for). We need to counter that and we need a voice to carry the party message with impunity in the process....but we damn well better get started or this is going to be the end of the road.

Please send prayers/thoughts out to my aunt, uncle and cousins (Alaskan Bear victim)

The story that has been in the news yesterday and today about the Alaskan man missing since Monday and found after being mauled by a bear is a member of my direct family.

Michael Soltis was my first cousin, the eldest child of my Aunt and Uncle; and he was lost to us this week in tragedy. He went out for a hike in the woods near his home, as he had done countless times in his life and this time never returned. The cause was discovered amid a nearly additional tragedy, which was narrowly averted - as it is believed the bear that killed him attacked searchers trying to find Michael, and nearly claimed another life before being scared off.

Please send thoughts, emotions and if you pray, prayers for my aunt and uncle and cousins especially. This tragedy is more than any family should have to endure, but they deserve and need all the support that can be summoned to them. I will not name them all, in respect for their privacy, but each and every one of them are in my thoughts now.

Distance, age and circumstance kept Michael and I from being particularly close when we were children, as my aunt and uncles and cousins all grew up in and lived in Alaska, while my family was in the Chicagoland / Lake Michigan area...but I have very clear, fond memories of Michael as a child, when they visited us and we took a cross-country drive from Chicago to Florida; and when we visited them for a month in the summer before I started high school (and we toured what seemed to be the entire state in my aunt and uncle's Chevy Suburban (a dozen people on an unending tour of the great state of Alaska), and impressions of earlier visits for the birth of his siblings when we were both very young, other cousins of mine.

Michael was a free-spirited and adventurous soul, dedicated to exploration and outdoor living, which is how I remember him tonight and always. An easy-going, ever-present and semi-mischievous smile and a warm, caring disposition are what I recall, childhood impressions and memories that live on, that are apparent in the photos and memories being shared in light of this horrible time. Being kids from different worlds and experiencing those differences along the way. Riding motorcycles and canoes and bicycles. Throwing rocks across an ice-cold Alaskan lake shore (which did not end well) or into Lake Michigan from the beaches on its southern shores (which was truly less eventful)... Being kids exploring the area around the family home on those trips north, or trying to keep up with him around my own suburban neighborhood when they were visiting the lower 48.

To my everlasting regret and loss, we will not reunite or have a chance to ever look back on those childhood memories again in this life, but I carry them with me as my journey goes on with a loss deeply felt and sincere wishes for the pain to be eased for those in my family who were much closer and present in Michael's life day to day and are feeling his absence so keenly now.

Rest in peace Michael, you are no longer with us in body, but your spirit remains forevermore in the memories, minds and hearts of your family, friends and loved ones.


Appreciation Thread for my departed grandmother - Jane Hruskoci - 26Nov1922 - 02Aug2017

My family has lost our matriarch this evening to pneumonia and old age. She was 96 years old and has been fading away from us with dementia for the last 5 years plus. It is still hard to deal with the finality and the arrangements and loss.

She was a fantastic grandmother in my childhood and I have a ton of fantastic memories to cherish for the rest of my days. Just a silent thought and remembrance for Grandma...I will always love you and remember fondly the lessons and time you spent with me.

Pass swiftly and rest soundly knowing that your family carries on in your memory, today and for all the days to come after.

LEAKED: Trump's apology to Obama for false wiretapping claims

(which should be obvious once you read "apology" and "Trump" in the same place...

"My fellow Americans, recently I made some unsubstantiated allegations about the former President and the recently concluded election
{edit/redline - DJT - "which I won bigly, more bigly than anyone else ever has in like forever"}.

It has become clear that I was misinformed by a report
{edit/redline - DJT - "from those terrible people in the fake media, just awful, bad hombres, all of them"}

that led me to believe that illegal activities may have been going on, when in fact they were not
{edit/redline - DJT - "except for the ones that I am still hearing about that you would not believe, terrible things that we have got to get to the bottom of folks, got to get to the bottom of"} .

As your president, I have to be able to effectively communicate....
{edit/scribbled in crayon and then audible - DJT - OK, cut this off...you're fired (in crayon)....I'll just write it myself or have Bannon tell that clown Spicer to go back out there and look like a fool again...I can't believe how dumb that little bitch is....he really is a bitch, but I couldn't ever grab that or move on him, he is like a 3 or maybe a 4 and you can't be seen with something like that in public....has anyone seen my red tie?....no, the one with the scotch tape on it...}

BREAKING PHOTOS: Trump debate prep...

Mika makes me sick.

I tuned into the M$NBC moron-palooza for about 5 minutes and you would think, based on their coverage of the election, that Trump was winning 45 of the 50 states and that Hillary was about to be arrested and charged with high treason...

The way this race is being covered, the media is going to have to answer for why they no longer report but instead desperately try to shape the story. Journalism is dead. Punditry is the currency of the realm.

This is long (probably too long), but from the heart...

I do not begrudge any industry or business a FAIR profit for their labor and efforts and careers and jobs...but I LOATHE when they externalize costs of doing business to inflate the profits and then take an UNFAIR share of the money while leaving the public at large on the hook for their thievery.

The oil companies have been pulling BILLIONS of dollars in profits out of the gulf for DECADES. The executives at BP, Exxon-Mobil and others have pocketed bonuses and options worth many times my meager CAREER EARNINGS will be ANNUALLY!!! I work 50-60 hours a week in what by ANY definition is an outstanding job - rewarding mentally and financially as well, but it will never make me "rich" to the point where budgets and spending and saving are not stressful, even though I know my stress is nearly heaven for most of the population.

As a result, I do not mind paying my taxes - I do not love it seeing more than 35-40% of my gross income disappear - but I want it to provide a better, more just and equitable opportunity for all of society, and don't go out of my way to avoid paying taxes. But it is still very easy to recognize from my middle-management, upper-middle class income seat that the fat cats skimming their compensation packages have no rational tie to the performance, or far more importantly the long-term HEALTH of their professions.

They award themselves ludicrous salaries and benefits that the line worker or drill operator or refinery foreman NEVER see 1/10th of in a lifetime of service. They take the extra stock options, feeling they "earned them". They grant each other seats on Boards of Directors and scratch each others' backs while filling their pockets at every step. Sucking more profit than their contributions truly earn and never thinking twice about it. They then stuff the money they suck out away...in private investments, in private property, in private clubs and institutions.

They have been fully aware of climate change and its very REAL impacts to their business model of nearly as long (otherwise there would be no need for the BS 'research' they selectively fund and promote to deny it). They have done NOTHING to invest the profits of their supposedly success businesses into the long-term securitization of the business model itself. Focused solely on drilling for cheap oil whenever and wherever possible, but never thinking the money they were partying in and swimming in and skiing on and throwing around like they were really "deserving" or "worth it" WAS the future. Instead of taking reasonable pay and reasonable benefits relative to the workers they lead, they gorge themselves like the pigs they are.

And now, when the shit is starting to hit the fan, the rats are fleeing...I am making mental note over the next 5-10 years of the scumbag oil executives that take early retirements or 'step down for health reasons' or 'move on to other opportunities', all while lining their pockets further with golden parachutes to boot. I hope the workers of the oil industry are paying attention!

My grandfathers both served in WWII and came home from the war to start families in the Chicago suburbs. They both worked for Standard Oil, and the refineries in Whiting, IN. One of my grandfathers passed away at the wheel of the car on Christmas Eve, some 6 weeks before I was born. His wife, my paternal grandmother, is still alive and still living on the residual benefits of his pension and retirement accounts and investments because they were so generous and were intended to share the prosperity of the industry with the men and women who made it all go. She lived a frugal but comfortable life of 45 years after her husband passed, largely due to his union pension that was paid out before the companies gutted the unions and tore up the pensions and called them 'legacy costs' that make us too non-competitive...while not slowing down the executive pay scale or benefits or largesse one tiny bit.

My maternal grandfather lived to be 84 years old and spend 29 years in retirement. He did not live like a king in a mansion far from the people. But he did have a retirement home on a spring-fed river that he could fish and swim and take his grandkids on slow pontoon boat trips up and down. If I am lucky enough to ever retire, it will be after I am 70 years old (my official Social Security retirement eligibility does not kick in until I am 69 anyway). I will have savings to last a decade or so at most with the cost of living increases, meaning if I live as long as my grandparents on either side of the family, I am quite likely to run out of money around 80-85 years of age...and I am NOT saying these things to illicit ANY sympathy for myself...I KNOW I have it better than most and pretty damn near luxurious to some. But THOSE things are gone - jobs that had union protection, benefits and a real opportunity to retire and provide a life for one's family.

My mother and father are entering their mid-70's and its a miracle that my mother is still with us after a decade plus of fighting and holding off cancer 6 times to date. My father worked in the steel mills of Northern Indiana, put 3 kids through college and was rewarded for a lifetime of work by having his pensions slashed to penny-on-the-dollar lump sum buy outs when the mills like Bethlehem Steel and US Steel sold out to foreign investment companies. He has been in forced retirement for a decade and change, pushed out a few years before he would have wanted to go and a few hundred thousand dollars poorer in the exchange. He and my mother had some wise investments and thought they did everything "right"...they raised a family, supported my brother and sister and myself in all of our education and endeavours in life beyond the 21-22 years we spent living under their roof. They are good people, the kind that America knows all too well...Baby Boomers who chose a traditional family and work arrangement over the 'grab all you can no matter the cost 80's' and the even more disgusting 'greed-fest 90's'.

Instead of looking out for themselves, instead of trying to soak every last dime out of every last person they came across, they worked jobs, collected paychecks, participated in community life and even found ways to make family vacation trips to Florida an annual rite of summer for our family. But they did not take more than they were owed or worth. They did not 'invest' by ripping people off in real estate swindles or tax evading schemes. They did not open businesses, carve out huge portions of the profits to themselves and then cut and run when the business went belly up.

I'm no different than millions of other Americans...my family story is echoed around the block and across the country. But I am barely holding on and that is from a position of privilege economically, racially, gender-wise...you name it. I came out of college in 1993 debt-free, with nothing more than a car loan for a used sedan and rent for a 1-room apartment as my expenses. That allowed me to consider jobs and opportunities others could not then and never will now. But the sense of loss for me is palpable. I understand why people are angry, why people look around and can't wait to blame someone, anyone for the same losses in their lives, maybe felt far more acutely than mine. I get it. It hurts to know that my children are not going to be as well off as I am and I am not close to my dad who was losing ground to his dad and all of this packed into the last 40 years.

But understanding the rage, the anger, the fear is all I have in common with many people now. I do not share their turn to a wannabe strongman or a lying and maleficent political party and its enablers and benefactors. I do not see the way forward as closing things off and retreating into self-pity and nationalism.

I see the enemy and the enemy is big business in all its guises.

It is the lawyer who helped to gut the union contracts in exchange for grotesque pay and benefits and future business.
It is the executive who took a bonus for decades and then started laying off workers and selling plants to ensure that his nest egg was the last thing possible to go - and usually parachuting out ahead of the final crash.
It is the hedge fund manager, making over $1,000,000,000.00 annually, yet somehow bitching about how unfair it is to have to pay more than 15% in taxes when others making fractions of his income pay 2 to 3 times as much on a percentage basis.
It is the oil executive, who for decades approved compensation packages for himself, his board and his "team" of executives with little to no regard for what the end game price for that would be.

The enemy is the Koch brothers (two disgusting human being determined to leave the world a far more greedy place then they entered), Lloyd Blankfein (who has a feeling boo-boo when people even MENTION the excesses and culpability for the mess we currently inhabit, and sees criticism for it as persecution), Paul Manafort (who literally would sell his soul to the devil and charge it COD), Donald Trump (who is the poster boy for incurious, dangerous sociopathic narcissists everywhere), and their ilk. Being angry or allowing one's self to be ginned up in outrage at ANY other class of human beings - white, black, red, yellow, straight, gay, bi, trans, old, young, religious, sectarian - is utterly missing the reality of our world and is in fact a type of modern slavery, not in the unimaginable physical sense of an era thankfully abolished (and a moral stain that remains unwashed on America's soul), but in an insidious and limiting way putting the vast majority of the population into servitude and bringing us ever closer to a return to Kings, Nobles and Serfs in a dystopian future that simply does NOT have to be that way....

Hillary Clinton is the lesser of two evils for me. She is light-years better than Donald Trump and even has strongly adopted policies (thanks to Sanders and his supporters) that she is naturally inclined to recoil from...but the fact of the matter is we need the House to advance an agenda, the Senate to confirm a SCOTUS that is no longer gag-inducing in its hypocrisy and the Presidency to be bold and FDR-like in attacking the status quo, reversing the inertia of the last 40 years and returning the nearly ethereal American Dream to the hearts and minds of the American people, instead of the emerging American Aristocracy.

If you read all of this, I thank you and hope it means something to you or inspires you to talk to one person about making sure they vote. If it did resonate at all, please share the message freely and get out the vote...without victory in all three branches of government , we will be position to do just that in November...if we remember what is important and best in life is not the dollars in an account or the power we wield over others, but the passion in our relationships and the joy we can have a part in giving to others.
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