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leftieNanner's Journal
leftieNanner's Journal
August 21, 2021

Do you want to know what happens to you on a ventilator?

Warning. This is grim. Front page article of our local paper yesterday.


We all hear about people being put on ventilators when they can't breathe. I had no idea how horrible it is and what it does to a person's body.

I'm in Southern Oregon and our county is being slammed by Covid cases. Only 46% vaccinated so far. Hopefully if enough people read this article, they might consider getting the shots.

August 19, 2021

Tomorrow is going to be a very good day!

We are giving our old car to a family in need.

My Dad bought this Volvo 240 Station Wagon in 1990. He loved that car. Mom loved it too because it had air conditioning. Both of them died in 2008 and we inherited the Volvo. My older daughter started driving him (now named Charlie) to school. Her friends made fun of the mom-mobile, but she didn't care. She had wheels and they didn't. Then younger sister took it over when she started driving. Now they're both grown and gone and the Volvo hasn't had much love lately. We are retired and don't need two cars.

Last September, there was a horrible wild fire in our area that burned homes, vehicles, and businesses through four towns. Terrible. A local group rented a store front for donations for the fire victims - they needed absolutely everything. Anyway, we decided that Charlie needed to go to a new home. So we cleaned him up, got him a tune-up, and renewed the two year DMV registration.

Tomorrow morning, we will drive him to the family and turn over the keys. With all of the ugliness around us, sometimes it just feels good to do something kind.

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