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Putin and Trump's HyperNormalization -- Backstory from Documentarian Adam Curtis

Adam Curtis is best known for his All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace(2011). Curtis' unique historical connections re-shape our perspectives on modern problems, and can inform us about whether our politics does or does not address them.


This shorter segment from his 2016 documentary, HyperNormalisation, looks at how Trump and Putin have used their wealth and power to confuse the masses by obstructing any view of their operations, and fabricating similar narratives to explain what collective people see.

Perception management corporations are all over the planet.

These politics of reality are recent, insurgent forms of power. They have taken hold of Eurasian and Western societies, led by confidence men who say "truth is not truth," wearing down science, research and journalism.

We The People politics must be informed by these shapeshifters' efforts to beat whole nations into helplessness to know what's real and what's fake.

If you're interested in the above, the longer version of HyperNormalisation is below. I highly recommend viewing any of his documentaries, but especially the two posted here.

The Good News -- Please Add Yours

While 2020 could be the ugliest, we can bear it because of the good news:

1. Nancy Pelosi

2. Rule of Law

3. Impeachment

4. 34 House Republicans and 4 Senate Republicans have already announced their retirements or left office, a sign that the GOP is not optimistic about taking back power.

“It means that they know they’re gonna lose,” Pelosi declared. “And if you win, you’re going to serve in the minority under a Democratic president. You may want to spend more time with your family.”

5. Democrats have flipped governorships in Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, Illinois, Maine, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, Kentucky

6. Christianity Today

7. Voters can turn over the Senate to a Democratic majority (no electoral college interference). Then the all-Democratic Congress will be hard for any other Branch to cheat or beat.

8. There is NO constitution timeline on a Senate trial, so the next Congress can actually remove 45 no matter how he wins 2020. Once removed, he can and will be indicted.

9. The removed 45 will face at least 10 FBI-SDNY indictments that are more a threat to him today than impeachment and removal. The indictments are what keep him desperate to stay in office while serving as #1 Russian asset.

10. Land doesn't vote. People vote.

There is no bad news. Just distraction, propaganda platforms, drama, social media.

EDIT: 11. Adam Schiff

Before the House Impeachment, Steny Hoyer Elegantly Buries All GOP Arguments


Democrats rejected that process emphatically in three specific votes. In December of 2017, Democrats overwhelmingly voted against pursuing articles of impeachment, including the Speaker and myself. We did so again in 2018, with over sixty percent of Democrats rejecting that path. Again, in July 2019, just days before the infamous July 25 telephone call, we did the same, with sixty percent of Democrats voting not to proceed...

“On December 4, the Judiciary Committee heard the testimony of Constitutional law experts who weighed in on these points. One of them, Professor Noah Feldman, cautioned: ‘If we cannot impeach a president who abuses his office for personal advantage, we no longer live in a democracy. We live in a monarchy, or we live under a dictatorship.’

“The votes we are about to take concern the rule of law and our democracy itself. Let us not forget the words of the philosopher John Locke, so influential to the Founders of our republic. He warned: ‘Wherever law ends, tyranny begins.’ ...

“All of us feel a sense of loyalty to party. It’s what makes our two-party system function. It’s what helps hold presidents and majorities accountable. But party loyalty must have its limits. And as evidence of the President’s impeachable offenses has mounted, it has become increasingly clear that the limits of partisanship have been reached and passed.

“Now, Democrats and Republicans together face a test before our constituents, our countrymen, and our Creator...

To do less betrays our oath and that of our Founders, who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. Let us neither turn away from the evidence, which is so clear, nor from our good conscience, which compels us to do what in our hearts we know to be right. Let us not allow the rule of law to end or for tyranny to find its toehold.

"With our votes today, we can ‘bear true faith and allegiance’ to the vision of our Founders. And we can show future generations what it truly means to be ‘Americans first.’”


Dear Speaker Pelosi: Please Wait Until The GOP Senate Officially Un-Shams Its Trial Plan

Give Americans time to let this historical moment be Real. Important. Meaningful.

Your caution at this point is appreciated.

Before the House Impeachment Vote, Adam Schiff Eloquently Makes The Case For Impeachment

"Many of my colleagues appear to have made their choice to protect the president ... as long as it is in the service of their party and their power. And I believe they will rue the day that they did."

Dear Speaker Pelosi: Do NOT Expose the Impeachment Case to a Sham Trial In The Senate

For all the work of Robert Mueller and his investigation team;

For all the work of Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler and their investigative teams;

For all the honor, courage and patriotism shown by America's ambassadors and career foreign service personnel;

For the honor, courage and patriotism and high risk to the whistleblower and his/her family;

For Americans who have demonstrated;

For the sake of the Constitution --

Do not send the House vote to the Senate.

Don't play into Moscow Mitch's hands -- keep investigating.

Don't allow the Rudy dossier and fabricated "new" defense to hit the Senate.

Don't allow a Senate kangaroo court.

Save the senators from breaking their oaths.

Use The People's House to defend against Putin's Fifth Column.

Don't allow Republican-Putin lies to exploit the 1st Amendment in 2020.

Make. The. Senate. Face. The. People. Next. November.

Wait until the next president and vice president are sworn in, and then send the House vote to the Senate.

Or not. If Democrats win, no vote ever need be taken. Let the ongoing investigations give him his "due process" of being put in prison.

No matter how flawed this might be made to sound, no matter how loud the pro-Russian jackals howl...

(On bended knee) Please, Speaker Pelosi -- for the love of God and Country, do NOT send the vote to the Senate for its intended, well announced sham trial in January, 2020.

Answer to the Question: What Will The Anti-Brexit Brits Do Now?

The Real Reason 45 Wants That TIME Magazine Cover

When minority rule is the standard, any media are liable to be labeled "biased," "propaganda," "enemies."

Even @real Trump knows that TIME reflects the real "bias" of America.

Handy Summary of The Approaches To Political Advertising By Different Platforms

For now, a map of platform ad policies and practices.

Further along into 2020, some items could likely change as new problems come up.

In the United States, traditional media are more strictly regulated when it comes to accepting political ads, and laws actually dictate what media organizations can and can’t do. For example, broadcast media, such as the TV networks NBC or CBS, are obliged to take any ad for a candidate for federal office. But cable companies have more discretion, and can reject ads they deem as false. But US lawmakers have not passed regulations for online political advertising, leaving any rules up to the platforms themselves.

Here’s how the policies on political advertising for major online platforms break down (or view a scrollable version):


When Donny Met Sergey

The Lavrov who Trump met today:

1. An old friend of Putin who appears in American news as the Russian Federation's Russian Foreign Minister.

2. The Foreign Minister who, since 2011, defends the innocence of Russian society by promoting Russia's stand against homosexuality.

3. ...who in March 2014, before his name appeared in America, stated that Ukraine's Maidan revolution in Kyiv, AND results of the Crimean referendum, should both be accepted equally by The West. He reiterated the three-part Russian proposal for the progress of Ukraine:

-- Constitutional federalism
-- Recognition of linguistic minorities, Ukrainians as much as Russians
-- That Ukraine be a non-aligned state

The Kyiv government immediately denounced Lavrov's proposals as amounting to “the complete capitulation of Ukraine, its dismemberment, and the destruction of Ukrainian statehood.

4. Who, when Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine, parroted the Kremlin media perception managers’ denials, stories and lies about Ukrainian fighters and air traffic controllers.

5. Who repeats the Eurasian “model of unification” that invites former satellites and EU members, to “preserving and extending a common cultural … civilizational heritage" under the structure of Eurasia.

6. Who promotes the the RF's official Foreign Policy Concept for 2013 — that if Ukraine wished to negotiate to enter the EU, it should accept Moscow as its intermediary.

7. Who claimed, as reports of Russian units circled Ukraine soldiers, “We view all such stories of the presence of Russian troops as part of an information war.” He called photographs of Russian soldiers “images from computer games.”

That Lavrov met Trump, the Lavrov who agrees with the Kremlin's asset, that the truth is not the truth, and what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what is happening.

What Lavrov said to Trump:

1. Sergey congratulated Donald on his future Senate Trial acquittal; that together they succeeded in handling enough senators who continue to “meet" their Fifth Column goals.

2. Sergey informed Donald that, barring any anti-hacker project successes by the U.S., he is set to win again through the Electoral College.

3. Sergey assured Donald that, in the event that 2020 polls show a massive anti-Trump voter swell,

A. the Eurasian project has a list of “national emergency” options Trump might use, contingent on “openings” of emerging national import," and defendable "active measures" that a president can use to keep order nationwide.

B. in service of the "national emergency" goals, the project is set to use hybrid propaganda warfare
-- on the nets
— through news reports,
-- social media,
-- the usual alt-right sites,
-- from all the usual American farms

— by whatever perception management best meets US media's and Trump's needs of being seen as as truthful, in good faith, and hopeful of resolution.

4. Sergey assured Donald that, moving forward, all the usual communications systems, along with the usual codes, are still in effect until he's told otherwise, in person, by the usual suspects.

I offer the second list because there truly is no evidence to the contrary.

We're moving into historically unknown territory, so I'd like to keep thinking the following:

Russia believes in the politics of its eternity and inevitability.

Americans believe in the Western politics of freedom based on real perception, on facts, on reality, choices and action.

In the next week we enter a tunnel we wanted to get to. Happily, there's still light for awhile. Great that we're celebrating.

As we move through 2020, as that tunnel gets darker, we need to stay committed to the proposition that not all roads, ever in our lives, will ever have to lead, inevitably, to Putin or Eurasia. Ever.

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