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Inslee Opposes Great Lakes Pipeline Plan

Can ANY American imagine a broken pipeline destroying the largest body of fresh water on Earth, the Great Lakes?

... the Washington state governor described Enbridge Inc.'s Line 5 pipeline and the proposed replacement tunnel in Michigan's Straits of Mackinac as "a clear and present threat to the health of the Great Lakes and to our climate."

"They threaten the clean drinking water that millions depend upon," Inslee said. "And they would lock in decades of climate pollution that we can't afford. ... This dangerous pipeline must be decommissioned, the proposed oil tunnel must not be built and clean alternatives must be explored immediately."

Line 5 runs for 645 miles (1,038 kilometers) between Superior, Wisconsin, and Sarnia, Ontario, and carries crude oil and natural gas liquids used to make propane. A more than 4-mile (6.4-kilometer) segment is divided into dual pipes that extend across the bed of the straits linking lakes Huron and Michigan.

Inslee told the AP that he thinks the pipeline should be "a major topic" in this month's debate and he called on his fellow presidential candidates to oppose the Enbridge plan.

Environmental groups praised him for attempting to draw national attention to the issue.

"Climate change is one of the greatest issues — if not the greatest issue — facing our nation and it needs to be talked about in more than sound bites, and Line 5 is an important part of that discussion," said Kate Madigan, director of the Michigan Climate Action Network.


The second debate in Detroit must focus on our fresh water vs fossil fracking battles, and Inslee is on it.

Inslee Supports Democrats, Science, Progressivism, While He Slams Trump

Two Jeffrey Epstein accusers watch him plead not guilty, be ordered held without bail in kid sex tri

Source: CNBC

Complete title:

"Two Jeffrey Epstein accusers watch him plead not guilty, be ordered held without bail in kid sex traffic case"

Looking haggard with his hair mussed, the 66-year-year-old Epstein entered his plea in Manhattan federal court, where he was clad in a blue jumpsuit, a brown undershirt and bright orange sneakers. Two of his accusers were in the courtroom, CNBC has confirmed.

He will be detained in jail until at least the detention hearing on July 15, where prosecutors are expected to continue their argument that Epstein should be detained without bail pending trial.

Federal agents allegedly found in a locked safe in his Manhattan mansion “a vast trove of lewd photographs” of young-looking women or girls in his Manhattan mansion, as well as compact discs with hand-written labels such as ” ‘Young [Name] + [Name],’ ‘Misc nudes 1,’ and ‘Girl pics nudes,’ ” according to prosecutors.

In the current case, Epstein is charged with one count of sex trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of minors. He faces up to 45 years in prison if convicted of the charges.

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/08/jeffrey-epstein-pleads-not-guilty-in-child-sex-trafficking-case.html


Justice. Finally.

Gov Inslee, The Doer, Signs Off On Voting Rights and Dark Money

He's for the people deciding who will lead rather than leaders deciding who will vote.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has signed into law four bills aimed at expanding access to voting. They include a new state Voting Rights Act.

At a bill signing ceremony in Tukwila, Inslee called it a historic day. And the Democrat contrasted Washington to states that have passed voter ID laws. 

“In 20 other states, there have been venal, evil efforts to suppress voters, to suppress the ability of people to get to the ballot box,” Inslee said. “I’m proud in our state we’re making it easier to vote, not harder. That’s what Washington state is about.” 

Besides the Voting Rights Act, Inslee signed into law a measure that will allow 16 and 17-year-olds to pre-register to vote. Another bill allows for same-day voter registration. The fourth measure lets automatic registration for people getting state ID cards or enhanced driver’s licenses.

Republican Secretary of State Kim Wyman praised the new voting laws as “a positive step forward” for Washington elections.

Inslee also signed in law the DISCLOSE act designed to shed light on so-called “dark money” in state politics.


Martin Luther King -- The Three Evils Of Society

This is King's most important and prophetic speech. Given August 31, 1967. Yet there is no full transcript available for it (at least not for free).

Ten minutes in, one can feel how holistically revolutionary Martin Luther King is today.

... with we have come here because we share a common concern for the moral health of our nation. We have come because our eyes have seen through the superficial glory and glitter of our society and observed the coming of judgment. Like the prophet of old, we have read the handwriting on thewall. We have seen our nation weighed in the balance of history and found wanting. We have come because we see this as a dark hour in the affairs of men.

We were the dreamers of a dream that dark yesterdays of man's inhumanity to man would soon be transformed into bright tomorrows of justice. Now it is hard to escape, the disillusionment and betrayal. Our hopes have been blasted and our dreams have been shattered. The promise of a Great Society was shipwrecked off the coast of Asia, on the dreadful peninsula of Vietnam. The poor, black and white, are still perishing on alonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. What happens to a dream deferred? It leads to bewildering frustration and corroding bitterness.

Selfishly, I thought of my suffering and sacrifices over the last twelve years. Why would they boo one so close to them? But as I lay awake thinking. I finally came to myself. And I could not for the life of me have less impatience and understanding for those young men. For twelve years, I and others like me, have held out radiant promises of progress. I had preached to them about my dream.

I had lectured to them about, the not to distant day when they would have freedom, all here, now. I had urged them to have faith in America and in white society. Their hopes had soared. They were now booing me because they felt that we were unable to deliver on our promises. They were booing because we had urged them to have faith in people who had too often proved to be unfaithful. They were now hostile because they were watching the dream that they had so readily accepted, turn into a frustrating nightmare. This situation is all the more ominous, in view of the rising expectations of men the world over.

...so the collision course is set. The people cry for freedom and the congress attempts to legislate repression. Millions, yes billions, are appropriated for mass murder; but the most meager pittance for foreign aid for international development is crushed in the surge of reaction. Unemployment rages at a major depression level in the black ghettos, but the bipartisan response is an anti-riot bill rather than a serious poverty program.The modest proposals for model cities, rent supplement and rat control, pitiful as they were to began with, get caught in the maze of congressional inaction.

Yes the hour is dark, evil comes forth in the guise of good. It is a time of double talk when men in high places have a high blood pressure of deceptive rhetoric and an anemia of concrete performance. We cry out against welfare handouts to the poor but generously approve an oil depletion allowance to make the rich, richer.”

What they truly advocate is Socialism for the rich and Capitalism for the poor.

A nation that continues year after year, to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.

The issues of civil rights cannot be separated from the issues of peace. I intend to keep these issues mixed because they are mixed.

Let us stand in this convention knowing that on some position cowardice asks the question, "Is it safe?"; expedience asks the question, "Is it politic?"; vanity asks the question, "Is it popular?"; but conscience asks the question, "Is it right." On some positions it is necessary for the moral individual to take a stand that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must do it because it is right.

We say to our nation tonight, we say to our government, we even say to our FBI, we will not be harassed, we will not make a butchery of our conscience, we will not be intimidated, and we will be heard.

July 4, 1970 -- boomers' anti-war protest day against jingoamerica

and called it the "honor america day smoke-in." From Cambodia, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, this 50-year class war shows we've not gained much ground against our perpetually warring, dishonorable country. Now this Vanity Project Prez wants to show off our military, our biggest polluter, emitter of 70% of all our carbon footprint.

"... people criticized the event for booking too many “fossils and dinosaurs” as entertainment ... the organizers attempted to entice more relevant acts like comedian Dick Gregory and the folk group Peter, Paul and Mary. Both declined the offer.

'If the celebration was strictly entertainment, completely free of social and political implications, I would be the first to join you,” Gregory wrote in a letter to Hope. “But a celebration in our nation’s capital on the Fourth of July cannot possibly be a politically neutral event. Even my participation would tend to give a political image to such an event, as I have appeared in Washington, D.C. many times before, on the same site you will be using, promoting the cause of peace, civil rights and human dignity.'

Despite the fact that the police released tear gas on the protesters that then blew into the main crowd—creating “a mad stampede of weeping hippies and Middle Americans,” one reporter wrote—the event organizers declared it a success. But many other observers thought it only served to highlight the country’s political divisions."


DiCaprio's "Ice On Fire" -- Solutions For Climate Change

This got a five minute standing ovation at Cannes.

I saw it on HBO (it might be on HBO On Demand) and wept, glad see these solutions, also knowing that these solutions could be funded and implemented across the globe without us.

AI Isn't Making The Criminal Justice System Any Smarter

Biased sentencing of blacks is a big election issue, possibly part of a reparations discussion, as well.

I don't have more to add, since this seems so complicated by multiple jurisdictions' trust of AI over judges. Which I'm fairly shocked about. I also just don't know how to think about any of it, at this point.

One weird thing I imagine is, could we be moving toward a point when the Third Branch either makes decisions about the use of AI in the U.S. judicial system, or actually explores being run by AI? Would that happen when only fictional personhoods have "more equal" standing in the courts than mere humans?

I hope we can advance more understanding here about justice issues that connect with technology, and what the next president think about that.

The US locks up an alarming number of people every year and an alarming percentage of them are black. Feed this data into a system that wants to see if it's locking up enough black people and the data will tell judges to keep hitting black people with longer sentences. It's a feedback loop no one can escape from. Every new sentence using these calculations only adds more data telling the system it's "right."

Not only is the "improved" system introducing its own algorithmic biases, its proprietary biases are no better than those it's replacing. This is how the system has been proven wrong repeatedly. It spits out lower recidivism risk scores for white defendants, only to have those defendants commit more crimes in the future than their black counterparts -- even when black people arrested for the same criminal activity have been given considerably higher risk scores by COMPAS.

That's not the only problem. Since it's privately-owned, defense lawyers and researchers have been unable to examine the software itself. You may be able to challenge it based on sentencing data (if you can even manage to get that), but you won't be able to attack the software itself because it wasn't developed by the government.


More analysis from The Conversation. AI bias. Who knew. Who decided for each jurisdiction? And who is to decide now what to do about it. And... who across statehouses and the federal government knows about all this.



Candidates On Climate Change -- Summary of Where They Stand

Although I emphasize Inslee here, all the other candidates' plans, laid out pretty well, are worth a look.

Inslee’s plan, named Our Climate Moment, calls for eliminating carbon emissions “as fast as possible, and by no later than 2045.” The four-part plan includes a New Deal-esque $9 trillion investment (with $3 trillion of public funding and $6 trillion from the private sector) in clean energy, manufacturing, and infrastructure, plus a $3 trillion Evergreen Economy Plan that would create 8 million green jobs along with social programs. It’s being equated to the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944, known as the G.I. Bill, which put WWII veterans to work while subsidizing health care and housing costs.

Some candidates have proposed similar, although far less ambitious plans to reduce emissions, but in June, Inslee became untouchable, from a policy perspective, when he introduced another plan to completely phase out fossil fuel production in the U.S.

This would go a step beyond simply eliminating emissions. This would mean no mining, no drilling, no extracting, no fracking, no refining. This plan would also likely bankrupt U.S. fossil fuel companies.

As Vox’s Ezra Klein wrote, “Inslee is the only candidate in the race who is treating climate change the way the science says climate change should be treated: not as one issue among many, but as the overriding emergency of our age.” In fact, Inslee’s vision for a zero-emission U.S. is so fully formed that Vox’s climate reporter David Roberts thinks other candidates should simply defer to his climate polices instead of crafting their own.


Russia paid a Florida radio broadcaster $1.4 million to air Kremlin propaganda in DC

To sell "just" air time in Florida is one thing. To actually broadcast Russian propaganda in Washington is quite another. Here what Russia's global style of investment does for its immigration success in Florida.

This kind of "immigration" just doesn't get enough nationwide attention.

Florida-based company RM BROADCASTING, LLC., owned by 75 year-old Arnold Ferolito. His lawyer is Nicole Waid, who argued and lost, in a letter to the Department of Justice, about why her client should be required to file as a foreign agent under FARA.

This marks the DOJ’s first successful civil enforcement action under the Foreign Agents Registration Act in more than two decades.

The Russian government sent more than $1.4 million to a Florida-based company airing Kremlin propaganda in the nation’s capital over the last two years, according to recent foreign agent registration records.

Florida-based company RM Broadcasting LLC has officially registered as a foreign agent with the Justice Department after a federal judge ordered it to do so in May.

Marking DOJ’s first successful civil enforcement action under the Foreign Agents Registration Act in more than two decades, U.S. District Court Judge Robin Rosenberg ruled that RM Broadcasting should be registered as a foreign agent under FARA due to its relationship with Rossiya Segodnya, the Russian government’s media enterprise that owns Sputnik International and was created by Vladimir Putin to advance Russia’s interests abroad.

A 2017 U.S. intelligence report found that Sputnik was part of “Russia’s state-run propaganda machine” that facilitated Russian interference and influence in the 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump.
Starting shortly after Trump’s election, RM Broadcasting agreed to act as the Russian media enterprise’s middleman brokering airtime on WZHF 1390, a Washington, D.C., area radio station owned by Way Broadcasting.

Florida's new Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, along with his Republican dominated statehouse in Tallahassee, ought to admit that since Florida has allowed all manner of rackets into its house ...

-- With statewide Russian money laundering through real estate (https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article157640179.html);

-- with a Russian anchor baby reproduction program in Trump's hotels ( https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/FBI-Raids-Miami-Mama-Business-in-Hallandale-Beach-429966353.html ; https://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/london-life/russians-flock-to-give-birth-at-trump-s-properties-in-the-us-so-their-kids-can-have-dualcitizenship-a3628971.html)

-- with U.S. president/Florida resident Trump being a proven foreign asset of Putin's through 272 contacts he and his henchmen made since before 2016 (https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/03/connections-trump-putin-russia-ties-chart-flynn-page-manafort-sessions-214868);

-- Florida does extensive trade with the Russian Federation (https://usrussiacc.org/florida-and-the-russian-market/);

-- AND NOW, with a Russian foreign agent media company (and Russian money is now 'free' speech) ....

... that Republicans have made Florida a de facto satellite of the Russian Federation. Yeah, I said it.

Florida is America's example of how the GOP's opening the door wide for Russia shows how corporate fascists don't have to own a state to control it.

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