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Trigger warning-- This has horrendous, racist and anti-semitic language.

But the reason I'm posting it is to show everybody just why the FUCK we MUST, MUST win in November. This should galvanize any complacent soul to get out and VOTE. These people are beond redemption, beyond reprehensible and beyond deplorable. I have no words to describe them, as my dirty mouth cannot even find anything foul enough to describe them. This is what we are against, and these people shouldn't even qualify as human beings. So, so vile.

This is one sorry sack of SHIT.

Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert is, perhaps, worse than their US Senator, Tom Cotton. . . Rapert is horrid in every single way.

I guess Rapert forgot to inject bleach & disinfectant and to shine UV light up his very ample and wide ass. . . .

What a fucking PIG.


Whoa. . .

I remember Walter Kronkite on the evening news. . . I NEVER thought I would hear a news anchor using the word "bullshit" to describe a president's actions. . . I just did. Chris Cuomo just called bullshit on Pussy-Grabber marketing Goya Beans!

I'm not shedding any tears over this one. . . .

What an absolute, vile human being.


Can't say I would wish it on her, but I also can't say there are many other candidates who would

deserve it more. . . What a complete and utter racist, xenophobic piece of SHIT. Karma sucks for some people, huh?

I just watched the racist video of this woman, and I have changed my mind. Some people are incorrigible and deserve what they get. What a horrid human being.

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