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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 10,112

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A bigoted mind cannot grasp reality.

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How long before they invoke the 25th amendment?

That debacle yesterday, where the Intel heads testified about the state of global threats to US security, and Trump's subsequent dismissal and personal insults to them was a watershed moment. It certainly scared me! God only knows what they told the committee in a closed session. And now Schmer's letter is a dire warning and a threat to "Do something, or else!"

Surely "25th amendment" is being secretly mentioned and signaled among Republicans. Only that the vast majority of Trump's cabinet are criminal enablers of him. What do you think?

Fucking Trump is dangerous

Trump knows that our Intel know what's happening, and that what they say is true

He just doesn't like what he hears. It Intel doesn't paint him as a great world leader, victorious over our enemies and winning them over with his charm and smarts. What's delusional is not the content of what he believes, but that he thinks he can keep this charade up, and his base will believe it and keep loving him. He doesn't care that we don't buy his bullshit. He just keeps going down the same delusional road of refusing to see how others see him. What is that? Malignant narcissist, I guess.

Makes me wonder whom he uses now to funnel our intel to our enemies in exchange for whatever benefits he can glean for himself. And how he funnels this into to them. We know that he has secret conversations with Putin. Now that Manafort and Cohen have been neutralized, who is his conduit?

Fucking traitor!

It's not that Trump doesn't believe our Intelligence peofessionals,

but that he doesn't LIKE what he hears. He has lied about ISIS being defeated in Syria to make himself look good, and probably also to help Russia towards its goal of a Mediterranean port in northern Syria. He has lied about North Korean nuclear capabilities to make himself look good. And of course he has lied his ass off about the need to build a wall.

Trump is a fucking traitor.

An enlightened society

I shall vote for the candidate, who best offers his/her vision of an enlightened society, the premise of which (as the great Paul Tsongus said) "We all do better, when we all do better."

I'm a 72 year Senior. We are so lucky to have so many great candidates, younger generation candidates. Our Childrens' generation of candidates. So take heart. We did something right. We raised these kids to be smart, brave, and compassionate. Our candidates stand before us with a moral compass well-tuned and aligned correctly. What do our candidates offer us? The possibility of an enlightened society, if we come together and believe in it. Work for it. But always the underlying message is that of let's create a better society for everyone. An enlightened society.

And what will the Republican candidates offer us? Fear and loathing, of course. Republicans offer nothing but more fear and loathing. Ask a Republican what he wants to create and maintain. He will talk about shutting out. Cutting off. Pushing down. Only they have the right to win.

And so, I sit back and luxuriate and bask in what our candidates tell us about their visions for a better society. What they will do to lead down the path towards an enlightened society -- in detail.

I shall cast my first primary vote in Texas for Elizabeth Society. I agree with her assessment that the greatest obstacle to creating and maintaining a better society for all is the unfettered greed of the rich and powerful to accumulate enormous wealth by any means possible. She doesn't say it in just those words, but that is what I'm hearing.

So to all my DU friends, I ask that you consider those candidates, who in their own ways advocate for a better society for all. We have a few candidates, who are already doing that.

Donald Trump eating crow in the rose garden right now

and of course, lying like shit.

Who will Roger Stone rat out?

Can Don Jr arrest be far away?

Is it not delicious that Roger Stone is brought to justice?

Roger Stone, who has danced with the devil his whole life. Those of us who remember Watergate well, remember the vicious malicious Roger Stone, who devoted his himself to the dark political arts of dirty tricks. Roger Stone, a poisonous snake in the grass, who wears a tattoo picture of Richard Nixon on his back. Roger Stone, a man who nurtured ill-will in his heart, delighting in delivering harm to others.

Is it not delicious that Roger Stone is brought to justice.

A bad day for Donald Trump

Have you noticed that the talking heads report every day that today was a bad day for Donald Trump? Everything that Trump touches dies. Nothing he does. Nothing he says has a good outcome. I see the seeds of Senators voting to convict, because every day is a bad day for Donald Trump. Just the seeds tho'. We must nurture those seeds, because every day is a bad day for Donald Trump.

Some Fed workers will probably die, because

they can't afford insulin, heart meds, cancer meds, needed surgery, no food, electicity and heat turned off, homeless sleeping in a car in winter, or worse.

But there will be no manslaughter charges for depraved indifference filed against Trump and Moscow Mitch. Think about that.

Trump and GOP are terrorist mobsters

Listening to laid off Fed workers sobbing in fear about losing their homes. Worrying about living homeless in a car with their children in winter. Being humiliated about standing in a food line. It's fucking criminal.
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