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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 8,357

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So if a human zygote is a person,

can it be insured like other children can be insured? And can parents take a child tax credit for it?

Religion in the Handmaid's Tale

As I wrote in a previous post, I'm wading thru the TV version of the Handmaid's Tale. Let me state up front that I am a long time student of Buddhism. There is no creator god in Buddhism.

I know that Handmaid's Tale is fiction, but good grief, it so parallels what we see in real life. Margaret Atwood has said that she combed thru pages and pages of newspapers and found examples in real life somewhere of everything she depicts in her book. So there's that.

But what strikes me as so horrendous in this people in Gilead quote the old testament at every turn. Old testament verses are used to justify every act of cruelty, slavery, and oppression of women. Men who are not the patrician elites are oppressed too.

There is never a quote or reference to the New Testament. No do unto others, no blessed are the peacemakers, no don't throw the first stone, no feed and care for the poor, no good samaritans. Just a never ending succession of vengefully cruel and barbaric punishments for infractions large and small.

Did today's RW Christo-Fascists read this book as a prescription and guide book?

This TV series has affected me deeply. Very difficult to watch, but I'm committed to seeing every bit of it. Make no mistake, the RW Christo-Fascists in our midst want to take over and impose their dystopian vision on us.

Oh lord! I'm watching the Handmaid's Tale TV series.

I read the book years ago. But good grief, this female dystopian view of what can happen when a Christo-Fascist cult takes over society is frightening! So many parallels to what we see today. An underlying theme is: we didn't pay attention. The RW nutjobs were there all along, saying women should give up careers and stay home to raise babies. Demonizing LGBT as gender traitors. Clitorectomies for lesbians to remove the "little problem." Organizing to overthrow the gov by a coup. It was there all along, and we just didn't pay attention. If you haven't done so already, read the book or watch the TV series.

Maybe we should threaten to do a Lysistrata

Lysistrata is an ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes, originally performed in classical Athens in 411 BC. It is a comic account of a woman's extraordinary mission to end the Peloponnesian War between Greek city states by denying all the men of the land any sex, which was the only thing they truly and deeply desired.

The majority of women getting abortions are already mothers

Single mothers, married poor mothers, who can't afford to have another child. Mothers working 2 and 3 jobs, struggling to care for the kids they have. Mothers with no job paid maternity leave, and unable to pay for child care when they go back to work.

WTF are we doing? WTF society are we building? You complain about crime now? Just wait a few years down the road, when these children figure out that stealing, dealing, and prostitution are ways to get by.

Doesn't the world have enough unwanted children already?

Abortions are not going away

Soon instead of safe, clean medical abortions, there will be dangerous and dirty abortions. Republicans are now the "coat hanger" party. Abortions are not going away. Women have been terminating pregnancies for thousands of years by jumping out of windows, falling off horses, starvation, eating poison, and visiting Aunt Coathanger Katie and Cousin Hatpin Hattie.

Unwanted newborn babies will be smothered, thrown in the garbage, buried in the garden or woods, left on church steps, and put in adoption agencies.

You think for-profit prisons are dreadful, just wait until enterprising Republicans open for-profit adoption agencies and for-profit orphanages. Won't those be a booming business?

It's not just an attack on abortion rights, but also an attack on privacy rights,

which impacts gay marriage, inter-racial marriage, sex change operations, and access to contraception. It will take a constitutional amendment to specifically put privacy rights into the constitution. Remember what we did in the 1960s to shut down the Vietnam war? That type of opposition and greater is what is required now.

What is "woke," and why do Republicans hate it so much?

"Woke" is a black slang term for awake or aware. Awake to the legacy of slavery. Aware of the lies about blacks and immigrants being lazy and criminals. Awake to the suffering of poverty. Aware of the unfairness of the American justice system. Awake to the violence of some police towards blacks. Awake to the stupidity and waste of war. Aware that climate change is real. Awake to the suffering of others. Aware that non-Christians and gays can be wonderful people and great neighbors.

As a Buddhist, I find "woke" to be quite ironic, because every Buddhist aspires to become awakened, to become enlightened. Everyday, I begin my meditation practice with taking refuge in the 3 jewels and clearly stating my greatest aspiration:

I take refuge in the Buddha, the dharma, and the sangha.
I aspire to become a completely and perfectly enlightened Buddha.

So yes I don't get insulted, when a RWNJ labels me "woke." Unbeknownst to them, it's a compliment. Although from my perspective, I'm a long long way from being enlightened. Probably many eons before I get there.

The hard part about being a Buddhist is having compassion for all sentient beings, yes even the hateful and selfish RWNJs, because they don't know any better. They are unaware of how much suffering they bring into the world. Having compassion for ALL sentient beings, yes even RWNJs, is the ultimate in wokeness.

Twitter under Bezos

I have a Twitter account that I very very rarely log into. I do read Twitter stuff that gets posted here on DU and other places. So I really don't give a hoot what Bezos does with Twitter. He can let TFG back on, doesn't mean that I'll read anything by TFG.

There's just so much disturbing ugliness from the RWNJs theses days. I frequently rinse out my mind with some Mozart or Chopin or something similar that's excellent and beautiful.

I got very upset and distressed this morning at a FB thread

I should know better, really I should. But I found it extremely distressing at the stupidity and hatefulness of what people were posting. Theb original post was a picture of a guy showqing a boy how to chop wood with the comment that we should teach boys to grow up to be men and not women. Stupid and insulting on many levels. But it triggered all this bile from people about sex ed, and grooming children for pedophiles and teaching Marxism. I was even called a Marxist. What upset me was the ignorance, bigotry, homophobia, and vitriol of some people.

I don't think it's possible to have a calm, adult exchange of ideas with these RWNJs. Appeals to reason, facts, evidence is useless.

Ya know who the real "groomer" is? It's Fox News and the RW hate meddia. Fox News grooms people 24 x 7 to hate and dismiss anyone and everyone, who doesn't mirror its lies and innuendos.

I need to calm down. Rinse my mind and emotions clean with some Mozart or something.
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