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Prairie_Seagull's Journal
Prairie_Seagull's Journal
July 11, 2024

I will drive my ass across this country

and buy 1000.$ in coffee for a march on the stupreme-3 court when they return. I believe the positive unintended consequences could be huge. Further I don't understand why someone has not called for this already. Is it a nuts and bolts thing?

May 30, 2024

After a day or two or three to let this sink in.

I think it would be a good time to make the case for 'the vote'. Just how important it is. Peppering in it's use in getting us here. Hell I could almost make the political commercial. Maybe not but It almost writes itself.

Eyes on the prize, with a belly full of goodies.


May 29, 2024

For those of us who 'journal'.

Today would be a good day to get it all down. One of a kind time right now and maybe our progeny would like to know our observations and what we were thinking.


Edit to add, journaling experience is not a requirement. haha

May 18, 2024

This should be a no-brainer.

All elec. riding mower. Just mowed my overdue behemoth yard and it dawned on me, hey me, why don't you look into an EV riding mower, with their low end torque this should obvious. Price tag now that is another issue.

PS I have not looked into this. Back to mowing.

Maybe we could start there and help transition to a shorter range, light weight, 2 person errand oriented rig for say 10K$ and get many if not most errand trips transitioned to EV. If one is going on a long road trip, well do what cha gotta do.

OK, maybe a few brains. haha

I will delete if to political for the lounge.

April 14, 2024

Dave Mathews Band

The Last Stop.

April 8, 2024

My father, on his deathbed, unknown to him, gave me a powerful gift.

My father loved this country but never voted.
The main reason (there were a couple others) he stated as being. "What does one vote count". We argued all my adult life about this and it was the cause of some pretty significant rifts between us.

In hospice, on his deathbed and with tears welling up, he apologized to me for the state of things in our country and that I was right about voting. This struck me to the core like other things that day. Wiping my own tears away all I could think to say was " the state of things is/was not his fault". This was a bittersweet moment for us both.

Could tsf understand how simple and monumental this was for 2 guys just waiting, one trying to make what he can right in his world.

My dad was a flawed man but he was my first and in the end, my last hero.

I have only spoken this to 2 people and it made me weep both times. Now three.

I hope this will be huge season for activism. Call me for a march, I am there. Our country needs us.

Lets bring the sunlight.

April 6, 2024

Is it time to re-think how inheritance works?

Folks with some resources may want to consider giving some beneficiaries at lest part of their inheritances now. Put requirements on getting it. It would be up to you. I have and am considering doing more.

Who knows what the future holds and both of my daughters are now more involved with planning for their own futures.

Just tell them what they should expect in the future.

This has worked for us so far.


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