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Member since: Sun Oct 2, 2011, 10:19 AM
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Although I'm too lazy to count, my guess is that there are more posts about tfg than Joe on DU.

WTF, over.

Feds chase down immigrants but ignore massive law breaking by citizens along southern border.

This junk yard of shipping containers and barb wire “wall” Arizona/Ducey are erecting along our southern border is in flagrant violation of federal orders to stop. Yet, there are no federal law enforcement agencies on site to halt the environmental, humanitarian, and treaty busting disaster from continuing to unfold. WHY?

If the Federal fucking government are going to demand something then they should back that shit up. Yet, day after day—nothing but impotent inaction. Not a good look. wtf.



There isn’t a pathway out of homelessness in our nation which doesn’t pass through a massive paradigm shift and fundamental upheaval in what wealth means, how greed and wealth are socially viewed, and a clearly defined road away from vulture capitalism and extraction culture.
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