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Gender: Male
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,883

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Have you ever wondered what Republicans & Libertarians mean by "freedom"?

Are they talking about slavery? Are they talking about 1st amendment rights, or 2nd amendment rights? Are they talking about releasing every person from jail and prison?
They say that liberals and Democrats have taken away the country's "freedom", yet gun control laws are fairly loose nationwide, we still have the right to free speech, and slavery is still illegal. Furthermore, last time I checked, we're not the ones who have been introducing countless anti-abortion and anti-birth control laws around the country.

What was so racist about Michele Bachmann's tar baby comment?

Earlier this week, she accused PBO of "waving a tar baby in the air". I watched the Young Turks yesterday, and Trisha Rose said she thought there was subtle racism in that comment, in addition to the "Obama is not working" sign at Willard Mitt Romney's gathering in Ohio.

Don't get me wrong--I don't in any way condone the politics of Romney nor Bachmann, nor will I ever consider voting for them. But I don't get what was so racist about that.

Politics is like Mario Kart, and here's why...

Anyone who used to play Mario Kart 64 for Nintendo should be aware that during each race, whenever you use one of the power-ups against your opponents such as the mushrooms and turtle shells, the A.I. cheats and speeds up so that you can never build such a comfortable lead regardless of which character you use. Also if you fall behind in a race, you are unable to speed up like how the A.I. does, and it's extremely tough to catch up.

This is how I see it between Democrats and Republicans. Whenever a Republican slips up and makes some type of offensive remark or gaffe, they may get in a bit of hot water temporarily. But eventually, things cool down, and then they and the media usually go about as if nothing happened (like how Rush Limbaugh still has yet to be fired for his misogynist comments). However, with Democrats, if one of our people says or does something foolish, usually they get pressured to resign, they get fired, they go down in polls, and the media is all over it.

If you were POTUS for one week, name anything you would do.

I'll start: I would bring up issues that I feel should be addressed more such as national legislation for marriage equality, legalization of marijuana, more gun control laws, instant run-off voting, universal health care (considering we're the only industrialized country remaining that doesn't have it), and why we can't end the Afghan war sooner.
In addition, I would also explore the entire White House and take photos, I would ride around in the president's limo, and I would go and meet all of the prominent political figures.

Reality has a liberal bias...with a little bit of conservative?

Today, I was talking with a friend regarding how it is possible to go too far to the right and left. She told me that it is possible to be too far to the left in the sense of the Green Party, where they usually focus so much on the environment over other issues. Ultimately, it would hurt the poor in the sense that there would be environmental regulations requiring people to buy re-usable bags and tweaking gas prices so more people use public transit. She also said that taxes would be raised high enough to where businesses would lose interest in staying in America, and we need businesses to help keep the country afloat.
When we talked about the Communist Party USA, she said that essentially under that party, people would lose incentive to work hard, and ideally the most suitable spot on the spectrum for the country is left-of-center where there is some type of balance.
What do you think?

Is it true that Latino is not a race?

Please forgive me if this question sounds foolish, and I don't intend to troll. But I found some sites and videos, and I looked on Wikipedia and the U.S. Census, and they say Latino is not a race. It came as a shocker to me because all this time, I honestly thought it is. I tried to tell my big sister about it, but she told me she doesn't believe that. She said that they have a distinct look, and many of them consider themselves to be a separate race. She then said it's foolish to believe the U.S. Census when it comes to race and ethnicity because of the time when Blacks were only considered 3/5 a person.

Why do people think NBC and MSNBC are liberal networks?

Here is my question on Yahoo Answers:
Tell me what you think.
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