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Gender: Male
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,883

Journal Archives

Tell Rush Limbaugh To Make Good On His Promise


I just signed the petition, and I could use some help from fellow Rush-haters here.

To all DUers who don't watch TV, how do you do it?

Every now and then on DU, I come across folks who say that they never watch TV. I've heard various reasons for people giving up TV whether it's corporate control of the media, a smaller cable bill, annoying reality shows and commercials, theories about professional sports being rigged, or people saying that less TV makes them less stressed out.
I think those are pretty good reasons for not watching TV, but doesn't it get boring after a while not watching it at all?

Mitt Rob-me


Has anyone here ever visited Humboldt County?

I plan on moving up there from Oakland in several months as I transfer to HSU. I've already visited in March, but I didn't get to see much besides the school.
I know that it rains frequently and the area is fairly rural, but my question is what is it like there? Is it safe up there, and safe to walk around at night? And is there a fair amount of things to do there? Thanks in advance.

DU has made me see the light

This isn't an attack on the site or anything. I just wanted to say that the longer I hang around here, the more I'm starting to lose trust in the 4th Estate. Before I started following politics a few years ago, I honestly thought that everything the media reports has every ounce of credibility and was factual. I was one of those folks who believed that America's media has no reason to lie or to create agendas. But as I read many of the threads and responses, I'm learning about how they love a good "horse race" in presidential elections (even when the GOP has a totally inept nominee). I'm learning about this subtle double-standard about the media letting Republicans off the hook for their gaffes, while making a bigger deal out of gaffes from Democrats. And there's also the way that they frame some of their stories, such as how they try to make it seem as if President Obama is losing huge support among minority voters and liberals. They want to do all of this to depress Democratic turnout and to dupe low-info voters into electing Republicans, thus keeping them rich.

Dont Trust the Librul Meedia!

Yet another site that alleges the existence of a liberal slant in the media. They want to keep this "media bias" out of the 2012 election.

More false equivalence from the media

About a few minutes ago on Now With Alex Wagner on MSNBC, contributor Jonathan Capehart said that both the GOP and the Democratic Party have driven their moderates out and have been taken over by the far-right and far-left. I agree with his assertion that the GOP is being hijacked by the far-right, but I think his claim about the far-left driving out the moderate Dems is nonsense. If anything, the "moderates" in our party seem to outnumber the liberal Dems. Even President Obama (as much as I like him) has essentially governed as a centrist, as he has yet to close Guantanamo Bay and push to legalize marijuana nationwide. Can someone here tell me where this "far-left" is that he's speaking of?

American Crossroads Selling Obama Fear Posters on Website


It was just discussed on Martin Bashir's show.

Funny quote about young Dems turned Republicans


I thought of the perfect sentence to sum up Mitt Robme's campaign:

"The best defense is a good offense."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like almost every ad that comes from his campaign is an attack ad. And I just read a post on here that says that Republican ads this election season have been around 70 percent negative, while only 30 percent positive. He has nothing to run on, considering his job killing as Bain CEO and as MA governor. He gets caught in a lie every day. And that entire party wants policies that mirror those of W., such as more tax cuts for the rich and more elimination of social safety net programs.
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