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Gender: Male
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,882

Journal Archives

My Raiders Suck Rant

Man I have tried to drink the kool aid. But I found out it's nothing but some sugar and tap water. Those bums are weak!

Greg Knapp wasn't worth shit the first time in Oakland and we got him back. They ditched Jason Campbell, Michael Bush, and fired both Hue Jackson and Tom Cable even after they had their best seasons since '02.

This defense is atrocious. The entire game, I don't even think they got a single sack on that human statue Peyton Manning...what do these coaches get paid to do all week?!

Its a damn shame its week 4 in the NFL and the best thing we got going in Oakland are the Oakland A's and the Laney Eagles. Nobody on the Oakland Raiders earned a paycheck. They should all donate they checks to the Oakland Unified School District.

And the only thing good about the upcoming week is that they won't be playing and embarrassing us again.

Just for the record, I want to get this off my chest.

I am sick of Republicans pretending to not know why blacks tend to favor the Democratic Party, and painting it as if we can't think for ourselves. One day I was in the politics section of Yahoo Answers, and saw a TON of questions by conservatives about this. People kept asking over and over "why do black people hate Republicans?"
Most of us are aware that the GOP is not on our side. President Obama has been repeatedly harassed for his birth certificate unlike past presidents, the Reds have been steady at work with these voter ID laws that subtly target urban areas, and they've blocked the creation of jobs that would've put millions back to work (and unemployment in the AA community happens to be about 15%). They always want to mention the fact that their party was responsible for the slaves being freed.....way back in 1865! There's no comparison between the GOP of the Lincoln Era and today's GOP. Even Eisenhower wouldn't fit in with his 90%+ tax rate on millionaires! The RWers of the Democratic Party jumped ship in the '60s, and today they are with the GOP as a result of the Southern Strategy.

Where do they sell strawberry-flavored ice cream sandwiches?

Whenever I go shopping at Safeway or Lucky, the only flavors I see are mint chocolate chip, chocolate, neapolitan, and plenty of vanilla. But I never see any strawberry ice cream sandwiches, and strawberry happens to be my favorite part of the Neapolitan sandwiches. Do they even sell strawberry ice cream sandwiches in stores, or am I out of luck?

Are top Republicans mostly con-artists or do they really believe the stuff they say?

I have been wondering this recently about the people who have influence in the GOP. They get caught in misleading statements all the time such as their favorite one about Obama's "out of control spending" (even though he has spent less than every president since the mid 20th century), and how he wants to redistribute wealth to those who they feel don't deserve it.

What is your opinion: are the Reds just trying to lie to low-info voters since they have no decent policies to offer, or do they themselves truly believe those ludicrous assertions?

Ballllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiin! America’s Richest States… Are You And Your Neighbors Livin’ Large?

How ya livin?

Median income is down in the U.S. for the second year straight, but some states are doing better than others.

Hit the flip to find out which states are the ten richest… you may just happen to be lucky enough to live in one of them!

More: http://bossip.com/650320/ballllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiin-americas-richest-states-are-you-and-your-neighbors-livin-large/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+bossiprss+%28Bossip.com%29

My response to a false equivalence spreader

On the "Bill O'Reilly Snaps (New Longer Uncut Version)", there was a comment from someone named browbeater824. He/she said "What is the difference between a Democrat and a Republican?
A Democrat sucks. A Republican blows.
Theyre both terrible. Any group that has a laundry list of specific ideas, and tells you that you MUST agree with every single one of them in order to be a part of their group, is terrible. Stop picking either Left or Right, stop blindly agreeing with everything that that one side stands for. Develop your own opinions on various issues."

Here's my response:
"Neither party is perfect, but I'm sick of this bullshit false equivalence from politically uninformed people. Democrats & Republicans are NOT the same. One party wants to make it harder to vote, eliminate clean air & water standards, privatize education, cut health care, force Christianity on everyone, restrict what gays & women do in their private lives, & continue to give tax breaks to rich people who don't need them. You'd have to be crazy to believe that both sides are somehow equally bad."

What does everyone think?

Is there anyone else where who sucks at FPS games?

About a year ago, I tried to get into them and bought COD, Fallout, and Halo since those were the most popular games. But I was terrible at all three games, and not even the strategy guides helped. It was too much work remembering how each weapon works and how to attack and defend myself. Pretty much the only games I kick ass at are Pokemon and Madden.

Do you prefer College football or NFL football?

Should all drugs be legalized or decriminalized nationwide?

My personal opinion is that at least marijuana should be made legal nationwide, yet be regulated like tobacco and alcohol. But I'm not sure about more potent drugs like crack and meth. Just want to know...what is everyone else's opinion about this?

Farting Prank

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