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Gender: Male
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,828

Journal Archives

Wingnuts Discuss War On Christmas

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In Left-Right politics, where do libertarians fit?

Overall would they be considered more left-leaning, right-leaning, or centrist? It has been confusing to me because they seem to have stances from both sides. From the left side, libertarians claim to support personal freedom, non-interventionalist foreign policy, civil liberties and privacy, secularism, and oppose corporate welfare. And from the right, they support trickle-down, property rights, they oppose gun control, and they say they value individualism.

Has anybody here ever visited or lived in Ukraine?

If so, could you give me some insight on what it's like? How safe is it there?

I have a GF who lives in Poltava, Ukraine, and we have been emailing and video chatting since June. She says she really wants to see me this February. But my parents and my big sister have all been paranoid about me flying over there, considering that it would be my first time flying on my own (in addition to flying abroad) and they told me that Ukraine isn't a fully stable country. And they also said I could have problems asking for things because not many people there know English.

Thanksgiving Thread: List Everything You Are Thankful For This Year!

What does RNC PR BS mean?

I heard a number of DUers poke fun at Reince Priebus's name without the vowels, but I don't get the joke. I'm assuming that BS means "bullshit", but what does PR mean?

Which Hostess snack cake will you miss the most?

Why did Republicans hate Romney so much during the election?

Even when he won the nomination, there was a very low level of enthusiasm among his base. And he had trouble drawing big crowds at his rallies. Pretty much the only thing that got Republicans to the polls was their animus towards Obama. I just think it's weird that they didn't seem satisfied with Romney and are now trying to distance themselves from him, considering the fact that Romney is a mirror image of what the GOP is about. He's a job outsourcer, a tax dodger, a hypocrite, a xenophobe, a chicken hawk, a bigot, a liar, a panderer, and he blames other people for his mistakes. He has all the traits of a typical Republican, so I don't know why his party hates him so much.

What do "nt" and "eom" mean?

When I see people responding to posts on here, sometimes they put those abbreviations at the end of their replies. What do they mean?

"If I ever run for political office..."

"…it will be under the banner of the “PLEASE READ A HISTORY BOOK” party.
We’ve paid for two wars by mortgaging our future. Should we have fought them? Don’t care. Doesn’t matter. We’re paying for them anyway. How best to do it?
Our current administration recommends asking rich folks to pay more. But a bunch of (mostly) poor people don’t like that, because it’s “socialist”.
Current tax rate for a really rich guy: 35%.
Tax rate for a really rich guy under Reagan: 50%.
Tax rate for a really rich guy under Nixon: 70%.
Tax rate for a really rich guy under Eisenhower: 90%.
Reagan, Nixon, Eisenhower: all well-known socialists. Sigh."

-Greg DeKoenigsberg


Would it be bad for America if the GOP became irrelevant?

I want to know everybody's opinion on whether we would be better off or not if that party shrinks. Most politicos know that so far, current demographic trends are looking hostile for the Republican Party's chances of winning future elections. Combine that with their current platform, and they are at risk of becoming a minor party in the future. I have heard a number of pundits and a few DUers make the argument that it would be unhealthy for our democracy if one of the 2 major parties dies off. But my question to them is regarding precisely why that would be bad for the country. The GOP has been responsible for making it more inconvenient for low-income people to vote. They impeded the president's jobs plan which would've created millions of jobs. And they have an agenda that includes opposing women's right to choose, secularism, marriage equality, taxing top earners at a fair amount, socialized health care, unions, Affirmative Action, and funding for public education.
What do Republicans have to offer the country besides saying "no" to everything?
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